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EU Health Prize for Journalists

Are you a journalist interested in health?

EU Health Prize for Journalists 2013

National Jury Hungary

The jury met on 11 November 2013 and selected the Hungarian national finalist. The name of the national finalist will be published after all the finalists are selected.


Akos Moskovits, chair

Akos Moskovits is a Press Officer at the Commission Representation


Dr. Judit Szarvasházi, health expert

Dr. Judit Szarvasházi is an editor in chief of Patika Magazin, (health-related monthly magazine, circulation 217.000, reach 695,000), and four pharmacology related magazines (Gyógyszerésztörténet, Gyógyszertári Practicum, Studium és Practicum, Bébik kicsik és nagyok). Author and/or editor of several pharmacology books (e.g. Az ember és a természet a gyógyszerészetben, A patikák, A fejfájásról)".

Anna Danó, journalist

Ms Anna Danó is the health publicist of the national daily newspaper Népszabadság. Her main topics: several diseases (e.g. cancer, hearth diseases, flu, organ donation and transplantation) and hot topics of Hungarian healthcare (e.g. healthcare activity of Hungarian government, health insurance, patient safety, hospitals, doctors).

Angéla Gui

Angéla Gui, journalist

Angéla Gui is a Communication and Policy Advisor at the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources.

Robert Pilling

Róbert Pilling, journalist

Róbert Pilling is the editor-in-chief of the most popular Hungarian online healthcare internet portal, Há He graduated as diabetic and healthcare manager. After some years in patient care he had been working in pharmaceutics industry. He had been working as healthcare journalist since 1999. His specialties are nutritional problems and obesity.

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