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Product name: Calcitonin
Also marketed in the EU under the name(s): Alciton, Alfaton, Alicitonin, Arsipor, Assocals, Aurocalcin, Brosidon, Cadens, Calc-up, Calci-10, Calcicontrol, Calcideron, Calcihexal, Calciphar, Calcistad, Calcitherapy, Calciton, Calcitonin Rotexmedica, Calcitonin 'Novartis', Calcitonin / Target, Calcitonin Jelfa, Calcitonin Sandoz, Calcitonin Stada, Calcitonin-CT, Calcitonin-ratiopharm, Calcitonina Almirall, Calcitonina de salmão Arrowblue, Calcitonina de salmão Farmoz, Calcitonina de salmão Generis, Calcitonina de salmão Labesfal, Calcitonina de salmão Ostinate, Calcitonina de salmão Tolife, Calcitonina Hubber, Calcitonina Sandoz, Calcitonina Wander, Calcitonine Cédiat, Calcitonine Pharmy ii, Calcitonine Sandoz, Calco, Calcytonil, Caloston, Calsal, Calsaton, Calsyn, Calsynar, Caltec, Cibacalcine, Clarispren, Crocalcin, Doctadryle, Farmicalcine, Galcin, Genecalcin, Iamacalcin, Iricalcin, Karil, Latonina, Lixocam, Miacalcic, Miadenil, Miakaril, Mioser, Moser, Neostesin, Nopremin, Norcalcin, Nylex, Osanit, Oseototal, Osivan, Ospor, Osseocalcina, Osteobion, Osteodon, Osteos, Ostifix, Ostoplus, Ostostabil, Ostulex, Pluston, Porostenina, Rafacalcin, Redicalcin, Rothrin, Sal-cal, Salcat, Salmocalcin, Salmoten, Staporos, Steocalcin, Tendolon, Tonocalcin, Tonocaltin, Tosicalcin, Transcalcium, Ucecal, Velkacalcin, Zyoston
Active substance: Calcitonin
Indication: Prevention of acute bone loss due to sudden immobilisation such as in patients with recent osteoporotic fractures.
For the treatment of Paget’s disease, only in patients who do not respond to alternative treatments or for whom such treatments are not suitable, for example those with severe renal impairment. Treatment of hypercalcaemia of malignancy.
Marketing Authorisation Holder: Not applicable

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14/02/2013 Referral EMEA/H/A-31/1291 (2013)931 of 13/02/2013
30/04/2013 Corrigendum (2013)3640 of 29/04/2013
15/07/2013 Rectificative Decision (2013)4551 of 12/07/2013