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Invented name: INCRELEX   
Auth. number : EU/1/07/402
INN : Mecasermin
Orphan status based on designation EU/3/06/373 added on 07/08/2007
ATC: Anatomical main group: H - Systemic hormonal prep, excluding sex hormones
Therapeutic subgroup: H01 - Pituitary and hypothalamic hormones
Pharmacological subgroup: H01A - Anterior pituitary lobe hormones
Chemical subgroup: H01AC - Somatropin and analogues
Chemical substance: H01AC03 - Mecasermin
(See WHO ATC Index)
Indication: For the long-term treatment of growth failure in children and adolescents with severe primary insulin-like growth factor-1 deficiency (Primary IGFD).Severe Primary IGFD is defined by:- height standard deviation score ≤ –3.0 and- basal IGF-1 levels below the 2.5th percentile for age and gender and- GH sufficiency.- Exclusion of secondary forms of IGF-1 deficiency, such as malnutrition, hypothyroidism, or chronic treatment with pharmacologic doses of anti-inflammatory steroids.Severe Primary IGFD includes patients with mutations in the GH receptor (GHR), post-GHR signaling pathway, and IGF-1 gene defects; they are not GH deficient, and therefore, they cannot be expected to respond adequately to exogenous GH treatment. It is recommended to confirm the diagnosis by conducting an IGF-1 generation test.
Marketing Authorisation Holder: Ipsen Pharma
65 quai Georges Gorse, F-92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France

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European Commission proceduresGoto top of the page

Close date procedure Procedure type EMEA number Decision summary publ decision docs annex
06/08/2007 Centralised - Authorisation - Decision addressed to Member States EMEA/H/C/704 (2007)3833 of 03/08/2007
07/08/2007 Centralised - Authorisation EMEA/H/C/704 (2007)3832 of 03/08/2007
23/11/2007 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/IA/1
Updated with Decision(2008)3441 of 02/07/2008
04/07/2008 Centralised - Variation (2008)3441 of 02/07/2008
31/07/2008 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/II/2 (2008)4166 of 29/07/2008
15/09/2008 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/IA/4
Updated with Decision(2008)7426 of 20/11/2008
15/09/2008 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/704/IA/5
24/11/2008 Centralised - Annual reassessment EMEA/H/C/704/S/3 (2008)7426 of 20/11/2008
17/03/2009 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/IB/6
Updated with Decision(2009)5766 of 14/07/2009
17/03/2009 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/704/IA/17
01/04/2009 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/IA/8
Updated with Decision(2009)5766 of 14/07/2009
01/04/2009 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/704/IA/9
16/07/2009 Centralised - Transfer Marketing Authorisation Holder EMEA/H/C/704/T/10 (2009)5766 of 14/07/2009
26/11/2009 Centralised - Variation (no change in Commission Decision) EMEA/H/C/704/II/11
01/04/2010 Centralised - Annual reassessment EMEA/H/C/704/S/12 (2010)2262 of 30/03/2010
02/08/2010 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/II/13 (2010)5393 of 28/07/2010
03/02/2011 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/II/14 (2011)689 of 01/02/2011
21/06/2011 Centralised - Annual reassessment EMEA/H/C/704/S/15 (2011)4406 of 16/06/2011
23/06/2011 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/II/16/G (2011)4476 of 17/06/2011
07/08/2012 Centralised - Renewal EMEA/H/C/704/R/19, EMEA/H/C/704/S/18 (2012)5685 of 03/08/2012
04/09/2012 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/II/20 (2012)6161 of 30/08/2012
24/04/2013 Centralised - Annual reassessment EMEA/H/C/704/S/21 (2013)2399 of 22/04/2013
07/11/2013 Centralised - Notification EMEA/H/C/704/N/22
23/04/2014 Centralised - Notification EMEA/H/C/704/N/27
25/04/2014 Centralised - Annual reassessment EMEA/H/C/704/S/24
15/08/2014 Centralised - Variation EMEA/H/C/704/IAin/30