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EU orphan designation number: EU/3/08/568   
Active ingredient: N'-(5-chloro-2-hydroxy-3-methylbenzylidene)-2,4-dihydroxybenzhydrazide
Indication: Treatment of partial deep dermal and full thickness burn wounds
Sponsor: Creative Antibiotics Sweden AB
Box 7953, Tvistevägen 48, 907 19 Urneå, Sverige

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European Commission proceduresGoto top of the page

Close date procedure Procedure type EMEA number Decision summary publ decision docs annex
24/09/2008 Orphan designation EMEA/OD/029/08 (2008)5451 of 22/09/2008
01/03/2011 Change of name and/or address of sponsor EMEA/OD/029/08