Committee of the Regions Technical Platform on Health

What is the Technical Platform for Cooperation on Health? Who can participate?

The Technical Platform is a forum which aims at promoting the involvement of local and regional authorities in the European Health Strategy. It was created in order to facilitate the exchange of information between local and regional authorities in the European Union concerning EU policy issues in this field.

The aim of the Technical Platform is:

  • to provide technical input to the work of the Commission for the Natural Resources (NAT), thereby reinforcing an evidence-based approach in its ongoing work in this field;
  • to strengthen the cooperation between the Committee of the Regions' NAT Commission and the Directorate General for Health and Consumers;
  • to allow quick dialogue on any issue of mutual interest and exchange of best practices at a technical level;
  • to promote inclusive policies that involve local and regional authorities but also local and regional stakeholders;
  • to establish a sustainable cooperation mechanism at technical level between DG SANCO and local and regional authorities responsible for health care services.

The Technical Platform is mainly aimed at bringing together officials from local and regional administrations in the European Union, experts and stakeholders, EU officials as well as interested CoR members.

How does the Technical Platform work?

In practice, the work of the technical platform is carried out through meetings co-organised by secretariat of the Committee of the Regions' Commission for Natural Resources (NAT) and DG SANCO in cooperation with relevant ad-hoc partners on issues of the agenda.

The inaugural Technical Platform for Cooperation on Health meeting took place on 11 June 2010 at the Committee of the Regions' Jacques Delors Building, Brussels.

Meetings of the Technical platform