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This section on health in the EU has been created as a trustworthy gateway to a wide range of information and data on health-related issues and activities at both European, national and international level. The content is produced by the European Commission, the Member States of the EU and the European Economic Area (EEA), plus EU candidate countries; by international organisations; and by pan-European non-governmental organisations in the area of public health.

Catechol-O-methyltransferase Val158Met polymorphism: Modulation of wearing-off susceptibility in a Chinese cohort of Parkinson's

The purpose of this study was to characterize the correlation between the Val158Met polymorphism in the COMT gene and the motor complication wearing-off in Chinese PD patients. Authors have sequenced[...]

Heart rate may predict survival and brain function in comatose cardiac arrest survivors

Study presented at Acute Cardiovascular Care 2014 by Dr Jakob Hartvig Thomsen from Denmark finds patients with sinus bradycardia during therapeutic hypothermia had a 50-60% lower mortality rate at 18[...]

Women more likely to develop anxiety and depression after heart attack

According to research presented at Acute Cardiovascular Care 2014 by Professor Pranas Serpytis from Lithuania: [...]

Vitamin D deficiency increases poor brain function after cardiac arrest by seven-fold

According to research presented at Acute Cardiovascular Care 2014 by Dr Jin Wi from Korea, patients with vitamin D deficiency were more likely to have a poor neurological outcome or die after sudden [...]

Welcome To Acute Cardiovascular Care 2014 in Geneva

We are pleased to welcome you to Acute Cardiovascular Care 2014! As you know, the theme of the third official congress of the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association will be [...]

ACCA Clinical Decision - Making Toolkit Mobile App

Immediate bedside decision now at your fingertips!Download and try Acute Coronary Syndromes and Acute Heart Failure! Topics: Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS)[...]

Challenges in prevention: Reports from Lebanon and Egypt

Heart Failure 2015 / 2nd World Congress on Acute Heart Failure European Heart Journal - Acute Cardiovascular Care European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy EHJ: Clinical Outcomes &[...]

European Code Against Cancer – Fourth edition

4th European Code Against Cancer launched today - Directorate General for Health & Consumers[...]

European Alcohol Policy Alliance warmly welcomes the New European Code Against Cancer

The European Alcohol Policy Alliance (Eurocare) congratulates the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and the European Commission on the release of the updated 4th edition of the Europ[...]

New European code prescribes 12 ways to prevent cancer

Avoiding tobacco, alcohol and excessive sun exposure; maintaining a healthy body weight; and being physically active are among 12 ways to prevent cancer prescribed by the new European Code Against Ca[...]

Launch of new European Code Against Cancer

Based on the best available scientific evidence, the new Code provides 12 ways to adopt healthier lifestyles and boost cancer prevention across Europe. It is the outcome of a two-year collaborative [...]

New cancer expert group: cancer is on the EU public health agenda

On the first meeting of the new expert group on cancer, which was held on 22-23 September, the Commission presented an overview of the EU priorities for cancer and an implementation report on previou[...]

[Press release] EPHA encourages policy makers to be braver when tackling the cancer epidemic in Europe

14 October 2014, Brussels - The 4th edition of the European Code Against Cancer was finally launched today after many months of delay (1). As a member of the recently established Commission Expert Gr[...]

The Michael J. Fox Foundation and Intel join forces to improve Parkinson's disease monitoring and treatment through advanced tec

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research (MJFF) and Intel Corporation announced today a collaboration aimed at improving research and treatment for Parkinson's disease - a neurodegenera[...]

Direct evidence of Parkinson pathology spread from the gastrointestinal tract to the brain in rats

In conclusion, authors here provide the first experimental evidence that different α-synuclein forms can propagate from the gut to the brain, and that microtubule-associated transport is involved in [...]

Rotigotine vs ropinirole in advanced stage Parkinson's disease: A double-blind study

Conclusions: Rotigotine was well tolerated at doses up to 16 mg/24 h and showed similar efficacy to ropinirole except that the application site reaction was much higher in the rotigotine group.[...]

MRI brain scans detect people with early Parkinson's

Oxford University researchers have developed a simple and quick MRI technique that offers promise for early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease[...]

Lundbeck receives grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for biological markers identification in Parkinson's disease

A Lundbeck research program aiming to increase the knowledge of how a specific change in a gene (Lrrk2) contributes to an increased risk of developing Parkinson's disease was granted DKK 3,5m from Th[...]

International Parkinson's Empowerment Summit 2014

The Davis Phinney Foundation and Move4Parkinson's invite people living with Parkinson's, their families and care partners to join them for a unique, international event in Dublin, Ireland.[...]

NIH scientists find six new genetic risk factors for Parkinson's

Using data from over 18,000 patients, scientists have identified more than two dozen genetic risk factors involved in Parkinson's disease, including six that had not been previously reported. The stu[...]

First clinical data of therapeutic Parkinson's disease vaccine encourages continued development

AFFiRiS AG announced today at a press conference in New York results of AFF008, a Phase I clinical trial of PD01A, a vaccine against Parkinson´s disease. PD01A is the first therapy against the protei[...]

Imaging prodromal Parkinson disease: The Parkinson Associated Risk Syndrome Study

Conclusion: Subjects with DAT deficit who do not meet criteria for a diagnosis of PD can be identified by olfactory testing. Sequential biomarker assessment may identify those at risk of PD.[...]

PRAC review does not confirm increase in heart problems with testosterone medicines

Committee recommends medicines can continue to be given for their authorised uses[...]

PRAC recommends further measures to minimise risk of blood vessel blockage with Iclusig

PRAC recommendations to be considered by CHMP for final opinion[...]

Alliance for Cancer Prevention

Formed in 2009, the Alliance is a multi-stakeholder group which includes representatives from; NGOs, environmental and occupational health organisations, trade unions, public health advocates and civ[...]

Controversial fetal cell transplants revived for Parkinson's trials

For the last 25 years, using fetal tissue for scientific research has largely fallen out of favor in both the European and U.S. scientific communities. One of the most publicised uses of the controve[...]

New publication: WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative. Implementation of round 1 (2007/2008) and round 2 (2009/2010)

Disaster preparedness and response Haemophilus influenza (HiB) diseases Health 2020: the European policy for health and well-being Vector-borne and parasitic diseases The former Yugoslav Republic of[...]

Draft inventory of paediatric therapeutic needs: Paediatric oncology

Based on Article 43 of the European Union Paediatric Regulation the Paediatric Committee at the European Medicines Agency (PDCO) is working to establish an inventory to identify the needs in the diff[...]

Press release - “SIN List” advance will contribute to reducing chronic disease

Today, 28 more chemicals are being added to the SIN List of chemicals of [...]

Success Stories - Defining biomarkers to spot bladder cancer

The European FP7 project DeCanbio brought together a consortium of clinicians and researchers in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics to identify and validate biomarkers that hint at a recurring b[...]

Combating obesity through national school food policies across Europe

Schools are regarded as a promising intervention target to counteract the increase of childhood obesity levels. In this context, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) published a repo[...]

Brains in the balance: New $11.5M grant fuels University of Michigan Parkinson's disease research center to aid patients

NIH grant creates Udall Center of Excellence for Parkinson's Disease Research focused on developing a treatment to prevent falls.[...]

Parkinson's disease and age: The obvious but largely unexplored link

The risk of Parkinson's disease increases dramatically in individuals over the age of 60 and it is estimated that more than 1% of all seniors have some form of the condition. In this review, authors [...]

Distinct phenotypes of speech and voice disorders in Parkinson's disease after subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation

Conclusions: Stuttering and breathy voice can be aggravated by STN-DBS, but are mainly due to aging or PD itself. Strained voice and spastic dysarthria are considered corticobulbar side effects.[...]

ESC webinar: How to manage cardiovascular disease in the pre-diabetic patient?

On 28 October 2014 from 18:00 to 19:00 CET, join Nicolas Danchin and Ramzi Ajjan for a live streaming event on How to manage cardiovascular disease in the pre-diabetic patient? by 26 OctoberTopics: D[...]

Comparison of sleep and other non-motor symptoms between SWEDDs patients and de novo Parkinson´s disease patients

Conclusions: The patients with SWEDDs have less non-motor problems than newly diagnosed untreated PD patients. Given the difficulty distinguishing between SWEDDs and early PD, identifying some of non[...]

Development and validation of a new screening questionnaire for dysphagia in early stages of Parkinson's disease

The two-phased project comprised the questionnaire, diagnostic scales construction (N=105), and a validation study (N=82). Data for the project were gathered from PD patients at a German Movement Dis[...]

Suprathreshold odor intensity perception in early-stage Parkinson's disease

Conclusions: Parkinson's disease (PD) influences suprathreshold estimates of perceived odor intensity, negating the notion that such perception might be spared in this disease. No association with do[...]

Reduced thalamic volume in Parkinson Disease with REM Sleep Behavior Disorder: volumetric study

Study findings suggest that the presence of RBD symptoms in PD patients is associated with a reduced thalamic volume suggesting a pathophysiologic role of the thalamus in the complex circuit causing [...]

Flt3 ligand does not differentiate between Parkinsonian disorders

No validated biomarkers are available for early and accurate diagnosis of multiple system atrophy and other parkinsonian disorders. It has been reported that flt3 ligand levels in cerebrospinal fluid[...]

High-frequency oscillations in Parkinson's disease: Spatial distribution and clinical relevance

Authors found a focal spatial distribution of high-frequency oscillations with highest power 2 mm below the dorsolateral border of the subthalamic nucleus. Within the subthalamic nucleus, power peake[...]

Stage-dependent nigral neuronal loss in incidental Lewy body and Parkinson's disease

In conclusion, study findings cast doubt on the pathogenic role of α-synuclein aggregates in elderly, but do suggest that the severity of neurodegeneration and local burden of α-synuclein pathologica[...]

Natural history of falls in a population-based cohort of patients with Parkinson's disease: an 8-year prospective study

Nearly of the PD cohort reported falling after 8 years of follow-up. Disease-specific gait and axial impairments were the major risk factors for future falls in non-fallers at baseline. This has impl[...]

Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion may contain a locus for recessive early-onset Parkinson's disease

Herein, authors propose a hypothesis that it is not the microdeletion per se that is responsible for the phenotype but rather a complete loss of function of a gene within the region due to the combin[...]

Motor impairment, depression, dementia: Which forms the impression of disease severity in Parkinson's disease?

Conclusion: The additional burden of dementia and depression was underestimated in the CGIS rating, suggesting that they are possibly relativized against the motor impairment.[...]

Parkinson's UK and Global Kinetics Corporation collaborate to provide promising new mHealth technology throughout UK

An innovative medical device designed in Australia to improve management of Parkinson's is to be made available in services in the United Kingdom, as part of a 12-month pilot project.[...]

Risk of Parkinson's disease following severe constipation: A nationwide population-based cohort study

The association between constipation at the beginning of the study and the incidence of PD was examined using a Cox regression model. Information regarding comorbidities and concomitant medications u[...]

Today is World Heart Day!

Global Education and Training Initiative Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development Please contact UICC for any questions This World Heart Day, the Wor[...]

Gait and balance in Parkinson's disease subtypes: objective measures and classification considerations

Clinical assessments of the disturbances seen in patients with the PIGD subtype are not consistent with objective measures; overlapping between the groups is seen in many objective features of gait a[...]

Formulations of hormone therapy and risk of Parkinson's disease

The findings from this study suggest an increase in PD risk associated with esterified estrogen use combined with progestin, and no risk associated with conjugated estrogen with progestin. These find[...]

Impulse control disorder and rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder in Parkinson's Disease

Conclusion: In Parkinson's disease, REM Sleep Behavior Disorder is not associated with impulse control disorder. The results of this study do not support the notion that PSG-confirmed RBD and ICD sha[...]

Try Something New This World Heart Day, urges the ESC

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, but it doesn't have to be. Reflecting on the World Heart Day theme, creating heart-healthy environments, ESC spokesperson Professor Stephan Giel[...]

Meeting highlights from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) 22-25 September 2014

Fifteen new medicines and three extensions of indication recommended for approval[...]

WECF - Conference: Breast cancer, women's reproductive health and EDCs

On 14 October, Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF) France are co-hosting an international conference on breast cancer, women's reproductive health and EDCs: from knowledge to prevention in Lyo[...]

First meeting of the Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control: 23-24 September 2014

First meeting of the Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control: 23-24 September 2014 - Directorate General for Health & Consumers[...]

Motor progression of Parkinson's disease with the leucine-rich repeat kinase 2 G2019S mutation

In this retrospective study, authors compared motor disease progression in Ashkenazi-Jewish (AJ) Parkinson's disease (PD) patients carrying the LRRK2*G2019S mutation with that of noncarriers.[...]

Subjective memory complaints, depressive symptoms and cognition in Parkinson's disease patients

Background and purpose: The goal of this study was to establish the prevalence of subjective memory complaints (SMCs) and depressive symptoms (DS)s and their relation to cognitive functioning in pati[...]

Apathy in untreated, de novo patients with Parkinson's disease: validation study of Apathy Evaluation Scale

The AES-S is a reliable and valid questionnaire for detecting apathy in PD. For screening purposes a 33/34 cut-off score is indicated, but a 38/39 cut-off score is necessary when a high specificity i[...]

Characterizing motor and non-motor aspects of early-morning off periods in Parkinson's: An international multicenter study

Results: The results demonstrate that EMO periods are common and occur in 59.7% of subjects across all disease stages in line with other reports. However, importantly, in 88.0% of those, EMOs were fo[...]

Cost of deep brain stimulation for the treatment of Parkinson's disease by surgical stimulation sites

Provider costs were similar for the 144 GPi and 130 STN patients (GPi: $138,044 vs. STN: $131,822; difference = $6,222, 95% confidence interval [CI]: $42,125 to $45,343). Societal costs were also sim[...]

Does a specialist unit improve outcomes for hospitalized patients with Parkinson's disease?

The general ward care (n=20) and the Specialist Parkinson's Unit care (n=24) groups had similar baseline characteristics. On the specialist unit: less Parkinson's medication was omitted (13% v 20%, p[...]

Concomitant development of hypersexuality and delusional jealousy in patients with Parkinson's disease: A case series

Discussion: Hypersexuality and delusional jealousy may occur independently in PD patients on dopamine agonist therapy, but may develop together probably reflecting a common alteration of sexuality (s[...]

Success Stories - Reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia - World Alzheimer Day 21-09-2014

Dementia is a group of degenerative diseases typically affecting the cognitive abilities of the elderly population. According to the World Health Organization, the estimated proportion of the general[...]

Dementia & severity of parkinsonism determines handicap of patients in late-stage Parkinson's: the BarcelonaLisbon cohort

Methods: Handicap, medical conditions, use of healthcare resources and the impact of LS-PD upon caregivers were characterized in a cross-sectional study of LS-PD stages 4 or 5 of Hoehn and Yahr (H&am[...]

World Cancer Day 2015: 'Not Beyond Us' Campaign launched!

World Cancer Day 2015: 'Not Beyond Us' Campaign launched! We have officially launched the 2015 World Cancer Day campaign We were thrilled that so many members, partners, stakeholders and supporters [...]

Cholinesterase inhibitors for Parkinson's disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Conclusions ChIs are effective in the treatment of cognitive impairment in patients with PD, but do not affect risk of falls. The choice of treatment has to be balanced considering the increased trem[...]

Back to the basics: regular exercise matters in Parkinson's: Results from the National Parkinson Foundation registry study

Regular exercisers at baseline was associated with better QOL, mobility, and physical function, less progression of disease, less caregiver burden and less cognitive decline one year later, after con[...]

Hippocampal volume and white matter disease in the prediction of dementia in Parkinson's disease

Conclusions: Hippocampal volume is a major factor predicting the development of mild cognitive impairment and dementia in PD. White matter hyperintensity also contributes to the longitudinal cognitiv[...]

Midlife migraine and late-life parkinsonism

These findings suggest there may be a common vulnerability to, or consequences of, migraine and multiple indicators of parkinsonism. Additional genetic and longitudinal observational studies are need[...]

EPDA Move for Change survey shows Parkinson's care standards are lagging just one in 10 patients are diagnosed by a disease ex

Care provision in Parkinson's disease is falling dismally short of the standards patients and carers have every right to expect, research across Europe indicates.[...]

The role of iron in brain ageing and neurodegenerative disorders

During ageing, different iron complexes accumulate in brain regions associated with motor and cognitive impairment. In various neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's [...]

Cardioscape reveals where the money for cardiovascular research in Europe comes from and what it is spent on

CVD is the number 1 killer in Europe claiming over 4 million lives in the Europe and 1.9 million lives per year in the European Union (EU). CVD is also estimated to cost the EU economy almost €196 bi[...]

Research Headlines - New hope for patients suffering from rare genetic disease

Very few of us have heard of Alpha-Mannosidosis. However, this rare genetic disease has affected the lives of hundreds of families across Europe and the world. Its first symptoms appear in early chil[...]

Prevalence of Malnutrition in Patients with Parkinson's: Comparative Study with Healthy Controls using MNA questionnaire

Study findings indicate the same nutritional status among mild to moderate PD patients compared with healthy controls. However, more than a quarter of the PD population was found to be at risk of mal[...]

Dopamine transporter SLC6A3 genotype affects cortico-striatal activity of set-shifts in Parkinson's disease

This is the first study indicating that the SLC6A3/DAT1 genotype has a significant effect on fronto-striatal activation and performance in Parkinson's disease. This effect is stronger for conditions [...]

Acupuncture on GB34 activates the precentral gyrus and prefrontal cortex in Parkinson's disease

Acupuncture stimulation on this acupoint activates the prefrontal cortex, precentral gyrus, and putamen in patients with PD; areas that are known to be impaired in patients with PD. Compared with hea[...]

Survey reveals knowledge gaps among Parkinson's patients and caregivers

A recent survey of more than 1,500 Parkinson's disease (PD) patients, caregivers and physicians reveals that information and specialized care can help patients become more engaged in their own treatm[...]

McCabe launches knowledge hub website

Global Education and Training Initiative Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development The McCabe Centre for Law and Cancer has recently launched an FCTC [...]

Mortality in Parkinson's disease is not associated with the severity of early dopaminergic defect

Results: Mortality rate was 56.8%. Although higher age (p 0.48).[...]

ACCA congress: Ensuring a rapid response to cardiac emergencies

Media Alert: Acute Cardiovascular Care 2014 is the event of the year for the latest science in the field and takes place 18-20 October in Geneva, Switzerland. Acute cardiovascular care is the special[...]

UICC & CACA team up for exciting new programme

UICC has signed an agreeement with CACA to develop a new fellowship programme. At the opening ceremony of the 8th Chinese Conference on Oncology in Jinan on September 12th, the Union for Internation[...]

UICC President awarded Gold Medal

Global Education and Training Initiative Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development From American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Pro[...]

Canadian Study of Neurological Conditions Provides New Vital Information on the Impact of Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson Society Canada is excited to share today's release of the report on The National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions by the Public Health Agency of Canada in partnership with[...]

Stimulation of the pedunculopontine nucleus area in Parkinson's disease: effects on speech and intelligibility

Although limited in this group of patients, speech impairment following pedunculopontine nucleus area stimulation is a possible outcome that should be considered before undertaking such surgery. Dele[...]

New ESC Guidelines on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

The 2014 ESC Guidelines on the diagnosis and management of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) are presented for the first time at this congress. The guidelines underscore the multidisciplinary approac[...]

Prof. J. RTC. Roelandt's obituary

Friends and ESC colleagues were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Professor Jos Roelandt, a former chairman of the ESC Working Group on Echocardiography (1976-82) and president of the Dutch So[...]

Far-reaching programme of ESC Registries

Since its introduction in 2008 the ESC's registry programme - known as the EURObservational Research Programme, or EORP - has grown from just two pilot surveys (both in heart failure) to a broad-rang[...]

ESC Awards 2014

Find out which were the winning presentations in each category: Young Investigator AwardsNursing/Allied Professional Investigator AwardChallenging Cases Report AwardModerated postersTop score posters[...]

ESC Congress 2014 'a resounding success'

'The ESC Congress has been a resounding success and I am proud of finishing my presidency on such a high note.' With these words, Prof Vardas said good bye to over 30 300 delegates who attended ESC C[...]

NEW: Donwload the EHRA Key Messages app

EHRA offers you now the possibility to get some of the reference scientific documents in your pockets, always with you. Download it now. Topics: Arrhythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, Sudden Cardiac Death[...]

Glucocerebrosidase mutations in primary parkinsonism

Conclusion: GBA dysfunction is relevant for synucleinopathies, such as PD and DLB, except for MSA, in which pathology involves oligodendrocytes, and the tauopathies PSP and CBD. The risk of developin[...]

Parkinson's Disease Foundation Announces Newest Series of Community-Driven Online Seminars

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation (PDF) is pleased to announce its sixth series of PD ExpertBriefings, free interactive seminars presented by leaders in Parkinson's disease research and care.[...]

Planning and developing population-based cancer registration in low- and middle-income settings (as an e-Book)

Guidelines for establishing cancer registries, from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the International Association of Cancer Registries[...]

Stepping out for people with Parkinson's

With only a couple of weeks to go until the second European Unity Walk, we are all limbering up for what promises to be a hugely enjoyable and inspirational event.[...]

KineMed Receives U.S. Patent Allowance for Noscapine to Treat ALS, Parkinson's Disease, and Diabetic Neuropathy

KineMed, Inc. today announced that the company has received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the invention entitled: Compositions and Methods of Treatment Using Mod[...]

Visual short-term memory deficits associated with GBA mutation and Parkinson's disease

These findings provide evidence for dissociable signature deficits within the domain of visual short-term memory associated with GBA mutation and with Parkinson's disease. Identification of the speci[...]

New stem cell therapy for ischaemic heart disease

An EU-funded project is looking into 'Cardiac stem cells' (CSCs) to tackle the problem of chronic heart failure in Europe. Whilst previous research has concentrated on cells from the patients themsel[...]

New resource for educators: Discussion games: Melanoma

Game to engage in a dialogue | Skin cancer exposed What is melanoma? How can it be prevented? How is it diagnosed and how is it treated? In this game, you get the chance to discuss the prevention an[...]

New resource for educators: Experimental protocol: Participate in research into atherosclerosis

Home › Experimental protocol: Participate in research into atherosclerosis Experimental protocol: Participate in research into atherosclerosis Experiment protocol | The biotechnology revolution Here[...]

New resource for educators: Experimental protocol: Join in the research to find a drug for Alzheimer's

Home › Experimental protocol: Join in the research to find a drug for Alzheimer's Experimental protocol: Join in the research to find a drug for Alzheimer's Alzheimer's is a neurodegenerative diseas[...]

New resource for educators: Discussion games: Obesity

Obesity is a complex disease involving multiple factors (genetic, environment, economic level, etc.). It also leads to many other diseases. In this game we propose a discussion of the ethical, legal[...]

New resource for educators: Experimental protocol: Investigating the genetic origins of obesity

Home › Experimental protocol: Investigating the genetic origins of obesity Experimental protocol: Investigating the genetic origins of obesity Family history plays a very important role in the predi[...]

NCD Programme at the 2014 World Cancer Congress

Global Education and Training Initiative Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development NCD Programme at the 2014 World Cancer Congress Discover how NCDs a[...]

Research Headlines - Why cancer drugs affect young children differently

Cancer drugs save lives, but they are highly toxic. Using the right amounts is crucial. EU-funded research focusing on doxorubicin, one of the main drugs used in chemotherapy, has generated new knowl[...]

News for the EORP Cardiomyopathy and Myocarditis Registry

On behalf of the Cardiomyopathy Executive Committee of the EURObservational Research Programme (EORP), we are pleased to announce the launch of the Long-Term Cardiomyopathies and Myocarditis Registry[...]

Association found between high cholesterol and breast cancer

An association between high blood cholesterol and breast cancer has been found in a study of more than 1 million patients over a 14 year time period in the UK. Read moreTopics: Basic Science, Cardiov[...]

Discarded surgery fat treats heart attacks

Stem cells from fat to be discarded during cardiac surgery can improve heart function, according to research from Frontiers in CardioVascular Biology (FCVB) 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Read more. Topic[...]

First evidence for painless Atrial Fibrillation treatment

The first evidence for a shockless treatment for atrial fibrillation (AF) presented on Friday 4 July at Frontiers in CardioVascular Biology (FCVB) 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. Read more. Topics: Basic S[...]

Success Stories - Spotting inherited heart disease before it strikes

Idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is a type of heart disease in which the organ's muscle becomes weaker. It can lead to heart failure and ventricular arrhythmia (a type of irregular heart beat)[...]

4 July - ESC Webinar: Problems and solutions in the management of resistant hypertension

On 4 July 2014 from 18:00 to 19:00 CET, join Morris Brown and Isabella Sudano for a live webinar on the 2013 ESC Guidelines on the management of Arterial Hypertension. for Free by 2 July Topics: Hype[...]

Czech Republic should improve primary care and prevention to reduce chronic disease, says OECD

Strengthening primary health care and prevention programmes would help stem the growing tide of diabetes and other chronic health conditions in the Czech Republic, according to a new OECD report.[...]

E-journal of Cardiology Practice: Renal nerve denervation unraveled. Is the dream over?

Renal nerve denervation is a technique that was first described in the last few years as a tool to control blood pressure in resistant hypertensive patients especially. Although several studies have [...]

1st European Roundtable Meeting Report out now!

Report of the European Roundtable Meeting Berlin, May 2014 The Roundtable took place in Berlin, Germany, on 16 May and focused on ‘Improving cancer care in Europe - Sharing best practice and learnin[...]

Research Headlines - A new look at treatments for childhood cancers

Children rarely develop tumours, but if they do, the prognosis is uncertain. Sometimes, the growth just disappears, without therapy. Unfortunately, few families are so lucky, and there are only a han[...]

GlobalRT launch new website

Global Education and Training Initiative Global Access to Pain Relief Initiative Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development Please contact UICC for any questions GlobalRT launch an exciting n[...]

Research Headlines - Fighting Hepatitis B and liver cancer in West Africa

EU-funded researchers are identifying and treating patients with Hepatitis B virus (HBV) in West Africa with the aim of reducing their risk of dying from liver cancer. The researchers are also develo[...]

Call for expressions of interest as Commission appointees to the European Commission Expert Group on Cancer Control

European Commission - Representative of producers of products or service providers in the field of cancer Representatives of pati[...]

The European Commission establishes expert group on cancer control

On 3rd June 2014, the European Commission adopted a decision which establishes an expert group on cancer control. Cancer is still the second most common cause of death in the Union: in 2008, 2.5 mill[...]

Events - Webinar on IMI 2-Call 1 diabetes topic - 11 July 2014, Online

Translational approaches to disease modifying therapy of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) is one of three IMI webinars on its 1st Call for proposals under IMI 2. For more information on the webinar an[...]

Watch the HFA webinar on Iron deficiency in heart failure - From evidence to practice

Get an update with key opinion leaders on the impact of iron deficiency (ID) on CHF patients' outcomes and quality of life (QoL) independent of anaemia, and a review of newly released guidelines for [...]

The EHRA White Book 2014 highlights growing use of complex therapies for heart rhythm abnormalities in Europe

The White Book reports on the current status of arrhythmia treatment in 49 of the 56 European Society of Cardiology (ESC) member countries for the year 2013. The new White Book is published in electr[...]

Scientific guideline: Draft reflection paper on the use of patient reported outcome (PRO) measures in oncology studies, draft: consultation open

The importance of the patient's point of view on their health status is fully acknowledged and such information may in principle be used in drawing regulatory conclusions regarding treatment effects.[...]

Plenary Session 5: Update and controversies in prostate cancer

“The 29th EAU Congress has been a success. Particularly the attendance of countries beyond Europe was very high, for example Latin American countries like Brazil and Venezuela,” said Prof. Per-Ander[...]

EAU14 Souvenir Session: Urological imaging is a highly evolving field but approaches should change

Imaging in urology is undergoing rapid changes but current research needs to change and should concentrate on well-designed and high quality studies, according to Prof. Peter Albers (DE).[...]

ESUR 2014: An interview with Prof. Ellen Zwarthoff

Ahead of the 22nd ESUR meeting in Glasgow, Prof. Ellen Zwarthoff (Rotterdam, NL), biochemist and winner of this year's Dominique Chopin Award for significant achievements in urological research, talk[...]

Patient Information launches first onco-urological topic: kidney cancer

EAU Patient Information has reached a veritable milestone with the launch of the first onco-urological information set. The series on kidney cancer offers medical information about diagnosis and trea[...]

Making diet count in cancer prevention

Cancer risk factors can be reduced by correct nutrition and physical activity, which are key elements in all recommendations for cancer prevention, such as the European code against cancer.[...]

Success Stories - DECIDE: enabling earlier diagnosis of dementia

DECIDE stands for 'Diagnostic Enhancement of Confidence by an International Distributed Environment'. This FP7 project brought together 13 partners from five European countries, with the Italian GARR[...]

Research Headlines - Better, faster treatment for children with cancer

ENCCA project helps to get better treatment more quickly to children and other young people suffering from the disease. EU-funded researchers are improving collaboration among cancer specialists work[...]

Commission decision establishing a Commission expert group on Cancer Control

Directorate General for Health & Consumers[...]

Novel coronary stent materials reduce heart inflammation risk

Tiny metal tubes called stents - which keep blood flowing through diseased coronary arteries by slowly releasing medication - have helped to save the lives of millions at risk of heart disease. Once [...]

EFA Patients will discuss at the European Parliament

Benefits of EU research on allergy, asthma and COPD On June 17th 2014, EFA invites all stakeholders interested in ongoing EU-funded research initiatives for allergy, asthma and COPD to the European P[...]

WHO launches new High Level Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity

At the 67th World Health Assembly, a new High-Level Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity was officially launched. This new Commission aims to gather the best possible advice on dealing with the cri[...]

Research Headlines - Targeting cancerous tumours with precision

EU-funded researchers have developed novel technology for treating cancer patients that could deliver drugs exactly where they are needed in the human body. The potential breakthrough, which combines[...]

European Week Against Cancer

This week is European Week Against Cancer (25-31 May). As the week falls on a political hiatus during an election year, The Association of European Cancer Leagues (ECL) are calling on NGOs and citiz[...]

More efforts needed to tackle rising obesity, says OECD

Most people in OECD countries are overweight or obese. The social and economic consequences of this epidemic are dramatic, exposing an increasing number of people to chronic diseases such as diabetes[...]

Every day should be patients' rights day

Active Citizenship Network (ACN) decided to dedicate the 8th celebration of European Patients' Rights Day in 2014 to [...]

Success Stories - Regaining autonomy after a stroke - a major health challenge

Stroke is the most common neurological disease. It is also the most common cause of life-long impairment in adulthood and of institutionalisation, implying a change from a self-determined, independen[...]

Research Headlines - New tool in battle against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

A more powerful mass spectrometer developed by EU-funded researchers could potentially lead to better treatments for patients with degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. In [...]

IARC/WHO & IACR launch cancer registry guidelines

Lyon, France, 26 May 2014 - The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) , the World Health Organization (WHO) , and the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR) today launch [...]

Combined use of medicines affecting the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) to be restricted – CHMP endorses PRAC recommendation

The European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has endorsed restrictions on combining different classes of medicines that act on the renin-angiotensin system (R[...]

E-journal of Cardiology Practice on Secondary prevention of non-cardioembolic stroke

Highlighted for you in this article are the risk factor management and pharmaceutical strategy recommendations for secondary prevention of non-cardioembolic stroke according to the evidence reviewed [...]

E- journal of Cardiology Practice Likely features of female coronary artery disease

A woman complaining of chest pains might have a compromised anamnestic record, systolic arterial hypertension, abdominal obesity, diabetes, lipid metabolism disturbances, a habit of smoking, psychoso[...]

Childhood obesity and tuberculosis on agenda on first day of World Health Assembly

The Sixty-seventh World Health Assembly, WHO's annual global meeting of ministers and senior health officials, opened on 19 May 2014.[...]

Events - 8th Alpine Meeting: Current & Future challenges of oncology drug development - 29-31 October 2014, Buchen/Innsbruck, Austria

Scientific meeting between experts from academia, regulatory authorities and pharmaceutical industry to discuss the latest challenges in oncology drug development. Topics to be covered: Biomarkers fo[...]

Invitation to attend Heart Failure 2015 in Seville, Spain

We have the honour of inviting you to attend the Heart Failure 2015 meeting that will be held in Seville, Spain, from 23 to 26 May 2015. Topics: Heart Failure (HF)[...]

Study group on Peripartum Cardiomyopathy

The Study Group on Peripartum Cardiomyopathy was formed by the ESC in 2010 with the objective of bringing together specialists from a variety of disciplines to facilitate better understanding and man[...]

Novel device successfully treats central sleep apnoea in heart failure

A novel device implanted under the skin like a pacemaker successfully treats central sleep apnoea (CSA) in heart failure patients. The one year results of the remede® system pilot study were revealed[...]

TOPCAT reveals regional differences in spironolactone effectiveness for HFpEF

Adding spironolactone to existing treatments does not significantly reduce the composite primary outcome in patients with HF and preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF), reported the phase 3 TOPCAT study[...]

Heart failure hospitalisation more than doubles in IBD flares

Dr Søren L. Kristensen, lead author, said: [...]

Cardiovascular diseases rise during Greek financial crisis

Hospital admissions for cardiovascular diseases increased during the Greek financial crisis, according to two studies from Athens. Dr Alexios Samentzas said: [...]

Biomarker test for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy could help reduce death after giving birth

Cardiologists have discovered biomarkers that can be used to develop a screening test to detect Peripartum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM), a life-threatening disorder that is the primary cause of mortality in[...]

Negative iron balance predicts acute heart failure survival

Professor Ewa Jankowska, first author of the study, said: [...]

How could emergency care be improved for patients with acute heart failure?

Welcome to the European Society of Cardiology . Our mission: to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in Europe Professor Sean Collins Represents the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine Va[...]

Highllights on the World Congress on Acute Heart Failure

Find out how the World Congress of Acute Heart Failure offers a great opportunity for several specialties, including cardiologists and emergency physicians, to come together to share their views on A[...]

Sleeping pills increase CV events in heart failure patients

Sleeping pills increase the risk of cardiovascular events in heart failure patients by 8-fold, according to research from Japan. Dr Masahiko Setoguchi said: [...]

A new Cancer Staging Tool is now available for free access

Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development A new Cancer Staging Tool is now available for free access A collaboration of the Northern Ireland Cancer Registry (NICR) and the International Agen[...]

Cancon Newsletter (Cancer Control Joint Action)    Canconpdf

Newsletter produced by Cancon - ancer Control Joint Action. Cancon is a European Commission co-funded Joint Action on comprehensive cancer control


CARDIOSTIM-EHRA EUROPACE 2014 presents the latest research on heart rhythm treatment and devices

The congress will take place from 18-21 June 2014 at the Acropolis Convention Centre in Nice, France. This year marks the first time Cardiostim and EHRA have collaborated to bring the scientific aspe[...]

Prevent premature deaths from heart failure, urges the Heart Failure Association

Awareness of Heart Failure is alarmingly poor among the general public and healthcare professionals alike. Policy initiatives that prioritise heart failure prevention and champion equity of care for [...]

Success Stories - Scientists report an important breakthrough in colon cancer treatment

EU researchers have used molecular tests to point the way to more effective therapy for patients with a previously untreatable form of colon cancer.[...]

Sports field transformed for breast cancer

Melbourne, 10th May 2014 - 15,000 people stood together in the name of breast cancer awareness on Australia's principal sporting ground, the MCG, in the shape of BCNA's iconic Pink Lady logo. read mo[...]

Sporting field transformed for breast cancer

Melbourne, 10th May 2014 - 15,000 people stood together in the name of breast cancer awareness on Australia's principal sporting ground, the MCG, in the shape of BCNA's iconic Pink Lady logo. read mo[...]

The shape of things to come: study predicts increase in adult obesity prevalence in almost all European countries by 2030

Rates of obesity and overweight in both male and females are projected to increase in almost all countries of Europe by 2030, according to a statistical modelling study. However, the forecast rates v[...]

Review of Corlentor/Procoralan started

The European Medicines Agency has started a review of the medicine Corlentor/Procoralan (ivabradine). Corlentor/Procoralan is used to treat the symptoms of adults with long-term stable angina (chest [...]

IARC Publications - PDFs online - Manual for Cancer Registry Personnel

IARC Technical Report No. 10 Edited by D. Esteban, S. Whelan, A. Laudico, D.M. Parkin[...]

Press Release: World Asthma Day 2014

Improving air quality can limit the symptoms of asthma and other breathing problems in children and adults, say HEAL/EFA on the launch of the “ Know your air for health ” website today. Information [...]

[ToyBox project report] Obesity prevention in children in pre-school years: policies and evidence

On 30 April 2014, the World Obesity Federation (formerly the International Association for the Study of Obesity) published its report [...]

World Asthma Day

World Asthma Day 2014 Asthma is a disease characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing, which vary in severity and frequency. An asthma attack is the result of an inflammation of[...]

EU Public Health and Chronic Diseases

First ever EU Summit on Chronic Diseases On April 3 and 4, the European Commission organised the first ever EU Summit on Chronic Diseases. The World Health Organisation estimates that chronic disease[...]

Eplerenone reduces primary endpoint in acute myocardial infarction patients

A drug known to reduce mortality rate in patients with heart failure has now been found significantly effective when administered early in patients following an acute (ST elevated) myocardial infarct[...]

2014 World Cancer Congress

Register now and benefit from early bird savings! The 2014 World Cancer Congress will take place in Melbourne, Australia on 3-6 December 2014. read more[...]

Speech by President Barroso: Slovakia at the Heart of Europe

European Commission [Check Against Delivery] José Manuel Durão Barroso President of the European Commission University of Bratislava Bratislava, 28 April 2014 Thank you Mr. Rector, Thank you Prime Mi[...]

Scientific guideline: Guideline on the role of the pathological Complete Response as an endpoint in neoadjuvant breast cancer studies, draft: consultation open

Guideline on the role of the pathological Complete Response as an endpoint in neoadjuvant breast cancer studies Guideline on the role of the pathological Complete Response as an endpoint in neoadjuv[...]

European cancer information – new series of factsheets

A new series of factsheets published by the JRC and the European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) provide a unique overview of the cancer disease burden in Europe. They collect, condense and commu[...]

European Medicines Agency recommends approval of Mekinist for the treatment of melanoma

The European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has recommended marketing authorisation for Mekinist (trametinib) for the treatment of adult patients with unrese[...]

European Medicines Agency recommends extending use of Nexavar to include treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer

The European Medicines Agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has recommended extending the use of the cancer medicine Nexavar (sorafenib) to the treatment of progressive, loc[...]

No ban for TV ad showing link between alcohol and cancer

Attempts by the alcohol industry to ban a TV advertisement linking their products with an increased risk of developing cancer have failed.[...]


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