International Conference on Risk Assessment

Following contacts with representatives of relevant departments and bodies in the US and Canada, DG SANCO organised in November 2008 a first international conference on risk assessment to identify areas and issues of common interest and suitable for future collaboration. This was the first of a planned series of regular, bi-annual International Conferences on Risk Assessment aimed at promoting a common risk assessment framework.

While there is cooperation between administrations on particular aspects of risk analysis in international organisations (such as the OECD), these conferences address the need for flexible dialogue/collaboration mechanisms between risk assessors themselves.

They serve to identify areas where this can be helpful, in particular:

• sharing knowledge about latest developments

• building consensus about what is known/not known, to reduce uncertainty

• discussion and interaction between assessors and policymakers.

Between conferences, discussions continue in smaller international working groups.

Link to events:

1st International RA Conference