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Invented name: Onbrez Breezhaler   
Auth. number : EU/1/09/593
Active substance : indacaterol
ATC: Anatomical main group: R - Respiratory system
Therapeutic subgroup: R03 - Anti-asthmatics
Pharmacological subgroup: R03A - Adrenergics, inhalants
Chemical subgroup: R03AC - Selective beta-2-adrenoceptor agonists
Chemical substance: R03AC18 - Indacaterol
(See WHO ATC Index)
Indication: Onbrez Breezhaler is indicated for maintenance bronchodilator treatment of airflow obstruction in adult patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
Marketing Authorisation Holder: Novartis Europharm Limited
Frimley Business Park, Camberley GU16 7SR, United Kingdom
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European Commission proceduresGoto top of the page

Close date procedure Procedure type EMEA number Decision summary publ decision docs annex
02/12/2009 Centralised - Authorisation EMEA/H/C/1114 (2009)9774 of 30/11/2009
07/01/2010 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/1114/IA/2
01/02/2010 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/IB/3
Updated with Decision(2010)2169 of 26/03/2010
30/03/2010 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/II/1 (2010)2169 of 26/03/2010
16/06/2010 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/IA/4
Updated with Decision(2010)6011 of 26/08/2010
31/08/2010 Centralised - Variation (2010)6011 of 26/08/2010
23/09/2010 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/1114/WS/24
25/10/2010 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/1114/IA/25
21/12/2010 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/1114/IA/32/G
03/01/2011 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/IB/5
Updated with Decision(2011)5152 of 11/07/2011
13/07/2011 Centralised - Notification EMEA/H/C/1114/N/6
Updated with Decision(2011)5152 of 11/07/2011
13/07/2011 Centralised - Variation (2011)5152 of 11/07/2011
30/07/2012 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/II/14 (2012)5470 of 26/07/2012
29/08/2013 PSUSA - Modification EMEA/H/C/1114/PSU/8 (2013)5618 of 26/08/2013
21/11/2013 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/WS/455
Updated with Decision(2014)6795 of 18/09/2014
22/09/2014 Centralised - Renewal EMEA/H/C/1114/R/29 (2014)6795 of 18/09/2014
13/10/2014 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/IG/488
Updated with Decision(2015)7197 of 15/10/2015
19/10/2015 Centralised - Yearly update (2015)7197 of 15/10/2015
23/02/2017 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/1114/WS/1102