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EU Health Prize for Journalists

Are you a journalist interested in health?

EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013

National Jury The Netherlands

The jury will meet on 6 November 2013 and will select the Dutch national finalist. The name of the national finalist will be published after all the finalists are selected.


Cecilia Thorfinn, chair

Since 2011, Cecilia Thorfinn is Head of the section Press, web and social media at the Representation of the European Commission in the Netherlands. She is Swedish and has previously held various positions within the Directorate General for Development Cooperation of the European Commission.


Willem Wansink, journalist

Willem Wansink is a renowned healthcare expert and political analyst. He has 33 years of experience as a journalist, including for leading Dutch newspapers and as a national editor on healthcare for the weekly opinion magazine Elsevier: where he was responsible for fact- & reputation-based coverstories such as 'best specialists', 'best hospitals', 'best surgeons' . He has also served as a foreign correspondent In Germany, and been active as a live-moderator for Dutch foreign affairs television programmes and documentary programmes.


Wim Schellekens, health expert

Wim Schellekens is a senior health care advisor with a mission to facilitate and stimulate innovation and improvement of care for patients (quality, safety, implementation strategy, leadership, governance). Mr Schellekens was previously Chief Inspector of Curative Health Care at the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate and has held senior positions with the CBO (Central Accompaniment Organization for peer review by the Dutch Association of Chief Medical Officers) and at the teaching hospital Reinier de Graaf in Delft.


Armand Girbes, health expert

Armand Girbes, born in 1959, is Professor of Intensive Care at the VU Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam. He has also been the chairman of the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine and held senior positions at the University Medical Center in Groningen, Netherlands.

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