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Premio UE al Periodismo sobre Salud

¿Es periodista? ¿Le interesan los temas de salud?

Ediciones anteriores - 2012 - Ganadores

Tenemos el gusto de dar a conocer el ganador, los dos accésits, el ganador del premio especial sobre el tema "Dejar de fumar" y los finalistas nacionales.


1st prize

The first prize is awarded to Petr Třešňák, a Czech journalist writing for "Respekt" magazine, for his article showing the situation in psychiatric hospitals and the vital role nurses can play in helping the recovery of difficult cases.

Czech Republic

Article: Adventures in ward 14 Elija traducciones del enlace precedente čeština (cs) English (en)
See also the poster Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en)

Petr Třešňák

Petr Třešňák was born in Prague in 1976. He studied journalism and European studies at the Charles university in Prague. He worked for environmental NGOs several years. For 18 years he has been contributor to Respekt a weekly, influential Czech political magazine. For 11 years he has been staff writer in Respekt, he is vice editor-in-chief since 2011. He covers mainly social topics and health issues. He has won 3rd price in European Journalist Award Combating poverty and social exclusion in 2010. He was national winner of European Journalist Award Together Against discrimination in 2011.

2nd prize

Irish journalist, Ailbhe Jordan, working for the Medical Independent is awarded the second prize for her article presenting an objective and timely look at the cost effectiveness of cancer screening programmes, which is particularly pertinent given the current economic context.


Article: Is screening a waste of cash? Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en)
See also the poster Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en)

Ailbhe Jordan

Ailbhe Jordan is news editor with the Medical Independent. She has worked for the Mail on Sunday and the Irish Echo in New York City. Her articles have appeared in numerous national and international publications and her health investigations attract wide media coverage in Ireland.

3rd prize

The third prize is awarded to the Italian journalist Daniela Cipolloni, for her article published in "Oggi Scienza magazine", which contributes to the debate on umbilical-cord blood banks and the use of stem cells, which is especially valuable as this area is subject to different approaches and divergent views across the EU.


Article: All those lies spread by private umbilical-cord blood banks Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) italiano (it)
See also the poster Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en)

Daniela Cipolloni

Daniela Cipolloni was born in 1979 and lives in Rome. She is a freelance journalist focused on health and science. She graduated in Maths and then obtained a post-master degree in Science Communication. She has been working for Italian magazines, websites and tv programs for almost 10 years.



Article: She’s not a quitter Elija traducciones del enlace precedente Deutsch (de) English (en)

Karin Pollack

Karin Pollack (44) studied Comparative Literature and Russian in Vienna and worked as a translator in a childrens’ hospital. As of 1999, she has been a journalist and since 2006 she is working for the daily newspaper “Der Standard”, responsible for the weekly health supplement “MedStandard”.


Article: A body full of life Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) Nederlands (nl)

Kim Verhaeghe

Kim Verhaeghe, born 1984, is an editor for the popular science magazine Eos, where he writes about general health and science topics. Because of his background in sport sciences, he focuses on human movement and sports technology. Eos magazine appears monthly in Flanders and the Netherlands.


Article: Emergency help for the emergency service Elija traducciones del enlace precedente български (bg) English (en)

Desislava Nikolova

Desislava Nikolova has 20 years experience in journalism. During the last eight years she has been reporting on issues related to the healthcare sector. Desislava has a master degree in Bulgarian philology from the University of Sofia. She is currently studying health management at the Medical University in Sofia.

Lyuba Yordanova, journalist

Lyuba Yordanova was born in 1984 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She graduated from the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, with a degree in applied media studies. Lyuba is a journalist at the Bulgarian weekly newspaper for politics and economics “Capital”. She writes about issues on education, healthcare, social system and society.


Article: I WANT TO LIVE… Elija traducciones del enlace precedente ελληνικά (el) English (en)

Evangelos Pallas

Pallas Evangelios is a freelance journalist and member of the Editors Association for Magazine and Electronic Press (ΕΣΠΗΤ). During his career, he has gone through different editing positions in the Cypriot newspaper "Xaravgi", the Greek "Panaitoliki" and the European Greek "Elliniki Gnomi". Additionally, he is also a member of Amnesty International and a collaborator of the "Greek Diaspora" magazine.


Article: Doctors' dilemma: Resuscitating brain-dead patients for organs Elija traducciones del enlace precedente dansk (da) English (en)

Anders Heissel

Anders Heissel is 36 years old and was educated as a journalist in 2004, after internship at Ritzaus Bureau – the national news agency in Denmark. His master-story – at the end of the education at Danish Scholl of Journalism – was about a bad operation in surgery: "When the surgeon makes a mistake" and was published in Jyllands-Posten 19. September 2004. The story got an award for best story in class 2004 of the Danish Scholl of Journalism.
Anders Heissel has previous working experience on health and politics. For the past two and a half years he wrote for Dagens Medicin. Hee sees himself as a classic newsjournalist with a twist of health.


Article: Medical geneticist: A rare disease is a real disaster in Estonia. People don’t always get the treatment they need, as Estonia is such a small country Elija traducciones del enlace precedente eesti keel (et) English (en)

Silja Paavle

Silja Paavle holds a degree of social pedagogue. She has been working as a social worker and case manager for handicapped people. Since 1991, her articles have been published in various Estonian newspapers and journals. Since 1998, she works for the Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht. During the last couple of years, her articles on medicine and social topics have earned both attention and approval.


Article: Europe, by ambulance Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) suomi (fi)

Elina Heino

Elina Heino is working for weekly newspaper Mediuutiset. It is specialized in writing health care news for doctors. Most of her career she worked for the TV. She is interested in politics, economy and science – and in health care issues they are all included. She belongs to the board of the Association of Investigative Journalism in Finland.


Article: Are medicines with no marketing authorisation illegal? Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) français (fr)

Pauline Michel

Pauline Michel is Doctor of Pharmacy and has a degree from the Graduate School of Journalism of Lille. She has a keen interest in public health issues. She now works for Pharmacien de France as a science journalist.


Article: If one death saves seven lifes Elija traducciones del enlace precedente Deutsch (de) English (en)

Stefanie Marsch

Stefanie Marsch majored in History and Communications Science at the University of Munich. After graduation she interned at Saarbruecker Zeitung where she currently works as a Political Editor.


None selected


Article: The case of red cheeks and a timely test Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) magyar (hu)

Erzsébet Fazekas

Erzsébet Fazekas studied to become a teacher (in literature and languages) at the Postgraduate School of Journalism. She has worked as health editor of magazines attached to different dailies, one of them is Népszabadság with the highest circulation number in Hungary. Today she writes for health journals and websites.


Article: Cancer and the healthcare system Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) latviešu valoda (lv)

Inta Lase

Inta Lase, born in 1976, was graduated in Political Science and Communication at several universities in Latvia, Germany and Denmark. Her career has been devoted to political affairs and to journalism. Currently, she works for the weekly magazine "Ir" as a journalist. However, she has been combining journalism with political affairs, working in such prestigious positions as editor in chief in the Latvian Public TV, head of the Latvian State Press Department, regional election expert at the EU EAT in Libya, media analyst at the EU EOM in Nigeria and OSCE field advisor during the national elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina amongst other.


Article: Organ donation. A present for the grave Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) lietuvių kalba (lt)

Ineta Bricaitė

Ineta Bricaitė was born in Kazokiškės, Lithuania in 1991. She is studying journalism at Vilnius University. She publishes her articles in regional newspaper and news portal “”. She predominantly writes about health, ecology and environment protection.


Article: Shared sorrow – good fortune Elija traducciones del enlace precedente Deutsch (de) English (en)

Martina Folscheid

Martina Folscheid was born in Bitburg (Germany) in 1973. Ste studied media science at the University of Trier. Since 2004, she works as an editor for “Télécran”, a TV and family magazine. She predominantly writes about health and social issues as well as music.


Article: Bone weary | Yves Muscat Baron Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) Malti (mt)

Duncan Barry

Duncan Barry, 37, started his career at the age of 17 and has gone through several positions such as journalist, responsible for the now-defunct Club Culture section of The Times monthly supplement, deputy features editor and head of Features Department with The Times. In January 2012, he joined the independent newspaper Malta Today as an assistant editor, covering subjects including health, business, politics, real-life dramas, criminal and human stories.

The Netherlands

Article: A disease with no one right course of treatment Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) Nederlands (nl)

Ellen de Visser

Ellen de Visser, born in 1966, is health editor at the Dutch daily de Volkskrant. She started working at de Volkskrant in 1993. Since 2009, she works on the science desk. She is the author of the book “Inside Out, Portraits of Cross-gender children” (2011), with photos of the Dutch photographer Sarah Wong.


Article: Black balls Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) polski (pl)

Tomasz Przybysz-Przybyszewski

Tomas graduated in journalism in at the University of Warsaw. During 1999-2003, he co-worked at the sports department in "Rzeczpospolita". After that, he took some time off to volunteer for people with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. In 2006, he went back to journalism, writing about people with disabilities for the journal "Integration", the portal and other. He also won the national levels of the EU Journalist Award for Diversity against Discrimination (2008) and the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion Journalist Award (2010).


Article: The battle to save Safira Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) português (pt)

Patrícia Fonseca

Patrícia Fonseca is an award-winning journalist living in Lisbon, working as a staff writer for the news magazine Visão. Since 1995, she has been traveling around the world, passionate about finding, writing and revealing a good story.


Article: 21 days Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) română (ro)

Cristian Delcea

Cristian Delcea (born in 1984) is a Romanian journalist. Between 2007 and 2009 he was a sports reporter for the newspaper Evenimentul zilei, before joining Adevarul in 2009 where he works as special reporter.

Slovak Republic

Article: When lupus sinks its teeth into the body, it never lets its victim go Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) slovenčina (sk)

Marcela Fuknová

Marcela Fuknová (1977) studied jounarnalism at Comenius University in Bratislava, got her diploma in 1999 and since 2002 works as contributing editor in Slovakias second best selling weekly magazine ZIVOT.
She is specialized in real life and medical stories, she is contributing editor of weekly health section, writing all type of patient stories, dealing with new scientific medical infomation and cooperating with all types of patient organizations.


Article: Alen can finally move his little arms Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) slovenščina (sl)

Meta Černoga

Meta Černoga, born 1972 in Ljubljana, is a journalist at the daily newspaper Dnevnik since finishing studies. She gained experience covering local news as a young journalist and afterwards became an assistant editor at the daily newspaper and at the independent project, weekly newspaper Naša kronika, also focusing on local issues. Since being a journalist, at Nedeljski dnevnik the topics of interest include social and health topics connected with the main goal of providing information on general health matters as well as modern and alternative forms of treatment.


Article: Medical Alert Dogs for diabetic and autistic personspdf(176 KB) Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en)

Melisa Tuya Sánchez

Melissa is 36 years old, mother of two children, and a journalist specialized on science and technology. She has worked for different media, at the moment as an editor in chief at Additionally, she writes two blogs in the newspaper, one of animal protection and another of maternity. She has also written a science fiction novel.


Article: The mysterious link between a vaccine and narcolepsy Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en) svenska (sv)

Marta Paterlini

Marta Paterlini is a freelance journalist, member of the US National Association of Science Writers and of the European Union of Science journalists' Association and a neurobiologist at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Marta has collaborated with international magazines such as Science, Nature, The Scientist, The Lancet, EMBO Reports, Scandinavian Life Science, La Stampa and Le Scienze. She published the “Den gåtfulla kopplingen mellan vaccin och narkolepsi” (The enigmatic link between the vaccine and narcolepsy) and wrote "Piccole Visioni"(2006), a history of structural biology through the life of Nobel Laureate Max Perutz.

United Kingdom

Article: INSIGHT-In PIP implant scandal, a ragged safety net exposed Elija traducciones del enlace precedente English (en)

Kate Kelland

Kate Kelland is Reuters Health and Science correspondent for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region, where she covers everything from drug development, to E.coli outbreaks, to threats from superbugs, to how to tackle malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis. She previously covered the British government as a political correspondent, and has also had postings in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Ms Kelland has won several awards for her work, including the 2010 Guild of Health Writers award for best online health feature and the first prize of the EU Health Prize for Journalists 2011.

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