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List of nationally authorised veterinary medicinal products


Product name: Vasotop
Active substance: ramipril
Indication: Dogs.
For treatment of congestive heart failure (according to New York Heart Association (NYHA) classification grade II, III & IV) caused by valvular insufficiency due to chronic degenerative valvular heart disease (endocardiosis) or cardiomyopathy, with or without adjunct therapy with the diuretic furosemide and / or the cardiac glycosides digoxin or methyldigoxin.
For the reduction of elevated systolic blood pressure (between 160 and 230 mm Hg) and the control of associated clinical signs.
Marketing Authorisation Holder: Not applicable

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28/04/2010 Referral EMEA/V/A-39/51 (2010)2845 of 27/04/2010