European Alcohol and Health Forum

10th plenary meeting,
Brussels, 26 April 2012


Issue in focus: social responsibility in alcohol marketingpdf(209 KB)
Michael Hübel
DG Health & Consumers
Trends and drivers of young people’s drinking habits and beverage preferences: results from a study HAPIpdf(310 KB)
Peter Anderson & Marck Suhrcke
Health Action Partnership International (HAPI)
Monitoring alcohol advertising in Europe: experiences of the AMMIE projectpdf(4 MB)
Wim van Dalen & Avalon de Bruijn
Dutch Institute for Alcohol Policy STAP
Strengthening comprehensive standards for responsible alcohol marketing: the role of the industrypdf(757 KB)
Malte Lohan
World Federation of Advertisers
Moving beer advertising self-regulation to the next levelpdf(362 KB)
Simon Spillane
Brewers of Europe
Implementation of the Wine Communication Standardspdf(3 MB)
José Ramon Fernandez & Susana Garcia
CEEV & Spanish Wine Federation
Responsible Advertising 2.0: The Spirits Sector Approach (PART Ipdf(523 KB) - PART IIpdf(2 MB)
Laure Alexandre & Carole Brigaudeau
External evaluation of the alcohol strategy : State of playpdf(495 KB)
Tony Zamparutti
COWI Consortium