Board of Member States

The Board of Member States, as laid out in the Commission Implementing decision, was set up on 5 February 2014.

The main tasks of the Board are:

  • Approval of Networks proposals and healthcare provider’s membership applications included in a Network proposal
  • Approval of healthcare providers wishing to join an existing Network
  • Termination of a Network (evaluation)
  • Decision on loss of membership

Functioning of the Board

  • Rules of procedurespdf(53 KB) governing the board
  • Memberspdf(82 KB) are Member States and EEA (Maximum two representatives per country)
  • Co-chaired by the Commission and a representative of the Members being elected by the Board for a two-year period
  • The current co-chairs of the Board are Austria (Prof. Till Voigtländer) and Commission (Dr Andrzej Rys; Director of DG SANTE Directorate D)

Meetings and outcomes

Members States policies and activities related with the implementation of ERNs

While a number of Member States have a long background and clear policies and criteria regarding the designation or identification of the National Centres of Expertise/Reference, other MS are currently in the process on how to approach rare or low prevalence and complex diseases and how this approach could be linked to the future system of ERNs.

These information, provided by the Member States, are on national criteria or systems to identify or designate Centres of Expertise or any other possible denomination of highly specialised providers. These national frameworks should help to promote communication on the ERN process at national level and to exchange best practices with other Member States.

 Austria Italy
 Belgiumpdf(179 KB) Latvia
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 Cypruspdf(201 KB) Maltapdf(177 KB)
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  Greecepdf(179 KB) Spainpdf(613 KB)
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 EEA Countries

  Norwaypdf(200 KB) Liechtenstein