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Full list of products by active substance: G

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Active substance Brand name EU Number Human or veterinary Procedure type details
G17(9) gastrin-diphtheria toxoid conjugate   EU/3/02/130 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/02/129 Human Orphan designation details
gabapentin Gabapentin Pfizer   Human Referral details
  ,, Neurontin   Human Referral details
gadobenic acid MultiHance   Human Referral details
Gadobutrol Gadograf   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadovist   Human Referral details
gadodiamide, gadopentetic acid, gadobenic acid, gadoxetic acid, gadoteridol, gadobutrol and gadoteric acid Dotarem   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadograf   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadolinium   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadopentetat Insight   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadopentetat-Dimeglumin   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadopentetat-MRT-ratiopharm   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadopentetate Curagita   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadopentetate Insight   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadopentetsyrad imegluminat Insight   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadopentetsäure Insight   Human Referral details
  ,, Gadovist   Human Referral details
  ,, MR-Lux   Human Referral details
  ,, Magnegita   Human Referral details
  ,, Magnevision   Human Referral details
  ,, Magnevist   Human Referral details
  ,, Magnograf   Human Referral details
  ,, Marktiv   Human Referral details
  ,, MultiHance   Human Referral details
  ,, Omniscan   Human Referral details
  ,, Primovist   Human Referral details
  ,, Prohance   Human Referral details
  ,, Vasovist   Human Referral details
Gadodiamide (liposomal)   EU/3/08/583 Human Orphan designation details
Gadofosveset Trisodium Ablavar EU/1/05/313 Human Centralised details
gadoteric acid Artirem   Human Referral details
Gadoversetamide Optimark EU/1/07/398 Human Centralised details
galantamine Galantamin STADA   Human Referral details
  ,, Galantamina Ciclum   Human Referral details
  ,, Galantamine STADA and associated names   Human Referral details
  ,, Galantamine Stada   Human Referral details
  ,, Galantamine Tiefenbacher   Human Referral details
  ,, Galantax XL   Human Referral details
  ,, Galastad   Human Referral details
Gallium (68Ga)-edotreotide   EU/3/15/1450 Human Orphan designation details
Gallium (68Ga)-pasireotide tetraxetan   EU/3/11/920 Human Orphan designation details
Gallium [Ga-68]-N-[(4,7,10-tricarboxymethyl-1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododec-1-yl)acetyl]-D-phenylalanyl-L-cysteinyl-L-tyrosyl-D-tryptophanyl-L-lysyl-L-threoninyl-Lcysteinyl-L-threonine-cyclic(2-7)disulfide   EU/3/14/1237 Human Orphan designation details
galsulfase Naglazyme EU/1/05/324 Human Centralised details
Gamithromycin Zactran EU/2/08/082 Veterinary Centralised details
ganciclovir Vitrasert implant EU/1/97/034 Human Centralised details
ganirelix Orgalutran EU/1/00/130 Human Centralised details
Gastrin 17C diphtheria toxoid conjugate     Human Orphan Refusal details
Gatifloxacine Bonoq   Human Referral details
  ,, Crispin   Human Referral details
  ,, Gatifloxacine   Human Referral details
gefitinib Iressa EU/1/09/526 Human Centralised details
Gemcitabine Gemzar   Human Referral details
gemfibrozil Continulipid   Human Referral details
  ,, Gevillon   Human Referral details
  ,, Gevilon   Human Referral details
  ,, Gevilon uno   Human Referral details
  ,, Lopid   Human Referral details
  ,, Lopid TC   Human Referral details
Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin   EU/3/00/005 Human Orphan designation details
Gemtuzumab Ozogamicin Mylotarg   Human Centralised Refusal details
Genetically modified allogeneic (human) tumour cells for the expression of IL-7, GM-CSF, CD80 and CD154, in fixed combination with a DNA-based double stem loop immunomodulator (dSLIM)   EU/3/06/405 Human Orphan designation details
Genetically modified human adenovirus encoding human PH20 hyaluronidase   EU/3/11/880 Human Orphan designation details
Genetically modified Lactococcus lactis bacteria containing the human trefoil factor 1 gene   EU/3/11/903 Human Orphan designation details
Genetically modified recombinant Stx2e antigen ECOPORC SHIGA EU/2/13/149 Veterinary Centralised details
Genetically modified serotype 5/3 adenovirus coding for granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor   EU/3/14/1265 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/14/1398 Human Orphan designation details
Genetically modified serotype 5/3 adenovirus coding for granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor   EU/3/13/1145 Human Orphan designation details
Genistein sodium salt dihydrate   EU/3/12/980 Human Orphan designation details
gentamicin Aagent   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Emdogent   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gendian   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Genta   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Genta equine   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Genta-equine   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Genta-ject   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Genta-kel   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Genta-sulfat   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentacalier   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentachem   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentacin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentaject   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentaject vet   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentamicin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentamicin - Veterinary medicinal products containing gentamicin presented as solutions for injection to be administered to horses   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentamicina   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentamicina ganadexil   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentamiciven   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentamycin   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentasol   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentavall   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentavan   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Gentayet   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Maycoli inyectable   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Neogent   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Purmicina   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Vepha-gent forte   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Vetersan gentamicina   Veterinary Referral details
  ,, Vetogent   Veterinary Referral details
Gevokizumab   EU/3/14/1311 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/13/1111 Human Orphan designation details
Gimatecan   EU/3/03/174 Human Orphan designation details
Givinostat   EU/3/09/719 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/12/1009 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/09/704 Human Orphan designation details
Glimepiride Amaryl   Human Referral details
Glucagon   EU/3/12/960 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/14/1342 Human Orphan designation details
glucosamine hydrochloride Flexove   Human Referral details
  ,, Glucomed   Human Referral details
Glufosfamide   EU/3/11/851 Human Orphan designation details
Glutathione   EU/3/06/361 Human Orphan designation details
Glutathione-pegylated liposomal doxorubicin hydrochloride   EU/3/10/781 Human Orphan designation details
[gly2] Recombinant human glucagon-like peptide   EU/3/01/077 Human Orphan designation details
Glyceryl tri-(4-phenylbutyrate)   EU/3/10/736 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/10/737 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/10/738 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/10/739 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/10/734 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/10/735 Human Orphan designation details
  ,,   EU/3/10/733 Human Orphan designation details
glycopyrronium bromide Enurev Breezhaler EU/1/12/789 Human Centralised details
  ,, Seebri Breezhaler EU/1/12/788 Human Centralised details
  ,, Tovanor Breezhaler EU/1/12/790 Human Centralised details
Glycosylation independent lysosomal targeting tagged recombinant human acid alpha glucosidase   EU/3/11/921 Human Orphan designation details
GM-CSF receptor antagonist   EU/3/02/089 Human Orphan designation details
golimumab Simponi EU/1/09/546 Human Centralised details
goserelin Gosacin   Human Referral details
  ,, Goserelin Novosis   Human Referral details
  ,, Goserelin cell pharm 3,6 mg Implantat and associated names   Human Referral details
  ,, Novgos   Human Referral details
  ,, Novimp 3,6 mg Implantat and associated names   Human Referral details
  ,, Novogos   Human Referral details
  ,, Novosis Goserelin 3,6 mg Implantat and associated names   Human Referral details
granisetron Kevatril   Human Referral details
  ,, Kytril and associated names   Human Referral details
  ,, SANCUSO EU/1/12/766 Human Centralised details
Granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor   EU/3/13/1147 Human Orphan designation details
Guanabenz   EU/3/09/625 Human Orphan designation details
Gusperimus trihydrochloride   EU/3/01/034 Human Orphan designation details