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EU Health Prize for Journalists

Are you a journalist interested in health?

EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013

National Jury Slovenia

The jury met on 13 November 2013 and selected the Slovenian national finalist. The name of the national finalist will be published after all the finalists are selected.

womanMaja Pavlović, chair 

Maja Pavlović started her professional career as a journalist and editor at the Slovene national radio. She then moved on to pursue an experience aligned with her academic background (political affairs), working for the Slovene Government and since 2009 for the European Commission. Currently she is the press officer at the Commission Representation in Ljubljana.

Meta Černoga, journalist

Meta Černoga graduated in journalism from the Faculty of Social Sciences. During her studies, she started to work occasionally for the Dnevnik daily newspaper, covering local news at first and later also other areas. After acquiring this experience, she became assistant editor of an independent project, the Naša kronika weekly newspaper, which also focused on local issues. For the last 8 years, she has been working for the largest national printed media Nedeljski dnevnik mainly dealing with social and health issues. Last year, she was the national winner of the EU health prize for journalists.

Helena Peternel Pečauer, journalist

Helena Peternel Pečauer graduated in journalism from the Faculty for Social Sciences in 1990. Throughout her studies and in the first years after graduation, she worked for different media: the teletext of the national TV, the entertainment program of the national TV etc. Later her interest shifted to the written press: she established and managed the correspondent network for Slovenec and later also for Republika.
In her work for the Slovenske novice newspaper, she primarily focused on social themes. In 1998, the Ona women’s magazine was established and she became deputy editor, focusing on health topics. After 13 years, she left Ona and is now writing for the Delo daily newspaper. For the past two years, she has been writing articles for the Panorama section. She often covers social and health issues for the front page of the newspaper .


Marijan Ivanuša, health expert

Marijan Ivanuša graduated as Medical Doctor at the Medical Faculty of Ljubljana, University of Ljubljana in 1992. In 2007 he was granted the title trainer of neuro-linguistic programming. From 1992 to 1993 he worked as young medical doctor at the Primary Health Care Centre Ljubljana (unit Moste-Polje). In 1993 he was employed by Krka d. d. (generic pharmaceutical company) where he upgraded his knowledge and experiences in the area of pharmacotherapy, pharmaco-vigilance, pharmacoeconomics, and clinical trials as well as in management and communication skills. He used to be chief editor of professional journal (Krka in medicine and pharmacy), member of the Krka Awards Board and concluded this chapter of his career as a Medical Adviser/Marketing Deputy Director.
Since February 2007 he works as Head of World Health Organization Country Office, Slovenia, where he was/is engaged in different projects (public health, social determinants of health and health inequalities, quality management, cancer and palliative care, alcohol, health promotion and many others). Marijan Ivanuša has (co)authored several professional articles. He is also the author of two novels. 


Nada Kozjek Rotovnik, health expert

Nada Kozjek Rotovnik is Head of Clinical Nutrition Unit at Institute of Oncology Ljubljana and President of the Slovenian Society for clinical nutrition. She is also a lecturer of clinical nutrition at Medical Faculty in Ljubljana, Medical faculty in Maribor and College of dietetics in Izola. Her research interest is glutamine, cachexia, home parenteral nutrition, sports nutrition. Since 2000, she has been a national Olympic team doctor.

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