Project funded in 2002: description and outcomes

Area of activity
European information network on rare diseases
Title of ProjectRare Forms of Dementia
OrganizationName:ALZHEIMER EUROPEAddress:Route de Thionville - 145L - 2611 LUXEMBOURGTelephone / Fax:352 0 297970 / 352 0 297972Web site:http://www.alzheimer-europe.orgE-mail:info@alzheimer-europe.orgContact person:Jean GEORGES
Executive Director
Sandrine LAVALLE
Project coordinator
Tel: +352.29.79.70
Countries participating
Member States
XAustriaXGermanyXThe Netherlands
 Belgium Greece Portugal
 Denmark Ireland Spain
 Finland Italy Sweden
XFranceXLuxembourgXUnited Kingdom
EFTA / EEA Countries
 Iceland Liechtenstein Norway
Candidate Countries
 Bulgaria Latvia Slovakia
 Cyprus Lithuania Slovenia
 Czech Republic Malta Turkey
 Estonia Poland  
Starting date and 
duration of project
- 01/08/2002
- 12 months
BudgetTotal cost:118.800,00 €Subsidy from the Commission:83.160,00 €
Statement of the project's aimsThe aim of the project is to build up a database of information about rare forms of dementia and to make this available to the general public by means of our existing Internet and Intranet system. The information in the database would consist of disease-based entries and would include the disease name, synonym, a description of the disorder, symptoms, causes, epidemiological data available, treatment, clinical trials, diagnostic, procedures and a list of sources for further information. This information would be provided by the relevant experts and regularly brought up to date.
Outcomes of the projectFinal reportpdf(390 KB), October 2003 (390 KB)

Annexes of the final report:

Final documents on Rare Forms of Dementia: