How can the Structural Funds be used for health?

What types of health-related projects are eligible for EU funding?

  • Health infrastructure – modernisation of healthcare system, construction and renovation of facilities, medical equipment and technology
  • Investment in activities aiming at better health and safety at work, health promotion and disease prevention, life long learning to improve adaptability of workforce, training and education of health professionals, institutional capacity in health and long term care sector, access to employment and social inclusion in health and long term care.
  • Other – healthy ageing, e-health, cross-border cooperation, health innovations, information technology.

EU structural funds – actors and priorities

  • EU member states manage the structural funds
  • European Commission coordinates the funds:

            - European Regional Development Fund (DG for regional development)

            - European Social Fund (DG employment and social affairs)

            Funding priorities defined by:

            - National strategic reference frameworkspdf

            - Regional/national operational programmes

Am I eligible for EU funding? How do I apply?

More on EU structural funds and health

  • Planned resources and funding priorities in the EU for 2007-13:

           - Report on use of structural funds for healthpdf(2 MB)

           - Country info sheets

  • JASPERS – technical assistance to help EU countries identify, develop and implement large-scale infrastructure projects
  • EUREGIO III – capacity-building to design, implement and evaluate structural fund investment for efficient health infrastructure