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Welcome to the ECHI (European Core Health Indicators) data tool

The ECHI data tool is a graphic tool and an interactive application to present relevant and comparable information on health at European level. The tool presents a list of indicators, grouped in five chapters:

- demographic and socio-economic factors
- health status
- determinants of health
- health interventions: health services
- health promotion

Besides browsing through the indicators, users can access the ECHI (European Core Health Indicators) stamped indicators: 88 indicators - over 50 of them currently implemented - developed by a group of experts to ensure the highest comparability and the best quality. The aim of the indicators ECHI indicators is to provide the shortest meaningful list of indicators that gives a reliable overview of health and health systems across Europe.

In addition, other health indicators are also presented in the graphic tool either to be in accordance with existing policy or to provide additional information on various health topics.

For all indicators, whenever possible, data covers all EU Member States, and often also European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and candidate countries. The ECHI data tool allows query per country and per year. Results can be displayed in line charts, bar charts, maps or tables; users can export both data and images in the most common formats. Moreover, it is now possible to select two indicators at the same time. For example, one can select indicators on life expectancy and compare it to the number of Healthy Life Years (HLY).

When aggregates at European level are not available, average, minimum and maximum values are shown. They are calculated with available data for the European Union and other countries.

Most of the data is provided by Eurostat, however many indicators are drawn from other sources, such as WHO, OECD, specific programmes and specialised databases. Metadata gives a detailed overview of the data sources and of how each indicator is determined. For stamped ECHI indicators, the documentation sheet developed by the Joint Action (JA) on European Community Health Indicators Monitoring (ECHIM) in 2012 provides information on the definition, calculation, source, relevant policy areas and rationale for the selected indicator. In addition, metadata offers information at regional level when available.

Reproduction of the information contained in the ECHI data tool is authorised, provided the source is acknowledged as referenced in the metadata worksheet. Please acknowledge both the ECHI data tool and the original source of the data.

Please use the button at the top right to choose an indicator.