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Heidi-wiki: Online health information for Europe

The Directorate-General of Health and Consumers (SANCO) of the European Commission have developed a new website to provide comprehensive up-to-date information on health issues at European level. Heidi (Health in Europe: Information and Data Interface) is a wiki for European health information and data. The new website was officially launched at the High Level Conference EU Health Programmes: results and perspectives, held in Brussels on 3 May.

Heidi aims to offer a wide spectrum of articles and data on health, relating, for example, to health status, diseases, health determinants, health systems and policies. The articles in Heidi have a broad scope, covering data on incidence, mortality, risk factors, control tools, policies and data sources, and include references, footnotes and links to further information sources.

Heidi is hosted by the European Commission, but articles in the wiki are written directly online by European health experts to whom the Commission grants the access rights. This two-way tool will allow approved contributors to constantly update and adjust the content with relevant information. The Commission expects that with regular updates by experts, Heidi will become a living report on health in Europe.

Heidi is linked to other electronic information sources of the Commission and other international organisations. Through the Heidi data tool, users can view and download indicators, selecting their geographical coverage, timeline and graphical presentation as maps, graphs, or tables. The health reports SANCO publishes will be available on Heidi.

The initial content provided on Heidi wiki was based on two projects supported by the EU Health Programme: EUPHIX and EUGLOREH, 'The Report on the Status of Health in the European Union'.

Heidi wiki is intended to be a one-stop-shop for European health information and, as a Europe-wide platform, gives experts a tool for comparing and exchanging information. They can constantly question data and, if need be, correct or update it and make comprehensive feedback on it at any time.

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