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Issue 111, 20 June 2013


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Health and enlargement – Croatia

By Sylvain GIRAUD, Head of Unit D1 Strategy and International, Directorate D Health Systems and Products, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, European Commission

By Sylvain GIRAUD, Head of Unit D1 Strategy and International, Directorate D Health Systems and Products, Directorate General for Health and Consumers, European Commission

On 1 July 2013, Croatia will join the EU as 28th European Union Member. The 10 year long enlargement process steered Croatia to incorporate EU public health legislation, guidelines and best practices.

Since Croatia applied for EU membership, public health reforms have materialised through EU negotiations. Public health experts acquired technical knowledge and skills to implement the EU public health acquis through enlargement funding. Facilities for handling blood, tissues and cells are being transformed according to EU technical requirements. Further administrative capacity strengthening should improve [...]

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Health Programme Projects »

European Union network for patient safety and quality of care (PaSQ)

Reducing health inequalities: preparation for action plans and structural funds projects (Action-for-health)

Improving quality in HIV prevention (QHP)

Cross-border patient registries initiative (PARENT)

Network for the control of public health threats and other bio-security risks in the Mediterranean region and Balkans (EpiSouth Plus)

European quality system indicators and methodology on organ donation (Odequs)

Promote vaccinations among migrant populations in Europe (Promovax)

The European network for traumatic stress-training and practice (Tents-TP)

European network for health technology assessment - Joint Action 2 (EUnetHTA JA 2)

Healthy Eco Life - healthy life styles among children in Croatia and Slovenia

EU Health Prize for Journalists – Articles »

'Organ donation. A present for the grave', by Ineta BricaitÄ—, national winner, Lithuania

'If one death saves seven lifes', by Stefanie Marsch, national winner, Germany


News from the EU 

Are you a journalist interested in health? The EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013 has just been launched  »

EU Health Prize for Journalists is awarded to stimulate high-quality journalism that raises awareness of issues related to good health, healthcare and patients' rights.

Mental health – EU Compass  »

Second final revision (May 2013) of study on 'Economic analysis of workplace mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention programmes'.

Diabetes prevention strategies - call for tender  »

The action will focus on developing prevention strategies for schoolchildren (teenagers, 12–14 years) at risk of type 2 diabetes.

Mental health - call for tender  »

Call for tender for an EU network of experts in the field of adapted care for adolescents with mental health problems.

Public consultation on health and safety at work (open until 26 August 2013)  »

The consultation aims to gather insights and contributions from the public further to results of the evaluation of the European Strategy on Safety and Health at Work 2007-2012.

Pilot project on increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables in vulnerable population groups  »

A progress report for May 2013 is now available.

EMCDDA annual European drug report 2013  »

On 28 May, theEU drugs agency (EMCDDA) presented its overview of the European drug situation in a new information package designed to be more timely, interactive and interlinked.

European Medicines Agency (EMA) issues six key recommendations to tackle the issue of medication errors  »

The EMA has issued six key recommendations to tackle the issue of medication errors causing harm in the European Union.

Reporting from across Europe 

Action plan 2013 for reducing alcohol and tobacco use amongst adolescents  [Sweden]  »

The 2013 action plan, effective until 2015 already shows alcohol and tobacco use is continuing to decline among girls and boys in year nine of compulsory school.

Tutti Frutti – Bringing fruits to school  [Belgium]  »

Initiative of the Flemish government which aims to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables at school.

Steps towards eHealth: mobile App 'I am an organ donor'  [Spain]  »

Mobile App created for the public to be able to request organ donation cards.

Forthcoming events 

WHO European Ministerial Conference on nutrition and non-communicable diseases in the context of Health 2020 (Vienna, 4-5 July 2013)  »

Health ministers, experts and representatives of civil-society and intergovernmental organizations will discuss policies on diet, nutrition and physical activity.

New publications 

EU Health Programme - new publication on Joint Actions funded in 2008-2011  »

This booklet from the European Commission explains the Joint Action funding mechanism and provides a brief description of 20 Joint Actions, their results and impact on national health policies.

Cancer incidence and mortality patterns in Europe: estimates for 40 countries in 2012  »

Published by in the European Journal of Cancer, it is now available via open access.

Strategic intelligence monitor on personal health systems, phase 2  »

Results from an online panel to assess users and patients' needs and expectations with regard to ICT for health in 14 European countries (joint publication from the European Commission and the Joint Research Centre).

What's New on Health-EU 

Health-EU Newsletter survey - Let us know what you think  »

In order to help us continue to improve the newsletter, please take part in our 2013 survey.

World No Tobacco Day - protecting the health of citizens  »

Message of Commissioner Borg and press release on how the EU is making smoking less attractive to young people.

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