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Full list of products by active substance: I

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Active substance Brand name EU Number Human or veterinary Procedure type details
Ibafloxacin Ibaflin EU/2/00/022 Veterinary Centralised details
Ibandronic acid Bondenza EU/1/03/266 Human Centralised details
  ,, Bondronat EU/1/96/012 Human Centralised details
  ,, Bonviva EU/1/03/265 Human Centralised details
  ,, Destara EU/1/96/013 Human Centralised details
  ,, Iasibon EU/1/10/659 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ibandronic Acid Teva EU/1/10/642 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ibandronic acid Accord EU/1/12/798 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ibandronic acid Sandoz EU/1/11/685 Human Centralised details
Ibritumomab tiuxetan Zevalin EU/1/03/264 Human Centralised details
Ibritumomab-tiuxetan for use with 90Yttrium     Human Orphan Refusal details
Ibrutinib IMBRUVICA EU/1/14/945 Human Centralised details
  ,,   EU/3/14/1264 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1212 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1203 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/16/1780 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/15/1541 Human Orphan designation details
Ibudilast   EU/3/16/1801 Human Orphan designation details
Ibuprofen Pedea EU/1/04/284 Human Centralised details
  ,,   EU/3/01/027 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/01/020 Human Orphan designation details
Ibuprofen L-Lysinate     Human Orphan Refusal details
  ,,     Human Orphan Refusal details
Ibutamoren mesilate   EU/3/17/1882 Human Orphan designation details
icatibant Firazyr EU/1/08/461 Human Centralised details
Icatibant acetate   EU/3/03/133 Human Orphan designation details
icodextrin Extraneal   Human Referral details
idarucizumab Praxbind EU/1/15/1056 Human Centralised details
idebenone Raxone EU/1/15/1020 Human Centralised details
  ,, Raxone Refusal   Human Centralised Refusal details
  ,, Sovrima   Human Centralised Refusal details
  ,,   EU/3/07/437 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/07/434 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/04/189 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/01/062 Human Orphan designation details
idelalisib Zydelig EU/1/14/938 Human Centralised details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1173 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1186 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1187 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1160 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1172 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1159 Human Orphan designation details
Iduronate-2-sulfatase   EU/3/01/078 Human Orphan designation details
Idursulfase Elaprase EU/1/06/365 Human Centralised details
Igovomab Indimacis 125 EU/1/96/025 Human Centralised details
IL-12-secreting dendritic cells, loaded with autologous tumour lysate   EU/3/12/1058 Human Orphan designation details
iloperidone Fanaptum   Human Centralised Refusal details
Iloprost Ventavis EU/1/03/255 Human Centralised details
  ,,   EU/3/00/014 Human Orphan designation details
Imatinib Glivec EU/1/01/198 Human Centralised details
  ,, Imatinib Accord EU/1/13/845 Human Centralised details
  ,, Imatinib Actavis EU/1/13/825 Human Centralised details
  ,, Imatinib Medac EU/1/13/876 Human Centralised details
  ,, Imatinib Teva EU/1/12/808 Human Centralised details
  ,, Imatinib Teva B.V. EU/1/17/1243 Human Centralised details
  ,,   EU/3/14/1357 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/01/061 Human Orphan designation details
Imatinib mesilate   EU/3/05/340 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/05/306 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/05/305 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/05/304 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/05/320 Human Orphan designation details
Imatinib mesylate
  EU/3/01/021 Human Orphan designation details
Imepitoin Pexion EU/2/12/147 Veterinary Centralised details
Imetelstat sodium   EU/3/15/1593 Human Orphan designation details
Imexon   EU/3/05/341 Human Orphan designation details
imidacloprid & moxidectin Advocate EU/2/03/039 Veterinary Centralised details
imiglucerase Cerezyme EU/1/97/053 Human Centralised details
Imipenem monohydrate / Cilastatin sodium CONET   Human Referral details
  ,, Imipem   Human Referral details
  ,, Primaxin   Human Referral details
  ,, PrimaxinIV   Human Referral details
  ,, Tenacid   Human Referral details
  ,, Tienam   Human Referral details
  ,, Zienam   Human Referral details
Imiquimod Aldara EU/1/98/080 Human Centralised details
  ,, Zartra EU/1/98/079 Human Centralised details
  ,, Zyclara EU/1/12/783 Human Centralised details
Immortalised human C3A hepatoblastoma cells   EU/3/13/1143 Human Orphan designation details
Immunoglobulin G1, anti-(human tumour-associated calcium signal transducer 2)(human-Mus musculus monoclonal hRS7 heavy chain), disulfide with human-Mus musculus monoclonal hRS7 k-chain, dimer, hexakis(thioether) with (4S)-4-[[[[4-[[(2S)-2-(4-aminobutyl)-2-[[2-[2-[[26-[4-[[[[4-[(3-mercapto-2,5-dioxo-1-pyrrolidinyl)methyl]cyclohexyl]carbonyl]amino]methyl]-1H-1,2,3-triazol-1-yl]-3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24-octaoxahexacos-1-yl]amino]-2-oxoethoxy]acetyl]amino]-1-oxoethyl]amino]phenyl]methoxy]carbonyl]oxy]-4,11-diethyl-9-hydroxy-1H-pyrano[3',4':6,7]indolizino[1,2-b]quinoline-3,14(4H,12H)-dione   EU/3/14/1343 Human Orphan designation details
Immunoglobulin G against E. coli F5 (K99) adhesin Locatim EU/2/99/011 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated Bluetongue Virus, serotype 1, strain BTV-1/ALG2006/01 E1 / Inactivated Bluetongue Virus, serotype 8, strain BTV-8/BEL2006/02 Zulvac 1+8 Bovis EU/2/12/139 Veterinary Centralised details
  ,, Zulvac 1+8 Ovis EU/2/11/120 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated Bluetongue Virus, serotype 1, strain BTV-1/ALG2006/01 E1 RP ≥ 1 Zulvac 1 Bovis EU/2/11/130 Veterinary Centralised details
  ,, Zulvac 1 Ovis EU/2/11/131 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated bluetongue virus, serotype 8, strain BTV-8/BEL2006/02 RP* ≥ 1 Zulvac 8 Bovis EU/2/09/105 Veterinary Centralised details
  ,, Zulvac 8 Ovis EU/2/09/104 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) type 1 virus, cytopathogenic strain 5960 Pregsure BVD and associated names   Veterinary Referral details
Inactivated BVDV strain C-86 Bovilis BVD   Veterinary Referral details
Inactivated chimeric flavivirus strain YF-WN Equilis West Nile EU/2/13/151 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated Coxiella burnetii vaccine Coxevac EU/2/10/110 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, strain B-7 (serotype 2) Suvaxyn Ery   Veterinary Referral details
Inactivated Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, strain R32E11 ERYSENG EU/2/14/166 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated gE Bovine Herpes Virus type 1 (BoHv-1), strain Difivac CattleMarker IBR Inactivated emulsion for injection for cattle   Veterinary Referral details
Inactivated hepatitis A virus, Hepatitis B surface antigen (rDNA) Ambirix EU/1/02/224 Human Centralised details
Inactivated porcine parvovirus, strain NADL-2 / Inactivated Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, strain R32E11 ERYSENG PARVO EU/2/14/167 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated porcine parvovirus, strain S-80, inactivated Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae, strain B-7 (serotype 2) Suvaxyn Parvo E   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Suvaxyn Parvo/E   Veterinary Referral details
Inactivated recombinant avian influenza virus of H5N3 subtype (strain rg-A/ck/VN/C58/04) 256 - 4046 HA Units Poulvac FluFend H5N3 RG EU/2/06/060 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated Schmallenberg virus, strain BH80/11-4 Zulvac SBV EU/2/14/178 Veterinary Centralised details
inactivated vaccine against atrophic rhinitis in pigs Rhiniseng EU/2/10/109 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated vaccine against swine influenza in pigs Respiporc Flu3 EU/2/09/103 Veterinary Centralised details
inactivated vaccine for cattle STARTVAC EU/2/08/092 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated whole avian influenza virus antigen of H5N2 subtype (strain A/duck/Potsdam/1402/86), inducing an HI titre of ≥6.0 log2 as tested according to the potency test. Nobilis Influenza H5N2 EU/2/06/061 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated whole avian influenza virus antigen of H7N1 subtype (strain, A/CK/Italy/473/99), inducing an HI titre of ≥6.0 log2 as tested according to the potency test. Nobilis Influenza H7N1 EU/2/07/073 Veterinary Centralised details
Inactivated whole cell suspension of  Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale serotype A strain Nobilis OR inac EU/2/02/036 Veterinary Centralised details
indacaterol Hirobriz Breezhaler EU/1/09/594 Human Centralised details
  ,, Onbrez Breezhaler EU/1/09/593 Human Centralised details
  ,, Oslif Breezhaler EU/1/09/586 Human Centralised details
indacaterol/glycopyrronium bromide Ultibro Breezhaler EU/1/13/862 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ulunar Breezhaler EU/1/14/917 Human Centralised details
  ,, Xoterna Breezhaler EU/1/13/863 Human Centralised details
Indinavir Crixivan EU/1/96/024 Human Centralised details
Indoxacarb Activyl EU/2/10/118 Veterinary Centralised details
Indoxacarb + permethrin Activyl Tick Plus EU/2/11/137 Veterinary Centralised details
Inebilizumab   EU/3/17/1856 Human Orphan designation details
Inecalcitol   EU/3/15/1523 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1223 Human Orphan designation details
infliximab Flixabi EU/1/16/1106 Human Centralised details
  ,, Inflectra EU/1/13/854 Human Centralised details
  ,, Remicade EU/1/99/116 Human Centralised details
  ,, Remsima EU/1/13/853 Human Centralised details
Influenza purified antigen Preflucel and associated names   Human Referral details
  ,, Preflucell   Human Referral details
influenza vaccine (live attenuated, nasal) FLUENZ EU/1/10/661 Human Centralised details
  ,, Fluenz Tetra EU/1/13/887 Human Centralised details
Influenza Vaccine (split virion, inactivated) IDflu EU/1/08/507 Human Centralised details
  ,, Intanza EU/1/08/505 Human Centralised details
Influenza vaccine (surface antigen, inactivated, prepared in cell culture) Optaflu EU/1/07/394 Human Centralised details
ingenol mebutate Picato EU/1/12/796 Human Centralised details
Inolimomab   EU/3/01/028 Human Orphan designation details
inotuzumab ozogamicin Besponsa EU/1/17/1200 Human Centralised details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1127 Human Orphan designation details
insulin aspart Fiasp EU/1/16/1160 Human Centralised details
  ,, NovoMix EU/1/00/142 Human Centralised details
  ,, NovoRapid EU/1/99/119 Human Centralised details
Insulin degludec Tresiba EU/1/12/807 Human Centralised details
Insulin degludec/insulin aspart Ryzodeg EU/1/12/806 Human Centralised details
insulin degludec / liraglutide Xultophy EU/1/14/947 Human Centralised details
insulin detemir Levemir EU/1/04/278 Human Centralised details
Insulin glargine Abasaglar EU/1/14/944 Human Centralised details
  ,, Lantus EU/1/00/134 Human Centralised details
  ,, Lusduna EU/1/16/1162 Human Centralised details
  ,, Semglee EU/1/18/1270 Human Centralised details
  ,, Toujeo EU/1/00/133 Human Centralised details
insulin glargine / lixisenatide Suliqua EU/1/16/1157 Human Centralised details
Insulin glulisine Apidra EU/1/04/285 Human Centralised details
Insulin human Exubera EU/1/05/327 Human Centralised details
  ,, Insulin Human Winthrop EU/1/06/368 Human Centralised details
  ,, ProZinc EU/2/13/152 Veterinary Centralised details
  ,, Solumarv   Human Centralised Refusal details
  ,,   EU/3/15/1532 Human Orphan designation details
Insulin human (rDNA) Actraphane EU/1/02/229 Human Centralised details
  ,, Actrapid EU/1/02/230 Human Centralised details
  ,, Insulatard EU/1/02/233 Human Centralised details
  ,, Mixtard EU/1/02/231 Human Centralised details
  ,, Monotard EU/1/02/235 Human Centralised details
  ,, Protaphane EU/1/02/234 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ultratard EU/1/02/236 Human Centralised details
  ,, Velosulin EU/1/02/232 Human Centralised details
Insulin lispro Humalog EU/1/96/007 Human Centralised details
  ,, Humalog-Humaject EU/1/97/036 Human Centralised details
  ,, Humalog-Pen EU/1/97/042 Human Centralised details
  ,, Insulin lispro Sanofi EU/1/17/1203 Human Centralised details
  ,, Liprolog EU/1/97/038 Human Centralised details
  ,,     ,, EU/1/01/195 Human Centralised details
interferon alfa-2a Roceron-A   Human Referral details
  ,, Roferon-A   Human Referral details
  ,, Roféron-A   Human Referral details
Interferon alfa-2b Interferon alfa 2-b   Human Referral details
  ,, Intron A   Human Referral details
  ,, IntronA EU/1/99/127 Human Centralised details
  ,,     ,,   Human Referral details
  ,, Viraferon EU/1/99/128 Human Centralised details
Interferon alfacon-1 Infergen EU/1/98/087 Human Centralised details
Interferon alfa-n3   EU/3/15/1568 Human Orphan designation details
Interferon beta   EU/3/07/505 Human Orphan designation details
Interferon Beta - 1a Avonex EU/1/97/033 Human Centralised details
  ,, Rebif EU/1/98/063 Human Centralised details
Interferon beta-1b Betaferon EU/1/95/003 Human Centralised details
  ,, Extavia EU/1/08/454 Human Centralised details
Interferon gamma   EU/3/11/935 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/07/491 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/05/281 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (123I) Serum Amyloid P   EU/3/03/134 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (131I) anti-CEA sheep-human chimeric monoclonal antibody monoclonal antibody labeled with iodine-131   EU/3/03/142 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (131I) anti-nucleohistone H1 chimeric biotinylated monoclonal antibody   EU/3/02/119 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (131I) anti-tenascin monoclonal antibody 81C6   EU/3/06/418 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (131I) chimeric IgG monoclonal antibody cG250   EU/3/02/095 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (131I) chlorotoxin   EU/3/07/492 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (131I) iobenguane   EU/3/07/525 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (131I) murine IgG1 monoclonal antibody against CD276   EU/3/17/1839 Human Orphan designation details
Iodine (¹³¹I) tositumomab   EU/3/03/136 Human Orphan designation details
iodocasein / thiamine nitrate Antiadiposo - iodocasein/ thiamine nitrate   Human Referral details
Ioflupane (123I) DaTSCAN EU/1/00/135 Human Centralised details
ipilimumab Yervoy EU/1/11/698 Human Centralised details
Irbesartan Aggrastat   Human Referral details
  ,, Agrastat   Human Referral details
  ,, Aprovel EU/1/97/046 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ifirmasta EU/1/08/480 Human Centralised details
  ,, Irbesartan   Human Referral details
  ,, Irbesartan BMS EU/1/06/375 Human Centralised details
  ,, Irbesartan Teva EU/1/09/576 Human Centralised details
  ,, Irbesartan Zentiva EU/1/06/376 Human Centralised details
  ,, Karvea EU/1/97/049 Human Centralised details
  ,, Sabervel EU/1/12/765 Human Centralised details
Irbesartan / hydrochlorothiazide CoAprovel EU/1/98/086 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ifirmacombi EU/1/11/673 Human Centralised details
  ,, Irbesartan / Hydrochlorothiazide Teva EU/1/09/583 Human Centralised details
  ,, Irbesartan HCT BMS EU/1/06/369 Human Centralised details
  ,, Irbesartan HCT Zentiva EU/1/06/377 Human Centralised details
  ,, Karvezide EU/1/98/085 Human Centralised details
irinotecan Onivyde EU/1/16/1130 Human Centralised details
Irinotecan hydrochloride (drug eluting beads)   EU/3/07/504 Human Orphan designation details
isavuconazole Cresemba EU/1/15/1036 Human Centralised details
Isavuconazonium sulfate   EU/3/14/1276 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/14/1284 Human Orphan designation details
Isofagomine tartrate   EU/3/07/493 Human Orphan designation details
Isotretinoin Isotretinoin   Human Referral details
  ,, Lurantal   Human Referral details
  ,, Rexidal   Human Referral details
  ,, Roaccutan   Human Referral details
  ,, Roaccutane   Human Referral details
  ,, Roacutan   Human Referral details
  ,, Scheritonin   Human Referral details
  ,, Trivane   Human Referral details
Itacitinib   EU/3/17/1964 Human Orphan designation details
Itraconazole Fungitraxx EU/2/13/160 Veterinary Centralised details
  ,, Prokanaz   Human Referral details
  ,, Prokanazol   Human Referral details
  ,,   EU/3/17/1901 Human Orphan designation details
Ivabradine Corlentor EU/1/05/317 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ivabradine Accord EU/1/17/1190 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ivabradine Anpharm EU/1/15/1041 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ivabradine JensonR EU/1/16/1145 Human Centralised details
  ,, Ivabradine Zentiva EU/1/16/1144 Human Centralised details
  ,, Procoralan EU/1/05/316 Human Centralised details
ivacaftor Kalydeco EU/1/12/782 Human Centralised details
Ivermectin Alfamec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Alstomec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Aniject   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Animec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,,     ,,   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Anisec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Baymec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Bimec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Bimectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Biomectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Bovimec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Bovimectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Bremamectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Cevamec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Chanectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Chaniject   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Chanimec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Closamectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Closamectine   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Closiver   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Coopermec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Diapec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Divamectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,,     ,,   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Dufamec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ecomectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,,     ,,   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Enovex   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Equimectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Euromec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Fatromectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Frommectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Galmectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ges-o-mec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Intermectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivergen Premium LA   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Iveripra-I   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Iverktin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivermax   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivermectin (Ecomectin 18.7 mg/g Oral Paste for Horses)   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivermectin containing products   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivermectina   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivermectine   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivermektin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivermina   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivertin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivervet   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Iverveto   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivodad   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivogell   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivomec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivomec Super   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Ivotan   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Iwermektyna   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Kilo-mec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Magamectine   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Mastermectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Maximec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Mectaject   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Medimec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Microdes Plus   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Norofas   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Noromectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Pandex   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Panmectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Panomec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Paramectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Porcimec P   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Porcimectin injection   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Primectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Promectine   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Qualimec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Romivermectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Sumex   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Sumiject   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Tizoval   Veterinary Referral details
  ,,     ,,   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Tolomec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Topimec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Trimectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Valaneq   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Vectimax   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Vetamectin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Vetermec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Vetimec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,,     ,,   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Virbamec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Wedemec   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Zoomectin   Veterinary Referral details
Ivosidenib   EU/3/18/1994 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/16/1802 Human Orphan designation details
ixazomib Ninlaro EU/1/16/1094 Human Centralised details
  ,,   EU/3/12/1060 Human Orphan designation details
ixekizumab Taltz EU/1/15/1085 Human Centralised details