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2012 - Uzvarētājs un dalībvalstu finālisti rakstu kategorijā par smēķēšanas atmešanu

Jau otro gadu Eiropas Komisija pasniedza īpašu balvu labākajam rakstam par atradināšanos no smēķēšanas. Šīs balvas mērķi papildina Eiropas pretsmēķēšanas kampaņu “Beidz smēķēt — sāc augstāk mērķēt!”, kas ietilpst Eiropas Savienības tabakas lietošanas ierobežošanas stratēģijā.


The winner of the prize on smoking cessation is Tobias Zick, for his comprehensive overview of tobacco use and smoking cessation issues in Germany, covering history, politics, law and philosophy. It shows that health policies can have a big impact.


Article: Thick air Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu Deutsch (de) English (en)
See also the poster Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Tobias Zick

Tobias Zick, 35, graduate of Henri-Nannen-School of Journalism, worked as freelance reporter based in Hamburg, Genoa and Cairo, staff writer of NEON and feature writing instructor. Has joined the foreign desk of Süddeutsche Zeitung in June 2012.



Article: Stubbing out the desire to smoke Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) français (fr)

Joëlle Delvaux

Born in Brussels in 1963, Joëlle Delvaux graduated as a social worker and got a degree in sociology (UCL). She began her career as a researcher at the Family League before becoming a journalist and head of the social section of the weekly magazine La Cité. She won the social journalism award issued by Interlabor Interim in 1994 for articles related to household employment and trades badly known. In 1996, she joined the bimonthly magazine of the Christian Mutuality, "En Marche", distributed to the french-speaking members of the mutuality. She works as desk editor and writes articles in the fields of health, social and society.


Article: Tumours and decaying teeth on cigarette packaging Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu български (bg) English (en)

Mariana Todorova

Mariana Todorova was born on February 3rd, 1972. She received a BS in medicine in 1991 and worked for five years in the Department of Emergency Surgery. Then she studied History and Theory of Culture in Sofia University. She worked as a journalist for 10 years, covering the topics of healthcare, Bulgarian foreign policy and the EU. She has 4 National awards in. She is the author of the book "History of Blood Donation in Bulgaria". She works in the authoritative newspaper Monitor, published by the largest media holding in Bulgaria - New Bulgarian Media Group, a member of the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA).


Article: Quitting smoking will make you "unstoppable" Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu ελληνικά (el) English (en)

Natasa Evripidou

Natasa Evripidou, 31, is a multidisciplinary and active journalist, member of the DIAS publishing house and TV Station SIGMA. During her career, she has covered issues concerning the socio-political life of Cyprus. Currently, she works for the TV, radio and also written press, starting her day with a morning show to inform about the latest news. Natasa also handles different independent publishing, focused on ecology and health issues. Finally, she leads a radio program at the radio station "Radio Proto".

Czech Republic

Article: Do you smoke? Do you drink? Then pay up! Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu čeština (cs) English (en)

Josef Matyas

Josef Matyas, born in 1950 in Prague, is a journalist since 1977 when he worked at the newspaper "Lidova Demokracie" (People's Democracy), covering issues related to science and youth news. Before becoming the chief editor of the "Lidove Noviny" (People's News) supplement, "Medicine and Science", he has gone through different positions in the Czech TV and the daily newspaper "Lidove Noviny". He is married and has two children with whom he enjoys travelling and nature.


Article: The Tobacco Conspiracy Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) français (fr)

Stéphane Foucart

Stéphane Foucart was born in 1973. He is the environmental sciences correspondent for Le Monde, based in Paris. In 2012, he received the Diderot-Curien prize in France for his articles on climate change.


Article: Skoteino, the village on Crete that turned its back on smoking decades ago. Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu ελληνικά (el) English (en)

Foteini Eleftheriou

Born in a small village near the ancient Theatre of Epidaurus, Foteini Eleftherioy lives in a big town near the ancient palace of Knossos in Crete. She has been working as a journalist since 1991 and has cooperated with many Greek media. She respects her country’s great historical past and she has hopes in a better future for all European citizens.


Article: Kick the habit Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) magyar (hu)

Marta Majoros

Marta Majoros was born in Hungary in 1969 and she lives in Budapest. She has a teacher’s degree and was teaching during 8 years in a secondary school. She has been working for 12 years as an editor/journalist for the leading TV guide in Hungary named Színes RTV.


Article: No smoke without fire Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Marie Feely

Marie Feely completed a degree in Journalism in Dublin City University in 2009. On graduating, she interned at trade medical newspaper the Irish Medical News (IMN) and following internship, was hired as a staff reporter for the paper. Marie worked at IMN for more than two years before joining the Marketing and Communications team at Euromedic Ireland, a leading European-wide healthcare provider. Marie has also been published in national broadsheet the Irish Independent, aswell as online and regional publications.


Article: No more smoke!pdf(128 KB) Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Laura Ikauniece

Laura Ikauniece was born in 1982, lives in Riga and holds a bachelor’s degree in communication since 2004 but she has been writing since she learned the very basic skills of how to do it. But as a journalist and reporter she has been working for a daily newspaper "Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze", after that in a women's magazine but now she has been writing about health issues in a lifestyle and health magazine "Veseliba" (Health) since 2007.


Article: Cigarettes – an everyday poison Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) polski (pl)

Zofia Zubczewska

Zofi Zubczewska, born in 1947 in Kielce (Poland), started as a journalist with scout's press after graduating in Biology in Warsaw University. Her professional life was mainly spent in "Kobieta i Życie" (Woman and Life), a leading and modern magazine for women. Now she is retired, she writes a blog together with her husband, oriented to people over 50. In “Babcia Polka” ( they present their ideas, life and peers as grandparents, parents and couple.


Article: Journey into the world of tobacco - Four ex-smokers confess Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) português (pt)

Célia Rosa

Célia Rosa was born in 1965 and holds a degree in Communications from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Journalist since 1988, she has been working at Notícias Magazine since 1992. Previous jobs include magazines Sábado, Pais e Filhos and Adolescentes. She has been awarded the Prémio de Jornalismo Novartis Oncology (Novartis Oncology Journalism Prize) and the Prémio Jornalistas Roteiro 3456 – pela Igualdade, Saúde, Cidadania e Desenvolvimento (Roteiro 3456 Journalist Prize – for Equality, Health, Citizenship and Development) and nominated to Unesco's Prémio de Jornalismo Direitos Humanos & Integração (Human Rights & Integration Journalism Prize).


Article: How to stop smoking. Going through "purgatory" Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) română (ro)

Andrei Udisteanu

Andrei Udisteanu si currently working in Bucharest, Romania, as a TV journalist for the Digi24 news station. From 2006 to August 2012, he was a staff writer and a special correspondent for the "Evenimentul zilei" newspaper. He studied Journalism in Iasi, Romania, at the "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University and attended courses at the Beira Interior University, in Portugal, as an Erasmus student. In 2005, Andrei was awarded with the "Best Cultural Writing" Award, at the Freedom House Romania "Young Journalist of the Year" Awards, and was nominated for "Best Feature Writing" at the 2005 Romanian Press Club Awards.


Article: Mentally-ill patients can also stop smoking Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) español (es)

José Andrés Rodríguez

José Andrés Rodríguez, born 1976 and based in Barcelona, is a freelance health and science journalist. He writes for Diario Médico, La Vanguardia and Psychologies, among others. He has a masters in Journalism and majored in Psychology.

United Kingdom

Article: As soon as they said those three words - ‘Dad has cancer’ - nothing would ever be the same again Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Sarah Swain

Sarah Swain is from Lincolnshire in England. After studying journalism at the University of Sheffield, she began her career working on local newspapers in the West of Scotland. After leaving to go travelling, Sarah landed a role as assistant editor on a series of home design magazines in Sydney. On her return to the UK she became a reporter on the Evening Times in Glasgow, Scotland. She covered general news and features as well as fashion and show is. After more than five years on the paper, which saw her become a senior reporter and work on the news desk, she has recently moved to Dubai to work as deputy editor for a custom publishing firm.