EU legislation

Does EU law ensure all applications of nanoscience/nanotechnologies meet a high level of public health, safety and environmental protection?

This question was addressed in a 2008 Commission communication – nanomaterials in EU law.pdf

The conclusion? While the existing EU regulatory framework can be applied to this sector:

  • knowledge gaps remain regarding the potential risks of nanotechnologies,
  • the existing EU regulatory framework can be applied to this sector.
  • the main challenges ahead lie in its implementation
  • adequate implementation may require adaptations to the legislation as well as the development of new guidelines.

Safety of consumer products

The Commission is finalizing the review assessing the adequacy of EU legislative framework for products of nanotechnologies. The results will help identify potential needs, especially for better implementation of legislation, guidance, and standards.

Early-warning system for consumer products

Food safety

The Commission is also working on legislation to improve the safety of the entire food chain:

Food safety

Safety of novel foods

Food additive safety

Food contact materials - safety

Safety of animal feedstuffs

Pesticide safety