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Artikelen : Geestelijke gezondheid

Adventures in ward 14: article by Petr Třešňák»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2012 for Czech Republic and 1st Prize winner 2012

This article highlights the important subject of mental health: the situation in psychiatric hospitals and the vital role nurses can play in helping the recovery of difficult cases.

Living with loss, by Georgiana Ilie»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2011 for Romania

Sometimes, death comes as the natural end to a fulfilled life. At other times though, it comes as an unexpected drama, a fact that is unjust and painful not only for the person who passes away, but also, and even more so, for those left behind. Where do you find support and comfort when you lose someone to a terminal disease or an accident? Who lends you a helping hand? What happens if nobody does?

Deep Brain Stimulation - Awakening from depression, by Stef van Delft»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2011 for the Netherlands

Gerard Bevers is the first depression sufferer in the Netherlands to be treated with deep brain stimulation. At Amsterdam's AMC academic hospital, thirty gravely compulsive patients have already had electrodes implanted in their brains.

With Laura. Without Tereze, by Ieva Alberte»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2011 for Latvia

What happens when a woman with mental-health disorders gives birth to a child? Two individual cases show that the outcomes can be very different: Jelena is raising her daughter herself, while Marite can visit her child once a week.

The cheapest antidepressant, by Rita Makarész»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2011 for Hungary and 2nd Prize winner

At least 150 minutes per week – that is how long the WHO recommends we spend doing cardio exercises that involve sweating and panting if we are to make appreciable changes to our health. What is more, using this method together with a balanced diet will also provide the cheapest antidepressant free of any side effects.

Phantom illness: “Burn-out”, by Angelika Hager, Tina Goebel and Sebastian Hofer»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winners 2011 for Austria

“Burn-out” syndrome is not scientifically recognised as being an illness. Nevertheless, business is booming with the fashionable diagnosis as never before. Often there are clinical disorders behind the term, which is being used more and more, the unsuccessful treatments of which can have dangerous consequences.

Stealing Hope, by Gianluca Ferraris and Ilaria Molinari»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, First Winners 2010, National winners for Italy

All you have to do is believe in it, be desperate and ready to pay. And pay a small fortune: between 7 and 36 thousand euros. "Healing clinics" promise unproven therapies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, depression and multiple sclerosis using cells derived - in some cases - from animal foetuses. Panorama submitted a number of fake medical records to 4 such centres. The results border on the incredible.

Schizophrenia explained to family and friends, by Estelle Saget»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, First Winner, National winner 2009 for France

The article answered to the public’s negative perceptions on this disease using an authentic tone and brought solutions.

Moving tale of will and courage by Emilia Chiscop»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2009 for Romania

The author refers particularly to a schizophrenia case of a doctor who manages to recover completely, but has to face people’s prejudices afterwards.

End-of-life care nurtures and provides security, by Ilpo Salponen»pdf
EU Health Prize for Journalists, National winner 2009 for Finland

The article emphasizes the fact that hospice care is about attending to the person, not the illness. The article covers several Europe for Patients initiatives, such as, cancer, mental health and patient safety, and also has a European dimension.

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