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List of nationally authorised veterinary medicinal products

Veterinary medicinal products containing colistin to be administered orally

Product name: Veterinary medicinal products containing colistin to be administered orally
Also marketed in the EU under the name(s): A.A. COLISTINE, ACOLAN, ACTI COLI, ACTI COLI B, animedica Enteroxid N, Animedistin, APASOL COLISTINA, APASOLCOLISTINA, Apsamix Colistina, APSASOL COLISTINA, Aquacoli, Avicovit, Bac Mp, Belacol, BELCOMIX, Bioplex Colistin, BIOREPAS, BIOVETA COLISTIN, Carbophen, Cofacoli, COFALAC, Colanin, Colfive, COLI, Coli-Klat, Colibird Poultry, Colichem, Colicin, Colicol, Colicrid, Colidem, COLIDEM-BIO, COLIKERN, COLIMAY, COLIMCINA, Colimed, COLIMIX, COLIONE LAMONS, COLIPATE, Coliphyl, Coliplus, COLIPREMIX, Coliprim, Colipur, Coliscid, Coliscour, Colisid, Colisol, COLISOLUTION, Colistimax, COLISTIMED, Colistin, Colistin-Enteromix, COLISTIN/CEVA, COLISTIN/DIVASA FARMAVIC, COLISTINA, COLISTINA DIVASA, Colistina Kern, COLISTINA POLICHEM, COLISTINA SOLFATO SINTOFARM, COLISTINE, Colistinemix, Colistinsulfat, Colistinsulfat PUR "AniMed Service", Colistinsulfat-Klat, Colistirom, COLISTOP, COLISTOP POLVO, COLITRAX, COLIVALL, Colivet, Colixid, Colmix 120, COMPOMIX V COLI, CONCENTRAT VO 49-1 COLISTINE, CONCENTRAT VO 49-2 COLISTINE, COTRISUL COLISTINA, Doxamicina, Drinkmix colistin, DRYMIX ESPECIAL Nš9, Dumocol Vet., Emdocolin, Enteristin, Enterocide ex Aticol, Enterocol, ENTEROGEL PIG PUMP, ENTEROGRAM, Enteroxid "Ogris", Enteroxid N AMV aniMedica, Filostin, GANAMIX COLISTINA, Giraxa, Izocolimicina, Klato Col, KOLIFARM, KOLISITN, Liquibac, Medistin, MEDITEK COLIS plv. sol., MILICOLI, Nipoxime, Nipoxyme, Pluscolan, PM 11-B COLISTINE, PO 11 COLISTINE, Promycine, Raldon, Sabaco Colistin, Sogecoli, Solbac, Stimixin, Synamix Colistine, Ucamix v colistine
Active substance: Colistin
Indication: Colistin is a cationic, multicomponent lipopeptide antibacterial agent produced by cultures of Bacillus polymyxa var. colistinus. In veterinary medicine, it is used typically as the sulphate salt for oral preparations and as the methanesulphonate for parenteral administration. It belongs to the polymyxin therapeutic class and is identical to Polymixin E. Colistin is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases caused by sensitive bacteria (e.g. Salmonella and Escherichia coli) in pigs, poultry species, rabbits, cattle, sheep and goats.
Marketing Authorisation Holder: Not applicable

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17/03/2015 Referral EMEA/V/A/106 (2015)1916 of 16/03/2015