Health in all policies

Coordination among policy areas

Joint strategies and initiatives inter-connecting health-related policy areas are needed to ensure that health concerns are adequately addressed. The Commission coordinates several cross-sectoral groups and maintains permanent cooperation channels across all relevant policies.

Such coordinated approaches have been developed e.g. with social, regional or environment policy, with research, information technology and education policy.

Council working party

Implementation of the EU health strategy is supported by a Council working party on public health meeting at senior level, which identified 'Health in all policies' (HIAP) as a key priority and regularly considers the strategic importance of other policies for health.

Inter-service group on public health

The purpose of the group is to improve coordination on health within the different Commission departments. More than 20 departments are represented. The group also has several thematic sub-groups, dealing with dynamic health systems, global health, health and environment and HIV/AIDS.

Health in social and regional policy

  • The Social Protection Committee is a forum where the Commission and the Member States cooperate to improve synergies and optimise coordination in the social sector. The committee also deals with healthcare.
  • In many EU countries, responsibility for health lies with the regional or local authorities. Regional policy makers, networks and the EU-level Committee of the Regions are crucial partners to raise political awareness and increase the health focus in regional policie

Research & new technologies

  • Health is one of the priorities in EU research policy with many health projects being funded through the EU's 7th Research Framework Programme (FP7).
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools like eHealth can improve national health systems, but require adequate deployment and strong coordination at EU level to meet the needs of EU citizens today.
  • See also Health Technology Assessment  (HTA).

Education and healthy environments