2nd Annual Nanotechnology Safety for Success Dialogue Workshop, 2-3 October 2008

EU Presidency 2008nano2008

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  • Opening Speechpdf(100KB)
    Ms Androulla Vassiliou
    European Commissioner responsible for Health
    European Commission
  • Opening Speechpdf(96 KB)
    Ms Sophie Delaporte
    Deputy Director General
    French Ministry of Health
Presentations - Day 1

Session 1: Science and risk assessment
Session 2: Regulation
Session 3: International developments
Session 4: Risk governance, communication, and perception
Session 5: Communication with the customer
Presentations - Day 2

Session 7: "Introduction to the discussion on the implementation of the existing legislation: Examples from the chemical, medical, and food areas"
Session 8: "Identification in break-out groups of means to improve (i) communication and (ii) the implementation of the existing legislation in the chemical, medical, products, and food areas (priorities and next steps, for whom and when)"


D. Corbey
G. Hodge
G. Oberdörster
J. Bridges
S. Skerfving
T. Fernandez
R. Rudnitsky & F. Roure
R. Senjen
S. Skerfving & R.F. Hertel
S-K. Holm & K. Brekelmans & L. Bontoux
Prof K. Donaldson