Year of fundingProject TitleOrganisation
2010Nightlife Empowerment and Well-being Implementation project (NEW Implementation)Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo
2010Empowering civil society and public health system to fight tuberculosis epidemic among vulnerable groups (TUBIDU)Tervise Arengu Instituut/National Institute for Health Development
2009Harm Reduction 2010: IHRA's 21st International Conference on the Reduction of Drug Related Harm(HR2010)International Harm Reduction Association
2009Recreational Drugs’ European Network: an ICT prevention service addressing the use of novel compounds in vulnerable individuals.(ReDNet)University of Hertfordshire
20085th European Conference on Clinical and Social Research on AIDS and Drugs(5ECCSRAD)Lietuvos AIDS centras
2007Sharing good practice in supporting kinship carers to prevent substance related harm to young people(Kinship carers and prevention)Mentor Foundation UK Limited - Mentor UK
2007Training Criminal Justice Professionals in Harm Reduction Services for Vulnerable Groups(TCJP)Wissenschaftliches Institut der Ärzte Deutschlands (WIAD) gem.e.V.- WIAD
2007European standards in evidence for drug prevention(Prevention Standards)Liverpool John Moores University - LJMU
2006Healthy Nightlife Toolbox - Effective Interventions for (Youth) Drug Use in Recreational Settings(HNT)Stichting Trimbos-instituut
2006Early intervention for first-time noticed drug users(FreD goes net)Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe
2006Strategic European Inventory on Drugs(SEID)Federazione Italiana Comunità Terapeutiche
2006Integrated responses to drugs and infections across the European criminal justice systems(CONNECTIONS)University of Kent-European Institute of Social Services
2006Models of good practice in drug treatment in Europe(MoreTreat)University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf
2006Alert on new recreational drugs on the web; building up a European-wide digital Early Warning System(Psychonaut EWS)St. George's Hospital Medical School
2005Expanding Network for Coordinated and Comprehensive Actions on HIV/AIDS Prevention among IDUs and Bridging Population(ENCAP)AIDS Prevention Centre, Ministry of Health Latvia
2005PEER-education-project for young drivers to prevent alcohol and drugs in connection with road use - Drive Clean! -(Peer Drive Clean)MISTEL/SPI Forschung gGmbh
2005Improvement of access to treatment for people with alcohol- and drug-related problems(IATPAD)Centrum Pre Liecbu Drogovych Zavislosti
2005Implementation of EUDAP Project (European Drug Addiction Prevention trial) at a population level(EUDAP 2)Osservatorio Epidemiologico delle Dipendenze Servizio di Epidemiologia - ASL 5
2004Democracy, cities and drugs(FESU (Forum Européen pour la Sécurité Urbaine))FESU - Forum Européen pour la Sécurité Urbaine
2004Elisad Internet Gateway: A qualitative resource for European web sites on drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other addiction(-)TOXIBASE - Réseau National d'Information et de Documentation
2004Recreational culture as a tool to Prevent risk behaviours(RECREATION PREV)IREFREA - Instituto y Red Europea para el Estudio de Factores de Riesgo en la Infancia y Adolescencia
2004Baltic sea public health training network(BALTIC HEALTHTRAIN)University of Tartu
2004Doping and Health(-)Technische Universität München Lehrstuhl für Sport und Gesundheitsförderung
2003Ordonnances Suspectes Indicateur d'Abus et de Pharmacodépendance(OSIAP)CEIP de Toulouse - Service de Pharmacologie Clinique Faculté de médecine, CHU de Toulouse
2003European Centre AIDS & Mobility (A&M)NIGZ (Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention)
2003European Network on Drugs and Infections Prevention in Prison(ENDIPP)Wissenschaftliches Institut der Ärzte Deutschlands gem-e.V.