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Commission supplements legislation on post-authorisation efficacy studies for medicines  pdf

The legal framework for post-authorisation studies for medical products in the EU was set by legislation in 2010 and 2012; this legislation has now been supplemented by the Commission's Delegated Regulation specifying situations in which these studies are required.

SCCS Opinion published concerning safety of cosmetics containing aluminium  

The independent Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety of the European Commission have published their Opinion on the safety of aluminium in cosmetic products.

Joint Procurement Agreement of medical countermeasures adopted  

The agreement was drawn up by the Commission to help EU countries have equitable access and purchasing power for procuring pandemic vaccines and medications. The mechanism should boost EU preparedness for any serious cross-border health threats.

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Prix européen du journalisme dans le domaine de la santé  

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Prix européen du journalisme dans le domaine de la santé

Communication from the Commission on effective, accessible and resilient health systems  

European health systems have to be accessible and able to improve people’s health, even and particularly in times of economic challenges. In this Communication the Commission expresses its view on how to help Member States achieve this important goal.

Recording of webstreaming - 2014 EU summit on Chronic Diseases (3-4 April 2014)  

The Summit addressed the medical, social and economic burden of chronic diseases in the EU. Watch the videos of the webstreaming.

Bulletin d’information Santé-UE – Maladies chroniques  

Bulletin d’information Santé-UE – Maladies chroniques

Updated dental amalgam factsheet published  

This newly updated factsheet is based on the final opinion on dental amalgam, as adopted by the Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks in March 2014.

Call for experts in the field of surgical meshes used in urogynecological surgery  

The Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks( SCENIHR) launched the call for experts in the area of surgical meshes used in urogynecological surgery who are interested to work for an opinion on this topic. The submission deadline is 10 April.

Second EU Health Programme: Child Safety Alliance publishes report on Intentional Child injury  

The report on National Action to Address Child Intentional Injury examines safety measures concerning intentional injury to children by describing the adoption, implementation and enforcement of national level policies in over 25 Member States. This report was funded under the second EU Health Programme.

Fight against HIV/AIDS: launch of Action Plan in EU and neighbouring countries for 2014-2016  

The European Commission has just launched an Action Plan on HIV/AIDS which prolongs and provides increased focus to existing EU action in this area, building on the achievements of the Action Plan 2009-2013.

Expert Panel adopts first three opinions  

These opinions concern the definition of primary care as well its financing and referral systems; the criteria to assess the performance of health systems and thirdly, the evaluation of a study on public-private partnerships in health care delivery.

Public consultation launched on the safety of Metal-on-Metal joint replacements  

The Preliminary Opinion on The safety of Metal-on-Metal joint replacements with a particular focus on hip implants has been published for public consultation by the Commission and its independent Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR). The consultation remains open until 25 April 2014.

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Programme Santé de l'UE  

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Programme Santé de l'UE

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Maladies rares  

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Maladies rares

Third EU health programme adopted by Parliament  

The new health programme, with a budget of 449.4 million, has been adopted by the Parliament. Its priorities include stimulating innovation in health, targeting the impact of ageing and chronic illness and reducing health inequalities across the EU. The next step in the process will be adoption by the Council.

Health-EU Newsletter - Special edition on the tobacco products Directive revision   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

Editorial by Linda McAvan, Member of the European Parliament, Rapporteur on the Tobacco Products Directive.

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Médicaments falsifiés  

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Médicaments falsifiés

Call for information regarding silica (nano)  

Interested parties are invited to submit any relevant information that could assist the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS) in making a safety assessment on the use of silica (nano). All information should be submitted by 31 May 2014.

The European Commission (DEVCO) opens a call for proposals "Supporting public health institutes" (EUR 23 million)  

The Call aims at reinforcing public health institutes in low-income countries, in the area of public health decision- and policy-making. Partnership with public health institutes and stakeholders is encouraged. Deadline for the concept note submission is 17/03/2014.

Patient Safety: New EU rapid alert platform for human blood and blood components  

The European Commission has just launched a new platform, which will improve the safety of patients that undergo blood transfusions.

EU takes action against cancer  

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, the European Commission presents 10 little known facts about EU action in the field of cancer.

Electromagnetic fields and health effects: public consultation on SCENIHR preliminary opinion  

This opinion addresses issues of public concern related to the potential health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields. Deadline for comments: 16 April 2014.

Bulletin d’information Santé-UE – Cancer  

Bulletin d’information Santé-UE – Cancer

BisphenolA in medical devices: public consultation on SCENIHR preliminary opinion  

The consultation will run until 26 March 2014. Interested parties are invited to provide comments on the scientific evidence underpinning this preliminary opinion online. This opinion aims to assess whether the use of bisphenol A (BPA) in medical devices could cause any health concerns.

Chronic Diseases Joint Action gets started at kick-off meeting in Madrid  

Some 38 organisations from 22 Member States are taking part in the “CHRODIS” Joint Action which just got underway at a kick-off in Madrid. The Joint Action, co-financed by the EU Health Programme, addresses chronic diseases and promotes healthy ageing, focusing in particular on health promotion and disease prevention.

Inégalités en matière de santé  

Réduire les inégalités en matière de santé entre les différents groupes socio-économiques et les différentes régions de l'UE est un des problèmes les plus épineux auxquels l'Union est confrontée aujourd'hui.

Seasonal influenza vaccination – State of play on the implementation of the Council Recommendation  

The Recommendation calls on Member States and EEA countries to take action to mitigate the impact of seasonal influenza through national, regional or local action plans or policies and by improving seasonal influenza vaccination coverage.

Landmark agreement reached on the Tobacco Products Directive  

This December has seen an important milestone reached on one of this Commission's mandates flagship initiatives – the Tobacco Products Directive. The Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement paving the way for a tighter regulation of tobacco products in Europe by 2016.

Call for tender - Pilot project on the promotion of self-care systems in the European Union. Platform of experts  

Creation of a platform of experts in self-care and healthcare. Deadline for application: 28.02.2014

Discover the Finalists for the EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013  

The EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013 has selected its 28 national finalists. During the month of November, a national jury meeting was held in each member state where renowned public health experts and health journalists evaluated all the submissions and decided which article should be appointed to represent their country.

Public consultation on the preliminary opinion on Nanosilver: safety, health and environmental effects and role in antimicrobial resistance   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the above-mentioned preliminary opinion of the SCENIHR, which focused on the use of nanosilver and possible associated health risks

14th Ministerial meeting of the Global Health Security Initiative – Rome, 13 December 2013   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

During this meeting Ministers reflected on emerging health security events of the last year and explored collaborative actions to protect the health and safety of the populations, and to strengthen health security globally.

Édition spéciale – Comités scientifiques -  

CSRSEN: protéger les citoyens contre les risques sanitaires nouveaux

Health Inequalities in the EU – Final Report of a Consortium  

This report provides an outline of new evidence on health inequalities in the European Union (EU) and the policy response to this at EU and national level to health inequalities since 2009. The report confirms significant health inequalities between and within EU Member States. Within this broad picture some indicators of inequality have decreased, some remained constant and others have increased.

Seeking healthcare in another EU Member State: your rights  pdf

You have the right to receive medical treatment in another EU Member State and the right to have your home country cover some or all of the costs.

World AIDS Day 2013: The Fight Against HIV/AIDS by the EU  

With nearly 30 000 new cases of HIV reported in the 30 EU and EEA countries in 2012, the European Commission is still actively involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Open Forum of the European Partnership for Action Against Cancer (EPAAC), 26-27 November 2013  

The Forum is hosted by Slovenia's National Institute of Public Health and focuses on the themes of national cancer plans and screening, as well as present and final conclusions by the EPAAC.

Science fact sheet on 'Environmental risks and indirect health effects of mercury from dental amalgam'  pdf

The European Commission and its non-food Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks SCHER have published a science fact sheet on 'Environmental risks and indirect health effects of mercury from dental amalgam'.

Sensibilisation à l'usage des antibiotiques  

La Journée européenne de sensibilisation à l’usage des antibiotiques vise à promouvoir une utilisation prudente de ces médicaments dans plus de 40 pays

European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (Brussels, 25 November 2013)  

This conference aims to foster a high level policy debate about how to best scale up innovation within the care systems in response to the demographic challenge and how to create the associated opportunities for new growth and jobs.

Member States take major step in eHealth cooperation to improve care for patients across EU borders  

The eHealth network has adopted Guidelines to make it possible to share basic health information for a patient across EU borders.

European Antibiotic Awareness Day (EAAD), 18 November 2013  

The European Antibiotic Awareness Day is a European health initiative coordinated by ECDC which provides a platform and support for national campaigns on the prudent use of antibiotics during the week of 18 November.


Diabète: une politique européenne plurisectorielle est nécessaire

Science made simple: new language versions of fact-sheets explaining Scientific Committees opinions   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

Science fact-sheets explaining the opinions produced by the European Commission's non-food Committees on parabens, methylene glycol, fragrance allergens, nano zinc oxide in sun screens and scanners are now also available in FR, DE and ES. Discover how these products have an impact on your daily life.

Decision on serious cross border threats to health enters into force   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

This new Decision is an important step forward in improving health security in the European Union and protecting citizens from a wide range of health threats, such as possible future pandemics and serious cross border threats caused by communicable diseases, chemical, biological or environmental events.

Directive sur les soins de santé transfrontaliers  

Entrée en vigueur de la directive sur les soins de santé transfrontaliers

'Eyes on Ages - A research on alcohol age limit policies in European Member States'  pdf

'Eyes on Ages - A research on alcohol age limit policies in European Member States'

European Organ Donation Day, 12 October 2013 and fourth journalist workshops on organ donation  

Each year to keep the organ donation debate alive, the day is organised by a different member state, this year Belgium is the host. To coincide with this the Commision organised journalist workshops on organ donation. All the presentations are now available online.

European Parliament's vote on the Tobacco Products proposal  

Tonio Borg, Commissioner for health welcomes the positive vote on the Commission's proposal for the revision of the Tobacco Products proposal which took place on 8th October in the European Parliament.

Santé mentale  

Journée mondiale de la santé mentale, 10 octobre 2013

New publication from the European Commission 'Improving health for all EU citizens' 2013  pdf

This publication explains what the EU does in the health area, why the EU is involved and what the results are.

Journalist Prize 2013- Submission date is now closed  

Best ever edition! Almost 1000 articles on health issues from the 28 member states! Croatia has successfully joined the competition for the first time. Articles will now be sent to the national juries to select national finalists. The winners will be announced at a special ceremony in April 2014.

European Medicines Agency (EMA) launch video clip explaining the '▼' inverted triangle symbol for medicines under additional monitoring  

A black triangle will start appearing on product information this autumn to encourage reporting of suspected adverse reactions.

World Heart Day, 29 September 2013  

Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg stresses how healthy habits early in life can help save you from heart diseases.

'Day of the Ex-smokers', 26 September 2013  

Come and join world renowned DJ, Bob Sinclair at Parc du Cinquantenaire, Brussels

Stratégie en matière d'alimentation  

Actions de l'UE visant à combattre l'obésité et à promouvoir des modes de vie plus sains

16th European Health Forum, Gastein (2 – 4 October 2013) - Resilient and Innovative Health Systems for Europe  

DG SANCO will host an EU Session on improving access and combating discrimination in health care with a focus on vulnerable groups. Plus there will be an EU health programme 2014–2020 information workshop. Tonio Borg, EU Commissioner for Health and P. Testori Coggi, Director General , will participate.

The submission deadline of the EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013 is almost here, submit your articles!  

Become one of the 28 finalists of the EU Health Prize for Journalists and attend the award ceremony where the EU winner will be selected at the European Commission premises in Brussels.

Stratégie en matière d'alimentation  

Actions de l'UE visant à combattre l'obésité et à promouvoir des modes de vie plus sains

'Quit Smoking with Barça' wins European Lung Foundation (ELF) Award for improving lung health  

The award was presented at the European Respiratory Society's annual Congress which gathers around 20 000 healthcare professionals. ‘Quit Smoking With Barça’ has been recognized specifically for its contribution to improving European lung health and has drawn significant praise from the scientific and medical community across Europe for promoting the lifelong benefits of quitting smoking.

Report on health inequalities in the EU  

This report describes the main actions that the European Commission has taken to implement its 2009 Communication on health inequalities. It also gives an overview of the size and trends in health inequalities in the EU since 2000.

'Quit Smoking With Barça' wins Silver at the Euro EFFIE Awards  

At an award ceremony in Brussels last night, Quit Smoking With Barça was recognised with a silver Euro EFFIE award for effectiveness in marketing communications.

European Commission - Public Health website connecting to health across Europe   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

DG Health and Consumers is pleased to present the new version of the Commission Public Health website. It achieves a double purpose, adapting the design of the website to new internet devices, particularly navigation on smartphones and tablets and integrating the Health-EU Portal and its newsletter.

Bringing the results of the Scientific Committees closer to the public  

An 'easy to read' fact-sheet is now available in 4 languages on the Opinion on "nano-form Zinc Oxide in Sunscreens’'

Améliorer les médicaments pour enfants: du concept à la réalité  

Rapport sur les effets du règlement relatif aux médicaments à usage pédiatrique

Menaces transfrontalières pour la santé  

Des citoyens mieux protégés contre les menaces transfrontalières pour la santé

Projets de lutte contre le cancer de la peau  

Cancer de la peau: actions de sensibilisation et de prévention de l'UE

Comités scientifiques  

Édition spéciale – Comités scientifiques

Neven Mimica est désigné premier commissaire croate, responsable de la protection des consommateurs  

La Croatie devient le 28e État membre de l’Union européenne le 1er juillet 2013

Bringing the results of the Scientific Committees closer to the public  

A layman version is now available for the 'Opinion on Fragrance allergens in cosmetic products'.

Lancement de la 5e édition du prix européen du journalisme dans le domaine de la santé 2013  

Prix européen du journalisme dans le domaine de la santé. Vous êtes journaliste et les questions de santé vous intéressent?

Journée mondiale sans tabac – Protéger la santé des citoyens  

L'Union européenne s'emploie sans relâche à rendre les produits du tabac et la cigarette moins attrayants pour les jeunes.

VIH et droits de l'homme  

Droit à la santé, droit à la vie: VIH et droits de l'homme

Santé en ligne  

Semaine de la santé en ligne: pour une Europe en meilleure santé

Lancement des nouveaux comités scientifiques  

Des avis scientifiques et une expertise de qualité aident à améliorer la santé et la sécurité des citoyens européens.

Sécurité des patients  

Les pays de l'UE aux petits soins pour la sécurité des patients

Produits pharmaceutiques: un nouveau symbole «▼» pour repérer les médicaments faisant l’objet d’une surveillance supplémentaire  

Le texte qui accompagne ce symbole encouragera les professionnels de la santé et les patients à signaler tout effet indésirable présumé (effet secondaire) des produits concernés

La Journée internationale de la femme sous l'angle de la santé  

Peggy Maguire, de l'Institut européen pour la santé des femmes (EIWH), aborde la prévention du cancer du poumon chez les générations futures, l'arrêt du tabac chez les adolescentes et les maladies cardiovasculaires chez les femmes.

Investissements sociaux: priorité à la santé  

Vers des systèmes de soins de santé plus efficaces malgré les contraintes budgétaires

Projet PHGEN II  

Préparer l'UE à la médecine personnalisée – Diagnostic et thérapies sur mesure et individualisés tenant compte des différences génétiques

Train de mesures sur les investissements sociaux  

Investissements sociaux: priorité à la santé

Santé et immigration  

La santé des migrants et des minorités ethniques, dont les Roms

Programme Santé: le programme de travail pour 2013 est adopté  

La date limite de réponse aux appels à propositions est le 22 mars 2013

Commission européenne – 25 ans de lutte contre le cancer  

Trois types de cancer font l'objet de programmes de dépistage par tranche de population qui sont actuellement mis en place dans toute l'Europe à la suite d'une recommandation de l'UE

Prix européen 2012 du journalisme dans le domaine de la santé – Encourager un journalisme de qualité  

Le premier prix est décerné à Petr Třešňák (République tchèque) pour son article intitulé «Adventures in ward 14», qui souligne les problèmes dans le domaine de la santé mentale.

La Commission européenne adopte la révision de la directive sur les produits du tabac  

La Commission européenne a actualisé les mesures législatives relatives à la fabrication, à la présentation et à la vente des produits du tabac afin d'améliorer le fonctionnement du marché intérieur et de mieux protéger les citoyens de tous les pays européens.

VIDÉO: action de l'UE dans le domaine de l'alimentation et de l'activité physique  

Cette nouvelle vidéo montre des exemples d'initiatives locales, régionales, nationales et européennes soutenues par l'UE pour améliorer l'alimentation et encourager l'activité physique.

Systèmes de santé  

Systèmes de santé: la dimension européenne

Bulletin d'information Santé-UE – Panorama de la santé: Europe 2012  

Nouveau rapport présentant les principaux indicateurs de la santé et des systèmes de santé dans 35 pays.

La Commission européenne et le FC Barcelone lancent un partenariat anti-tabac  

«Arrêter de fumer avec le Barça» utilise l'application iCoach, un outil en ligne qui aide à arrêter de fumer grâce à des conseils personnalisés donnés par des stars du Barça.

Santé et élargissement  

L'UE souhaite la bienvenue à la Croatie.

Des fruits gratuits pour les enfants!  

Le programme européen en faveur de la consommation de fruits à l'école a un impact positif sur l'alimentation des enfants.

SHIPSAN TRAINET – Pour des croisières plus saines en Europe  

Un projet propose un cadre européen commun pour réglementer les conditions d'hygiène sur les navires de croisière.

EUBIROD – Base de données européenne sur le diabète  

Partager les connaissances pour enrayer la propagation du diabète

Bulletin Santé-UE  

Édition spéciale: vieillir en bonne santé.

Projet ORCHIDS – Une décontamination massive rapide et efficace  

Projet ORCHIDS – Rendre les procédures de décontamination massive de substances dangereuses plus efficaces, plus humaines et plus respectueuses

Projet EFRETOS: pour des transplantations plus sûres et plus efficaces  

Ce projet vise à créer un registre permettant de suivre les résultats de toutes les transplantations d'organes dans l'Union européenne

Abonnement au bulletin d'information. Bulletin Santé UE: l'actualité européenne en matière de santé dans votre boîte électronique.  

À ne pas manquer: le 22 novembre 2012, le bulletin bimensuel Santé UE publie une édition spéciale pour célébrer son 100e numéro. Inscrivez-vous ici et indiquez dans quelle langue vous souhaitez le recevoir.

Modification de la législation en matière de pharmacovigilance  

L'accord sur la pharmacovigilance rendra les médicaments plus sûrs pour les citoyens européens

Bulletin Santé-UE n° 98 – Pharmacovigilance – Contrôler la sécurité des médicaments  

Bulletin Santé-UE n° 98 – Pharmacovigilance – Contrôler la sécurité des médicaments

Projet Averroes – L'égalité d'accès aux soins de santé  

Projet destiné à faire prendre conscience des droits des migrants et des demandeurs d'asile à bénéficier de soins de santé sans subir de discriminations

World Alzheimer's Day, 21 September 2013  

Commissioner for Health, Tonio Borg pays a personal tribute to dementia patients and their caregivers and says that dementia will remain one of the Commissions top health priorities

L'UE et le FC Barcelone font équipe contre le tabagisme  

La Commission européenne et le FC Barcelone officialisent un partenariat lors de la visite du président du Barça à Bruxelles

La pollution atmosphérique continue à tuer des milliers de personnes et à coûter des milliards d'euros.  

Le projet Aphekom montre que la mise en œuvre et le respect des politiques européennes de lutte contre la pollution atmosphérique ont des effets très bénéfiques sur la santé.

Bulletin Santé-UE – Journée mondiale de la maladie d'Alzheimer, 21 septembre – Démence: vivre ensemble  

Bulletin Santé-UE – Partager les connaissances pour mieux prendre en charge la démence en Europe

EuroNeoStat II, le système d'information néonatal européen  

Le projet vise à améliorer la qualité des soins donnés aux grands prématurés présentant un très faible poids à la naissance

Bulletin Santé-UE – Vaccination des enfants  

Bulletin Santé-UE – Vaccination des enfants: un outil de prévention sûr et efficace

Projet FOOD – Santé et nutrition au travail  

Ce projet répond à l'inquiétude grandissante suscitée par l'obésité chez les adultes, en promouvant une alimentation saine au cours de la journée de travail

Orphanet Europe – Informations en ligne sur les maladies rares  

Ce projet, financé par l'Union européenne, recueille des informations sur les maladies rares dans l'intérêt des patients

Bulletin Santé-UE – De nouvelles règles pour les essais cliniques  

Bulletin Santé-UE – De nouvelles règles pour les essais cliniques

Réseau européen EPODE – Prévenir l'obésité infantile  

L'obésité se répand chez les enfants européens: un quart des écoliers souffrent de surpoids ou d'obésité.

Bulletin Santé-UE – Prévention des blessures  

Période estivale: mieux vaut prévenir que guérir!

Bulletins sur la sécurité des enfants – Prévention et protection  

Protection des enfants contre les blessures domestiques: «Peut mieux faire.»

La cigarette à l'écran influence les jeunes  

Une étude indique que la cigarette dans les films peut fortement inciter les adolescents à fumer

Bulletin Santé-UE – Le wiki «Heidi» sur la santé  

Bulletin Santé-UE – Santé en Europe – Informations et données en ligne

Are you a journalist interested in health?   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

New edition of the EU Health Prize for Journalists is open for submission of articles – deadline 31 July 2012

Santé des jeunes: panorama  

Comportement en matière de santé: 200 000 adolescents de 39 pays témoignent dans une enquête de l'OMS

14 June 2012 – World Blood Donor Day  

‘Every blood donor is a hero’ – Find out more about donating blood on World Blood Donor Day

Aurora project: Cervical cancer screening for all women   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

EU-funded project helps new Member States to implement successful cervical cancer screening programmes

World No Tobacco Day - 31 May 2012  

Find out more about the Comission's anti-tobacco campaign "Ex-Smokers are Unstoppable"

European Week Against Cancer – 25-31 May 2012  

Prevention is key in the fight against cancer

Europeans need to reduce salt intake   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

Current daily salt consumption in most European countries is too high says new report

Heidi wiki: Online health information for Europe   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

Commission launches Heidi wiki, a tool for sharing, comparing and developing health information across Europe

Health Programmes: results and perspectives  

European Commission celebrates 10 years of Health Programmes

The healthy ageing challenge   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

As life expectancy increases, growing old healthily is more important than ever

Healthy Stadia: Promoting community health and lifestyle   Choisir les traductions du lien précédent English (en)

How sport stadia accross Europe are helping promote a healthy lifestyle

Health is wealth  

Health is a goal worth achieving for all, but it has also an important role to play in our economy