Projects - 2005

Year of fundingProject TitleOrganisation
2005SafeStrat - Implementation of the European Strategy for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion(SafeStrat)EuroSafe – the European Association for Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion (formerly called European Consumer Safety Association (ECOSA))
2005Health in the World of Work - Prolonging Healthy Working Years(HEALTH IN THE WORLD OF WORK)Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
2005European Network of Quitlines(ENQ)QUIT
2005Smokefree Class Competition, a school-based smoking prevention project(SFC-2006)Institute for Therapy and Health Research
2005Community Action on Adolescent and Injury Risk - European situation analysis, strategy plan and community actions(AdRisk)Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit(KfV)
2005European system of urban health indicators(Euro-Urhis)University of Manchester
2005Move Europe - A Campaign for the Improvement of Lifestyle-related Workplace Health Promotion in Europe(Move Europe)Universita Degli Studi di Perugia - Dipartamento di Specialita Medico-Chirurgiche e Sanita Publica
2005Prioritization of building materials as indoor pollution sources(BUMA)University of West Macedonia Department od Engineering and Management of Energy Resources
2005Involvement of Hospital staff in the European smoke free hospitals process(ENSH)Office Français de Prévention du Tabagisme (OFT)