PIP action plan

The Joint Plan for Immediate Actions under the existing medical devices legislation (the so-called PIP Joint Action Plan)

Restoring confidence in medical devices. Reporting on the success of the PIP Action Plan

On the 20 June 2014, the EPSCO Council discussed the joint actions taken by the European Commission and the Member States to restore confidence following the scandal of defective breast implants produced by the French PIP company. These measures were included in the Joint Plan for Immediate Actions under the existing Medical Devices legislation (the so-called PIP Joint Action Plan) agreed in 2012.

The main objective of the plan was to tighten controls on medical devices under the current regulatory system, pending the adoption by the co-legislator of the new legislation and subsequent entry into force. The plan focused on four pillars:

  1. Functioning of notified bodies;
  2. Market surveillance;
  3. Coordination of corrective actions among the Member States following vigilance and market surveillance;
  4. Communication and transparency;

A Commission Staff Working Document containing a detailed analysis of the implementation of the plan was discussed in the EPSCO Council.

European Commission Press release 20 June 2014

Commission Staff Working Document pdf(140 KB)of 13 June 2014 on the Implementation of the Joint Plan for Immediate Actions under the existing Medical Devices legislation

Summary of the Commission Staff Working Documentpdf(13 KB)

Press release on the launch of the Joint Action Plan

Press release 9 February 2012

Medical devices: European Commission calls for immediate actions - tighten controls, increase surveillance, restore confidence

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