Responses of the Open Consultation on the European Commission's Green Paper on mental health

This page lists those responses to the Green Paper which beared a noticeable reference to the Green Paper and where authors did not explicitly object publications.

arrowEuropean Institutions
arrowGovernment, Regional and Local authorities
arrowInternational Organisations
arrowHealth sector and NGOs
arrowOther sectors and NGOs
arrowSocial Partners
arrowPharmaceutical Industry
arrowPatient and family member organisations, Self help groups

European Institutions
R-259 European ParliamentEU
R-035pdf European Economic and Social CommitteeEU

Government, Regional and Local authorities

National level
R-009pdf(93 KB)German Federal GovernmentGermany
R-262pdf(61 KB)Government of BelgiumBelgium
R-265pdf(106 KB)Government of FranceFrance
R-189pdf(132 KB)Government of PolandPoland
R-024pdf(200 KB)Government of PortugalPortugal
R-263pdf(92 KB)Government of the NetherlandsThe Netherlands
R-014pdf(140 KB)Ministry of HealthLatvia
R-266pdf(136 KB)Ministry of HealthLithuania
R-261pdf(126 KB)Ministry of Health, the Elderly and Community careMalta
R-015pdf(57 KB)Ministry of Social AffairsEstonia
R-026pdf(54 KB)Slovenian Ministry of HealthSlovenia
R-029 imageimageSwedish RegeringskanslietSweden
R-208pdf(58 KB)United Kingdom GovernmentUK
R-268pdf(479 KB)United Kingdom Parliament House of Lords - European Union CommitteeUK
Regional level
R-263pdf(92 KB)County Council of VästerbottenSweden
R-145pdf(432 KB)Danish RegionsDenmark
R-154pdf(207 KB)EUREGHADenmark
R-012pdf(68 KB)Kent County CouncilUK
R-020pdf(99 KB)North West Regional Health Brussels OfficeUK
R-021pdf(66 KB)North Yorkshire County CouncilUK
R-022pdf(199 KB)Region Västra GötalandSweden
R-023pdf(82 KB)Regional Government of CantabriaSpain
R-031pdf(316 KB)Verband der Bayer.BezirkeGermany
R-033pdf(60 KB)West Midlands Regional AssemblyUK
R-034pdf(101 KB)West Sussex County CouncilUK
Local level
R-001pdf(197 KB) African and Caribbean Mental Health Commission, LondonUK
R-163pdf(44 KB)Gesundheitsamt GörlitzGermany
R-013pdf(95 KB)Kommunförbundet NorrbottenSweden
R-232pdf(385 KB) LGA / LGIBUK
R-233pdf(184 KB) Merseyside Brussels OfficeUK
R-202pdf(65 KB)South London and Maudsley Mental Health NHS TrustUK
R-028pdf(42 KB)Stadt LeipzigGermany
Other Public Institutions
R-051pdf(96 KB)Health Research BoardIreland
R-166pdf(60 KB)Institute for Occupational Safety and HealthUK
R-175pdf(130 KB)Landschaftsverband RheinlandGermany
R-120pdf(34 KB)National Institute for Mental HealthUK
R-121pdf(41 KB)National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and HealthFinland
R-185pdf(94 KB)Netherlands Institute for Care and WelfareNetherlands
R-124pdf(62 KB)Swedish National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-HealthSweden

  International Organisations

R-225pdf(148 KB)European Free Trade AssociationEEA
R-070pdf(124 KB)WHO Regional Office for EuropeInternational
R-069pdf(110 KB)WHO (Europe) Collaborating Centre for Health and PrisonsInternational

  Health sector and NGOs

R-079pdf(83 KB) Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und PsychologenGermany
R-084pdf(100 KB)Berufsverband für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie,Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie in DeutschlandGermany
R-086pdf(83 KB)British Association for Counselling and PsychotherapyUK
R-132pdf(83 KB)British Medical AssociationUK
R-133pdf(86 KB)British Psychological SocietyUK
R-134pdf(127 KB)Bundesfachvereinigung Leitender Krankenpflegenpersonen der PsychiatrieGermany
R-135pdf(117 KB)Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Trager Psychiatrischer KrankenhauserGermany
R-136pdf(137 KB)Bundesärztekammer und BundespsychotherapeutenkammerGermany
R-137pdf(219 KB)"Bundesdirektorenkonferenz"Germany
R-138pdf(169 KB)Bundesverband der Angehoerigen psychisch KrankerGermany
R-139pdf(365 KB)Bundesverband der Aerzte des Offentlichen GesundheitsdienstesGermany
R-140pdf(59 KB)Bundesverband der VertragspsychotherapeutenGermany
R-141pdf(65 KB)Bundesverband Psychiatrie-ErfahrenerGermany
R-142pdf(129 KB)Council of Occupational Therapists for the European countriesEU
R-143pdf(51 KB)Current Community Mental Health Services in Europe: Richmond Foundation (Malta), Global Initiative on Psychiatry (Lithuania), a Mental Health Centre (CSM) of the Local Health Department in L'Aquila and Regione Abruzzo in collaboration with the Psychiatric Day Centre of the Local Health Department in L'Aquila (Italy) and Ebredesek Alapitvany Awakenings Foundation (Hungary)EU
R-036pdf(49 KB)Dachverband GemeindepsychiatrieGermany
R-146pdf(72 KB)Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Psychiatre, Psychotherapie und NervenheilkundeGermany
R-037pdf(839 KB)Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Soziale PsychiatrieGermany
R-147pdf(327 KB)Deutsche KrankenhausgesellschaftGermany
R-148pdf(280 KB)Deutsche Sozialversicherung EuropavertretungGermany
R-267pdf(86 KB)Deutscher CaritasverbandGermany
R-149pdf(53 KB)Deutscher Verband der ErgotherapeutenGermany
R-150pdf(89 KB)Deutscher Verein für öffentliche und private FürsorgeGermany
R-038pdf(98 KB)Diakonisches Werk Schleswig-HolsteinsGermany
R-151pdf(38 KB)Dirigenti MediciGermany
R-088pdf(164 KB)Elect Mental WealthUK
R-039pdf(72 KB)ErgotherapeutInnen-VerbandesSwitzerland
R-153Estonian Psychiatric Association-attach missingEstonia
R-089pdf(134 KB)European Association of Service Providers for Persons with DisabilitiesEU
R-224pdf(50 KB)European Brain CouncilEU
R-091pdf(61 KB)European Forum for Primary CareEU
R-115pdf(60 KB)European Network for Mental Health Promotion and Mental Disorder PreventionEU
R-041pdf(127 KB)European Pharmaceutical Law GroupEU
R-042pdf(602 KB)European Public Health AllianceEU
R-157pdf(42 KB)Finlands svenska Psykosociala CentralförbundFinland
R-044pdf(49 KB)Finnish Association for Mental HealthFinland
R-045pdf(48 KB)Finnish Psychological AssociationFinland
R-092pdf(60 KB)Finnish Society of Child PsychiatryFinland
R-046pdf(164 KB)Flemish Mental Health AssociationBelgium
R-047pdf(116 KB)FNERDMPortugal
R-048pdf(47 KB)Fokus - Association for Mental Health CareCzeck Republic
R-049pdf(129 KB)FOLHAPortugal
R-159pdf(132 KB)Frauengesundheitszentrum ISISAustria
R-160pdf(75 KB) Choose translations of the previous link français (fr) Fédération Française de PsychiatrieFrance
R-161pdf(109 KB)GAMIAN EuropeInternational
R-010pdf(97 KB)Gesellschaft fur Gemeindepsychologische Forschung und PraxisGFPGermany
R-050pdf(170 KB)GGZ NederlandNetherlands
R-162pdf(118 KB)Gesundheitsziele.deGermany
R-165pdf(171 KB)Hellenic Association of ErgotherapistsGreece
R-093pdf(56 KB)Hellenic Society of Child and Adolescent PsychiatryGreece
R-052pdf(60 KB)HOPEEU
R-053pdf(66 KB)HORATIONetherlands
R-055pdf(130 KB)ILGA-EuropeEU
R-167pdf(80 KB)InterActionUK
R-056pdf(158 KB)International Longevity CenterUK
R-057pdf(310 KB)International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical AssociationsInternational
R-058pdf(90 KB)INTERVALLEFrance
R-119pdf(101 KB)Irish College of PsychiatristsIreland
R-168pdf(132 KB)ISEAItaly
R-169pdf(65 KB)Italian Chiropractic AssociationItaly
R-179pdf(161 KB)Matilda MacAttramUK
R-059pdf(96 KB)Mental Disability Advocacy CenterHungary
R-060pdf(61 KB)Mental Health EuropeEU
R-061pdf(116 KB)Mental Health Foundation and the University of Lincoln Mental Health GroupUK
R-234pdf(78 KB) MINDUK
R-017pdf(80 KB)National Autistic SocietyUK
R-098pdf(126 KB)National Association of Citizens Advice BureauxUK
R-253pdf(59 KB) Nationales Bündnis für Seelische GesundheitGermany
R-184pdf(45 KB)Nederlandse Vereniging voor EndocrinologieNetherlands
R-063pdf(51 KB)Netzwerk der Österreichischen FrauengesundheitszentrenAustria
R-064pdf(79 KB)NHS LondonUK
R-019pdf(180 KB)NHS-NIMHE North West Development CentreUK
R-062pdf(74 KB)Northern Ireland Association for Mental HealthUK
R-186pdf(254 KB)Österreichischer Bundesverband für PsychotherapieAustria
R-187pdf(92 KB)OzaraSlovenia
R-193pdf(121 KB)Professional Association of Austrian PsychologistsAustria
R-195pdf(81 KB)Societa Italiana di Psichiatria Democratica "ONLUS"Italy
R-066pdf(44 KB)Psychiatry Committee of the European Association of the Healthcare ManagersUK
R-260pdf(72 KB)imageStanding Committee of European DoctorsEU
R-237pdf(308 KB) PKV Verband der privaten KrankenversicherungGermany
R-067pdf(79 KB)RethinkUK
R-197pdf(52 KB)Royal College of General PractitionersUK
R-198pdf(70 KB)Royal College of NursingUK
R-199pdf(106 KB)Royal College of PsychiatristsUK
R-099pdf(88 KB)SamaritansUK
R-238pdf(88 KB) Schizophrenia IrelandIreland
R-101pdf(118 KB)Society for mental health of children and adolescents of AetoloakarnaniaGreece
R-205pdf(37 KB)Suomen ToimintaterapeuttiliittoFinland
R-206pdf(89 KB)UEMSEU
R-207pdf(55 KB)UEMS/CAPAustria
R-068pdf(925 KB)UNCPSYFrance
R-032pdf(106 KB)Verbond der VerzorgingsinstellingenBelgium
R-071pdf(88 KB)Women's Health CouncilIreland
R-214Zentrum Gesundheit, Rehabilitation und PflegeGermany
R-215pdf(146 KB)Centrum ZitStilBelgium

  Other sectors and NGOs

R-002pdf(118 KB) AGEEU
R-218pdf(69 KB)Capability Scotland'sUK
R-113pdf(68 KB)Christian Science CommitteesUK
R-220pdf(98 KB)Church and Society CommissionEU
R-221pdf(67 KB)Cittadinanzattiva OnlusItaly
R-223pdf(158 KB)ElpendùIT
R-257pdf(166 KB)Employee Assistance European Forum (EAEF)UK
R-040pdf(164 KB)European Coalition for Community LivingEU
R-226pdf(292 KB) FEANTSAEU
R-227pdf(165 KB)Finance and Leasing AssociationUK
R-228 Food Chain Safety and EnvironmentBE
R-251pdf(181 KB) Hauptverband der gewerblichen BerufsgenossenschaftenGermany
R-229pdf(42 KB) ILSI EuropeEU
R-246pdf(60 KB) King's Fund Fellow on Clore Leadership Programme 06UK
R-230 KompetenznetzGermany
R-231pdf(107 KB) Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender ConsortiumUK
R-235pdf(56 KB) Natural EnglandUK
R-100pdf(82 KB)SAMHUK
R-204pdf(55 KB)Suomen Fountain HouseFinland
R-239pdf(61 KB) SustainUK

  Social Partners

R-248pdf(54 KB)Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen ArbeitgeberverbändeGermany
R-242pdf(170 KB)Deutscher GewerkschaftsbundGermany
R-191pdf(370 KB)PGEUEU
R-212pdf(147 KB)Ver di Vereinte DienstleistungsgewerkschaftGermany

Pharmaceutical Industry

R-081pdf(72 KB)AstraZenecaUK
R-243pdf(50 KB)EFPIAEU
R-264pdf(64 KB)Eli Lilly and CompanyUK
R-103pdf(84 KB)GlaxoSmithKlineBE

  Patient and family member organisations, Self help groups

R-073pdf(126 KB) Choose translations of the previous link français (fr) Nederlands (nl) ADHD-EuropeBelgium
R-074pdf(120 KB)Age Concern EnglandUK
R-075pdf(79 KB)Aktion Psychisch KrankeGermany
R-076pdf(59 KB)Alzheimer ScotlandUK
R-078pdf(45 KB)Asociación para la Salud Mental SeptimaniaSpain
R-080pdf(160 KB)Associazione Familiari delle Sofferenze MentaliItaly
R-082Austrian Selfhelp OrganisationAustria
R-249pdf(119 KB)BVAUK/BVAHGermany
R-087pdf(177 KB)Confederación Española de Agrupaciones de Familiares y Personas con Enfermedad MentalSpain
R-005pdf(97 KB) Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft SelbsthilfegruppenGermany
R-222pdf(158 KB)Dutch Actiegroep Tekeer tegen de isoleer/Stichting Time-Out/Clienten Centrum Limburg/ European Network Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (ENUSP)Netherlands
R-250pdf(158 KB)Empowerment and Mutual Help CenterPortugal
R-090pdf(139 KB)European Federation of Association of Families of People with Mental Health IllnessesEU
R-094pdf(211 KB)Hilfe fur Angehoerige Psychisch Erkrankter-ÖsterreichAustria
R-095pdf(98 KB)Irish Mental Patients' Educational and Representative OrganisationIreland
R-096pdf(80 KB)Italian Association of Families with ADHDItaly
R-201pdf(47 KB)Soltauer InitiativeGermany
R-030pdf(46 KB)UNAFAMFrance
R-102pdf(52 KB)VIME IPSSPortugal


R-085pdf(49 KB)BrakeUK
R-006pdf(68 KB)Deutsche SuchtstiftungGermany
R-236pdf(132 KB) Open Society InstituteHungary
R-247pdf(58 KB) Richmond FoundationMalta
R-240pdf(178 KB) Victim SupportUK
R-241pdf(64 KB) VISYONUK


R-114pdf(91 KB)European Institute of Women's HealthIreland
R-117pdf(148 KB)Institute for Patient's Rights and Medical EducationPoland
R-118pdf(82 KB)Institute for Philosophy, Diversity and Mental HealthUK
R-245pdf(222 KB) International Union for Health Promotion and EducationInternational
R-112pdf(44 KB)Norman SartoriusSwitzerland
R-122pdf(141 KB)Policy Research Institute on Ageing & EthnicityUK
R-196pdf(44 KB)Psychological Department Philipps-University MarburgGermany
R-123pdf(198 KB)Social Care Institute for ExcellenceUK
R-156pdf(54 KB)Universidade de CoimbraPortugal
R-126pdf(57 KB)Universtitatsklinikum ErlangenGermany
R-213pdf(71 KB)Volker FaustGermany
R-269pdf(92 KB)Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V.Germany


R-104pdf(49 KB)Andreas FlorakisGreece
R-105pdf(71 KB)Andrew Paul Kadir-BuxtonUK
R-106Antonello GennaroItaly
R-107Anu SoderstromFinland
R-077pdf(77 KB)Armin ScheurichGermany
R-128Barry HaslamUK
R-130pdf(66 KB)Beerten StevenUK
R-131pdf(215 KB)Bernard JolivetUK
R-144pdf(44 KB)Daniel BenvenisteUS
R-043pdf(67 KB)Doris WunschAustria
R-152apdf(145 KB)
R-152bpdf(99 KB)
Elvira Reale - Unità Operativa di Psicologia clinicaItaly
R-158pdf(46 KB)Franco PreviteItaly
R-109pdf(61 KB)Girolamo DigilioItaly
R-097pdf(66 KB)Group of signatoriesPortugal
R-164pdf(86 KB)Harmut AlbathGermany
R-170pdf(137 KB)Jolijn SantegoedsNetherlands
R-171pdf(68 KB)Joseph FerrisUK
R-016pdf(68 KB)Jouni SärkijärviFinland
R-172pdf(42 KB)Juhani HeiskaFinland
R-173pdf(201 KB)Julie Carr Mental Health And Learning Disabilties Member of Council for the College of Occupational TherapistsUK
R-174pdf(83 KB)Karl GoslarGermany
R-110pdf(61 KB)Lois LodgeUK
R-176pdf(102 KB)Marie McDevittUK
R-177pdf(298 KB)Martin BreustedtGermany
R-178pdf(102 KB)Mary Maddock MindFree InternationalInternational
R-180pdf(314 KB)Maurizio Munda -projectItaly
R-181pdf(72 KB)Maximilian RieländerGermany
R-182pdf(176 KB)Meeting of Minds projectEU
R-183pdf(60 KB)Michael HimmerAustria
R-111pdf(124 KB)Nico OudNetherlands
R-188pdf(70 KB)Paul MollerDenmark
R-190pdf(63 KB)Peter ZimmermannGermany
R-192pdf(43 KB)Pierre BelpaireBelgium
R-252pdf(101 KB) Richard R. O'NeillUK
R-018pdf(86 KB)Simone ArratoonianUK
R-203pdf(47 KB)Stephanie SaengerNetherlands
R-210pdf(90 KB)Ute AbeskaGermany