Environment and Health Strategy

In June 2003, the European Commission adopted a communication on a European Environment and Health Strategy in order to foster effective policy making regarding environment and health issues.

In particular the strategy seeks to:

- reduce the disease burden caused by environmental factors in the EU;
- identify and prevent new health threats caused by environmental factors and
- strengthen EU capacity for policy-making in this area.

arrowIntegrated approach
It focuses on prevention measures as well as on an integrated approach which will enable health, environment and research policies to work in synergy. This strategy will allow orientating research projects on priority topics to help understand links between environmental risk factors and disease on time. This will allow research and monitoring outcomes to feed quickly into policy making.

arrowIncremental strategy
The strategy is established as an incremental process. Environment and health involve wide fields of research that are still unexplored. It is very complex for example because diseases are multi-factorial and exposure might have different effects on various groups of population depending on susceptibility.

In the implementation of the strategy therefore divided into several cycles which will each focus on specific priorities, the first cycle is set out in the 2004-2010 Environment and Health Action Plan. The final goal of such an incremental approach is to provide and work on a comprehensive data and information system which will bring together information on the overall environmental impact on human health and the cause-effect link.

- Environment and Health Action Plan
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  • A Consultative Group on "Environment and Health"
  • 3 Technical Working Groups