EU Youth health indicators

The Commission Communication 'An EU Strategy for Youth – Investing and Empowering: A renewed open method of coordination to address youth challenges and opportunitiespdf' was adopted in April 2009 after an extensive consultation across Europe. The following specific challenges have been identified as topping the list of young people's concerns: education, employment, social inclusion, and health. The EU Youth Strategy greatly emphasizes an evidence-based approach to youth policy for all fields of action, including health.

In March 2011, the Commission released a document 'On EU indicators in the field of youth'pdf based on ad-hoc expert group meetings on youth indicators. The paper highlights health & well-being as a policy domain where indicators are already available and lists the health-related indicators to be considered:

  • Regular smokers
  • Obesity,
  • Alcohol use past 30 days,
  • Cause of death of young people – suicide,
  • Psychological distress,
  • Injuries in road traffic,
  • Self-reported unmet needs for medical care (indicator under the Social Inclusion action).

The Commission Recommendation of 20 February 2013 'Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage'pdf provides an indicator-based monitoring framework including indicators on children's health.

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