EU health forum

The EU Health Forum is a means of informing and involving key health stakeholders in European health policy. It disseminates information, launches ideas for debate and contributes to policy building. It has 2 components: the EU health policy forum (52 non-governmental umbrella organisations) and the open forum.

EU health policy forum

The health policy forum Choose translations of the previous link Deutsch (de) español (es) français (fr) italiano (it) polski (pl) română (ro) brings together pan-European stakeholder organisations in the health sector at EU level to ensure that the EU’s health strategy is open, transparent and responds to public concerns. It advises the Commission (and EU countries if appropriate) on health matters.

Open forum

The Open Forum extends the work of the EU Health Policy Forum to a broader set of stakeholders in an annual flagship event. The idea is to provide a platform for networking and exchanging ideas, particularly for groups and organisations which are not normally part of the ‘EU circuit’.