Monitoring and funding research

The Commission is monitoring and funding new developments in research into the potential health effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF), and keeps track of what national and international authorities are doing to regulate them.


Upon request of the Commission, independent EU scientific committees have reviewed periodically the scientific evidence on the health effects of electromagnetic fields.

To date, these scientific opinions have not led to a scientific rationale justifying a revision of the exposure limits (basic restrictions and reference levels) of Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC. However, they acknowledge that basic data for evaluating some risks is still limited, especially for long-term, low-level exposure, justifying the need for more research.

The Commission then asked the SCENIHR in 2009 to produce an opinion on the 'Research needs and methodology to address the remaining knowledge gaps on the potential health effects of EMFpdf'.This opinion is contributing to the selection of research topics to be funded under the Framework Programme for Research.

The Commission has also prepared plain language versions for non-specialists, available in 4 languages, of several opinions of the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR), including EMF.


Since 2010, the Commission has been funding research projects on the potential health effects of EMF, notably under the EU Framework Programme for Research.

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