Health in all policies

Health in EU initiatives

Many policies and actions have an impact on health and health systems across Europe. Broad policy approaches are therefore needed, to ensure that health is an integral part of all relevant policy areas, including environment, social and economic policies.

EU Health Strategy 2008-13

'Health in all policies' is one of the key principles of EU Health Strategy . The intention is for health concerns to be an integral part of all policies at EU, national and regional level, including the use of impact assessments and evaluation tools.

Renewed social agenda

The renewed social agenda is a broad initiative which recognises health as a key issue for the well-being of EU citizens in the 21st century. It also stresses the importance of a coordinated approach of all relevant policy areas to the goal of longer and healthier lives.

"Health is wealth" – health and economic policy

  • The EU's economy strategy recognises the challenge of health in ageing societies for European welfare systems and for sustainable growth in the EU.
  • The Sustainable Development Strategy stresses the importance of health for sustainable development in Europe. Health promotion, the reduction of health inequalities and protection against health threats are its main objectives.

Cohesion policy

  • More than €5 billion have been allocated for investment in health projects  in 2007-13, in particular to improve health infrastructure and services and to train professionals throughout the EU.
  • The Commission's objective is to ensure that the funds are spent by the national and regional authorities in the most effective way, by helping identify and manage investment in health projects which are in line with EU objectives.

Health Programme and EU agencies

  • The EU's Health Programme provides more than €300 million for health projects in 2008-13. It offers funding opportunities for a broad range of priorities and already provided support to several HIAP related projects.
  • There are a number of EU agencies in the field of health  that support related EU policies. Some of these agencies assist initiatives outside the health sector and thus contribute to the integration of HIAP.