Climate change


Innovative projects promoting health development can receive EU funding from the health programme , as a means of implementing the EU health strategy .

Since 2005, the Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency manages calls for proposals for projects and organises grants, conferences and relations with the beneficiaries of health programme funding.

Year of funding Project Title Organisation
2010 Public Health Adaptation Strategies to Extreme Weather Event (PHASE)

Azienda Sanitaria Locale Roma E - Regional Department of Epidemiology

2008 Climate Change Adaptation by TRaining, Assessment and Preparedness (Climate-TRAP)

Hulpverlening Gelderland Midden

2008 Health Impacts of Airborne ALergen Information NEtwork(HIALINE)

Klinikum rechts der Isar der Technischen Universität München

2007 European monitoring of excess mortality for public health action (EURO-MOMO)

Statens Serum Institut - SSI

2006 Quantification of sun exposure in Europe and of its effects on health (EUROSUN)

International Agency for Research on Cancer

2005 Etude de l’impact de la canicule d’août 2003 sur la population européenne (CANICULE)

Centre régional de Lutte contre le Cancer (CRLC)

2004 Improving Public Health responses to extreme weather/heat-waves(EURO HEAT)

WHO - World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe