Mental health


Apart from the obvious benefits for individuals, good mental health is increasingly important for economic growth and social development in Europe. All of these are key EU policy goals.

Action on mental health

Mental health is addressed at multiple levels:

EU consultation

In November 2005, the Commission published a Green paper – Promoting the Mental Health of the Population. Towards a mental health strategy for the EU  as a first response to the WHO mental health declaration for Europe.

The purpose of this green paper was to launch a debate with wide range of relevant actors.

European pact for mental health

Following up the Green paper, an EU mental health conference on 13 June 2008 launched the European pact for mental health and well-being .

Participating countries, organisations and stakeholders are invited to provide statements of support for the pact.

Implementing the mental health pact

The main way the pact will be implemented is through conferences on the 5 priorities.

Deliverables on these priorities will be communicated through the EU Compass for action on mental health and well-being

In order to implement the pact the Commission is working with Member States through a group of governmental experts on mental health and well-being.

In 2013, a Joint Action Mental health and Well-being was launched with financial support from the EU Health Programme.