Joint Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance: State of Play of the 5-year action plan (Brussels, 11 december 2013)

The European Commission held a one-day "Joint Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance: State of Play of the 5-year action plan" on Wednesday 11 December 2013 in Brussels.
The objective was to make a mid-term review of the Commission's action plan against the rising threats from antimicrobial resistance and discussions will focus on the challenges ahead and the drivers and possible limitations of the envisaged measures to reduce the rising threat of AMR.
Representatives from Member States, International Organisations, European stakeholders associations and third countries were invited.
The European Parliament's adoption in 2012 of the "Report on the Microbial Challenge – Rising threats from Antimicrobial Resistance" called on the Commission to publish an interim report on the actions taken so far and the conclusions of the conference will be included in this interim report to be published by the European Commission early in 2014.


State of play - Commission Action Plan to Combat the rising threat from Antimicrobial Resistance: activities in the human sectorpdf(512 KB)
John-F. Ryan
Acting Director Public Health - DG Health and Consumers - European Commission

State of play - Action Plan to combat the rising threat from Antimicrobial Resistance: activities in the veterinary sectorpdf(464 KB)
Bernard Van Goethem
Director Veterinary and International Affairs - DG Health and Consumers - European Commission

The European Innovation Partnership „Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability“pdf(333 KB)
Christiane Kirketerp de Viron
Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development

State of play - Commission Action plan: Researchpdf(883 KB)
Line Matthiessen
Head of Unit - Directorate-General for Research and Innovation - European Commission

International dimension (tripartite WHO, OIE, FAO) - WHO/Europe Strategic Action Plan on Antibiotic Resistancepdf(2 MB)
Danilo Lo Fo Wong
Senior Adviser, World Health Organisation (WHO)

International dimension (tripartite WHO, OIE, FAO) - Positions and OIE activities on Antimicrobial Resistancepdf(868 KB)
Elisabeth Erlacher–Vindel
Acting Head - Scientific and Technical Departement World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)

International dimension (tripartite WHO, OIE, FAO): FAO and Tripartite Antimicrobial Resistance Activitiespdf(3 MB)
Patrick Otto
Animal Health Officer, Veterinary Public Health - Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)

Panel discussion: Challenges in Research and Risk Assessment field

Ernesto Liebana Criadopdf(281 KB) 
European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) – European Commission

David Mackaypdf(189 KB)
Head of Veterinary Medicines Division - European Medicines Agency (EMA) - European Commission

Johan Gieseckepdf(506 KB) 
Chief Scientist - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) - European Commission

Boudewijn Catrypdf(624 KB) 
Scientific Institute of Public Health (WIV-ISP) Healthcare-associated infections & Antimicrobial resistance (Belgium)

Annette Cleveland Nielsenpdf(851 KB) 
Chief Veterinary Advisor - Danish Veterinary and Food Administration

Lucie Pokludovapdf(599 KB)
Assessor, Veterinary Medicinal Agency (Czech Republic )

Annemarie Käsbohrerpdf(107 KB)
Head of Unit Epidemiology and Zoonoses - Federal Inst. Risk Assessment (Germany)

Panel discussion: Challenges for Risk Managers

Charles Martins Ferreirapdf(101 KB) 
Ministry of Agriculture (France)

Consuelo Rubio Montejanopdf(173 KB)
Head Veterinary Medicines Department - Spanish Medecine Agency (Spain)

Annette Clevelandpdf(851 KB)
Chief Advisor, Animal Welfare and Veterinary Medicine - Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (Denmark)

Panel Discussion: Challenge for stakeholders

Jan Dahlpdf(177 KB) 
Copa Cocega

Declan O'Brienpdf(131 KB)
IFAH-Europe - International Federation for Animal Health Europe