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Co-operation with the Council of Europe in health has been strengthened over the last years and has led to the development of fruitful bilateral relations in areas of common interest. This includes collaborative work in areas such as quality and safety of blood, tissues, cells and organs, and combating drug abuse.

Following the entry into force of the Amsterdam Treaty (Article 303) new initiatives have been pursued in extending further co-operation. A Joint Declaration on co-operation and partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Commission was made in April 2001 setting out the general principles of co-operation.

In this framework, the Commission's Public Health Directorate, the health department of the Council of Europe and WHO exchanged letters in June 2001.

Current cooperation focusses on quality and safety of human blood, tissues, cells and organs, drug dependence and pharmaceuticals.

27 March 2014


EU committed to action on chronic diseases 

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