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EU Health Prize for Journalists

Are you a journalist interested in health?

EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013

National Jury Portugal

The jury met on 18 November 2013 and selected the Portuguese national finalist. The name of the national finalist will be published after all the finalists are selected.


Manuel Romano, chair 

Manuel Romano was born in Coimbra in 1957. Over the course of his career in EU affairs initiated in 1987, he worked at the European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture (1994-2000) and Directorate-General for Budget (2000-2001), before being employed by the European Commission Representation in Portugal (2002-present). Here, Manuel served as Communication Officer (2002-05), two times as Deputy Head of EC Representation (2005-2010; 2013-Present) as well as Press Officer (2005-2010) and Head of Press Sector (2013-Present).


Francisco George, health expert

Francisco George was born in Lisbon in 1947 and is currently the Director General of Health in Portugal and Chief Medical Officer. He was member of the World Health Organisation (WHO), as epidemiologist (1980-1991), Medical doctor (honours) by the University of Lisbon and invited Professor of Public Health at the New University of Lisbon. George Francisco is an author of several articles on Epidemiology and a Clinical Guide and a participant in numerous national and international Congress and Seminars, invited as a public speaker.


Maria Antónia Almeida Santos, health expert

Maria Antónia Almeida Santos is Deputy Member of the Parliament, President of the Portuguese Parliamentary Group on the Growth of the Population; Coordinator the PS Health Parliamentary Commission; Vice-president of the National Political Commission of the Socialist Party; Member of the Federal Secretariat of Coimbra.


José Manuel Silva, health expert

Chairman of the National Medical Association.


Isabel Pereira Santos, journalist 

Isabel Pereira Santos began working in journalism in 1993, in radio. Since 1997, Isabel works at RTP, the Portuguese broadcaster. Since 2002, she's dedicated almost exclusively to healthcare issues. Last year, she taught health television journalism in Medicine University of Lisbon.


Diana Mendes, journalist

Diana Mendes is working as a journalist in Diário de Notícias (DN). She started writing about economy but soon moved to the social affairs department writing about public health and health research topics. She is a graduate of the Social Communication department of the Social and Political Sciences Superior Institute in Lisbon. She has also worked on several publications about food, wine, music and other topics.

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