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Oletko journalisti ja kiinnostunut terveysasioista?

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Are medicines with no marketing authorisation illegal?: article by Pauline Michel»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2012 for France

The article analyses the current situation with medicines being sold without marketing authorisation.

Buying medicines online – a game of Russian roulette, by Yiannis Devetzoglou»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2011 for Greece

Medicines for erectile dysfunction and weight-loss drugs. Substances for lowering cholesterol levels and silicone breast implants. These are some of the products people order online in Greece. Healthcare professionals stress that ordering such products over the Internet is highly risky and could even be life-threatening.

Psoriasis − living a nightmare, by Chrysta Ntzani»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2011 for Cyprus

A misunderstood, widely unknown, distressing disease. "No matter where I went, I regretted leaving home. Everyone was afraid they would catch the disease and moved away. They would tell one another ‛Look at her!’", says a psoriasis patient.

Stealing Hope, by Gianluca Ferraris and Ilaria Molinari»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, First Winners 2010, National winners for Italy

All you have to do is believe in it, be desperate and ready to pay. And pay a small fortune: between 7 and 36 thousand euros. "Healing clinics" promise unproven therapies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression and multiple sclerosis using cells derived - in some cases - from animal foetuses. Panorama submitted a number of fake medical records to 4 such centres. The results border on the incredible.

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