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Iepriekšējo gadu konkursi - 2011 - Uzvarētāji

Uzvarētāji un valstu finālisti

Ar prieku paziņojam uzvarētājus, otrās un trešās vietas ieguvējus un īpašās balvas ieguvēju smēķēšanas atmešanas jomā, kā arī valstu finālistus.

Šeit varat izlasīt:

  • uzvarētāju rakstus, tostarp arī rakstu, kura autors saņēma īpašo balvu smēķēšanas atmešanas jomā;
  • visus 2011. gada konkursa finālistu rakstus gan oriģinālvalodā, gan angliski
  • Videomateriāli un attēli Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) no atklāšanas banketa un apbalvošanas ceremonijas.


1st place

The first prize is awarded to a team of two British journalists, Ben Hirschler and Kate Kelland, writing for 'Reuters', for their article showing why antimicrobial resistance matters – it is a matter of life or death when drugs cannot kill bacteria.

United Kingdom

Article: When the drugs don't work Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Ben Hirschler

Ben Hirschler is European pharmaceuticals correspondent for Reuters, based in London. Previously, he was in charge of British company news and before that was posted to Johannesburg, covering the economic challenges facing post-apartheid South Africa. He has worked for Reuters since 1987, covering a wide range of business and general news topics.

Kate Kelland

Kate Kelland is health and science correspondent for Reuters, based in London. She previously worked as a political correspondent and had postings in Amsterdam and Frankfurt. She has worked at Reuters since 1992, with a two-year break between 1997 and 1999, when she was European political producer for the BBC’s “Newsnight” programme.

2nd place

Hungarian journalist, Rita Makarész, is awarded the second prize for her article highlighting the benefits of exercise for people suffering from depression, which was published on the health portal


Article: The cheapest antidepressant Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) magyar (hu)

Rita Makarész

Rita Makarész is an editor-journalist and has been dealing with the connection between health and lifestyle for more than ten years. She finds it very important to write about this topic because she is firmly convinced that it is every person's responsibility to look after their own health.

3rd place

The third prize is awarded to Slovenian journalist Mateja Grošelj, for her article published in the Saturday supplement of the "Vecer daily", which tells the story of a women who fought breast cancer and her experience of undergoing a pioneering breast reconstruction operation.


Article: From Lojze to Ludvika Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) slovenščina (sl)

Mateja Grošelj

Mateja Grošelj, was born in 1962 in Trbovlje, Slovenia. She studied journalism at the Faculty for social sciences in Ljubljana. She started her career as an independent journalist, working for different radio, TV and printed media in Slovenia. In 1997 she started working for daily newspaper Večer as a local correspondent, later on turning to specialized journalist for farming and in the last two years health. She reports on health matters on a daily basis and she is writing for 2 Večer's weekly newspapers about pharmacy, medicine and other health related issues. She is also a member of the Slovenian journalist trade union.

Special prize on "smoking cessation"


Article: „I have come here to have my teeth treated, and not to quit smoking!” Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) polski (pl)

Monika Cetera

Monika Cetera was born in Jaworzno, Poland. She’s a TV reporter and a journalist working for the local media. In 2008 she was qualified for the first stage of “It concerns us”, a contest for local television reporters in Poland.



Article: Phantom illness: “Burn-out” Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu Deutsch (de) English (en)

Angelika Hager

Angelika Hager, born 1963, is an editor at “profil” since 1998 and in charge of the section “Modern Life”, where she focuses on education , psychology, sexual and general health topics as well as gender-studies. Besides her work at “profil” Ms Hager writes a regular column under the pen name of Polly Adler in the daily newspaper “Kurier” and has published nine books, her latest also her first novel entitled “Venus im Koma” at Amalthea publishing house. Angelika Hager also writes for television, and several of her plays have made their way on stage. She lives in Vienna and has one daughter.

Tina Goebel

Tina Goebel writes since 2007 for the Austrian magazine "profil", focusing on science and life & style. In 2010 she won the national sponsorship award for education focussed journalism. Before she worked as editor in chief for the Austrian online magazine She studied theatre, film and media studies at the University Vienna and wrote her thesis on Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar.

Sebastian Hofer

Sebastian Hofer was born in 1979. He has been working for Austrian newsweekly "profil" since 2002, mainly for the section "Modern Life". In addition, he is the magazine`s pop critic and has written about popular culture for Austrian magazines as "the gap", "tba" and "Ray". He lives in Vienna.


Article: The curse of San Bartolomé Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) Nederlands (nl)

Senne Starckx

Senne Starckx is a freelance journalist from Belgium - speaking and writing in Dutch. He writes mainly for media in Flanders and the Netherlands. Because he has a background in physics, he is specialized – not surprisingly – in science reporting.


Article: Pass it on Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu български (bg) English (en)

Zlatina Georgieva

Zlatina Georgieva has been working for Grazia Magazine Bulgaria for 4 years. She is an editor, focusing on social issues and women's health. She graduated from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in 2010 with a degree in journalism.


Article: Psoriasis − living a nightmare Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu ελληνικά (el) English (en)

Chrysta Ntzani

Chrysta Ntzani was born in 1985 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She studied Journalism at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and at Universitaet Hamburg (Erasmus). While a student, her articles were published in several local magazines and papers. She has been working for “Politis” newspaper, in Cyprus, since 2008. Her main interests are social and health affairs. In June 2011 she was given an honourable mention from the Action “Asylum Aware” (Cyprus) for her articles on victims of racism and discrimination.

Czech Republic

Article: Hospitals - are patients at risk of starving to death? Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu čeština (cs) English (en)

Eva Boburkova

Eva Boburkova was born in 1963 in České Budějovice, CZ. She studied at the High School of Economics and journalism at Charles University, Prague. From 1990 she worked for the biggest daily newspaper, MF DNES. Since 2000 she has worked as a science journalist, mainly focusing on biology and medicine.


Article: When the right hand doesn't know what the left one is doing Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu dansk (da) English (en)

Kasper Krogh

Kasper Krogh was born in 1978 in Copenhagen. He works as an investigative journalist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske. He has written several stories that reveal problems and failures in the Danish healthcare system. He won the third prize in the EU Health Prize for Journalists in 2010.

Bjarne Steensbeck

Bjarne Steensbeck was born in 1971 in Copenhagen. He works as an investigative journalist for the Danish newspaper Berlingske, where he has also been the political editor. He received the Kristian Dahls Mindelegat prize in 2007 for outstanding reporting on social problems in Denmark.


Article: When a doctor’s heart gives up Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) Ɛʋɛgbɛ (ee)

Kirsti Vainküla

Kirsti Vainküla was born in 1972. Since September 2010 she has been a reporter in the weekly newspaper, Eesti Ekspress. This year she received the Estonian Newspaper Association`s award for the best feature story of 2010 in which shedescribes the life of an Estonian soldier who lost both his legs fighting in Afghanistan and commit suicide in autumn 2010.


None selected


Article: Chernobyl: bus driver and everyday hero Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) français (fr)

Stéphane Siohan

Stéphane Siohan is a 32 years old freelance reporter. He graduated from the Ecole supérieure de journalism of Lille in 2002. Since then, he’s been reporting in France and abroad, in Eastern Europe and Africa. He’s preparing a web-documentary about Ukraine (@Gol_Ukraine) for Le


Article: A race against time Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu Deutsch (de) English (en)

Brigitte Kramer

Brigitte Kramer was born in 1967 in Munich, Germany. She graduated from the Deutsche Journalistenschule (German School of Journalism, DJS). She is the Scholarship holder of Süddeutsche Zeitung in Madrid. She has lived in Spain since 1995, but writes for the German, Swiss and Austrian media.


Article: Buying medicines online – a game of Russian roulette Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu ελληνικά (el) English (en)

Yiannis Devetzoglou

Yiannis Devetzoglou studied Journalism and Mass Media at the University of Thessaloniki. He is a journalist at the newspaper “TA NEA”, the largest daily in Greece, covering health and science. He was a member of the team who started the first health web site in Greece in 2001. He wrote health and science stories for “Popular Science” magazine, and edited stories for the Greek edition of “National Geographic” magazine, checking for their scientific validity. He also worked for “Intelligent Life” and wrote special reports for “The Economist”.


Article: Losing the superbug war Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Gary Finnegan

Gary Finnegan is a freelance journalist contributing to health and business magazines. He has a BA in physiology and an MSc in science communication. He has been a magazine editor and newspaper columnist, and has written a book about China.


Article: Who's afraid of vaccines? Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) italiano (it)

Antonino Michienzi

Antonino Michienzi was born in a little town in Southern Italy in 1980. He lives in Rome. Graduated in Communication in 2006, he obtained his Master's degree in Science Communication in 2007. He started working as a freelance journalist in 2007 and currently works for online newspaper Quotidiano Sanità, for magazine l'Espresso and for science communication agency Zadig.


Article: With Laura. Without Terezepdf(211 KB) Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Ieva Alberte

Ieva Alberte has been working for 6 years for the daily newspaper „Diena” and for 2 years for the newly established analytical weekly magazine „Ir”. She covers social issues and writes feature stories about people who lead extraordinary lives. She has received prizes for raising tolerance in society (in 2005, 2006, 2008) and she was the Latvian finalist in the EU Health Prize for Journalists 2010 for her article about liver transplantation. Of course, she followed university studies and holds a bachelor's degree in communication science.


Article: The end of antibiotics Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) lietuvių kalba (lt)

Monika Poskaityte

Born in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1988. She graduated from the Institute of International Relations and Political Science. One of the authors of Lithuanian Journalism Almanach 2010, she currently writes about politics, economy, media and marketing.


Article: Protection against bowel cancer Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu Deutsch (de) English (en)

Martina Folscheid

Martina Folscheid was born in 1973 in Bitburg (Germany) and studied media science at the University of Trier. Since 2004, she has been working as editor for the print and TV- family-magazine "Télécran". Her work mainly focuses on health, social issues and music.


Article: A new definition to giving Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en)

Moira Mizzi

Moira Mizzi is a medical doctor with experience in general practice, emergency medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. She writes about medical issues for Maltese newspapers and magazines.

The Netherlands

Article: Deep Brain Stimulation. Awakening from depression Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) Nederlands (nl)

Stef van Delft

Stef van Delft (aged 50) is specialized in healthcare journalism and has been working for several magazines and newspapers for more than twenty years. Nowadays he works for Psy, a magazine (and website) with a focus on mental healthcare.


Article: Everyone wants to live Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) polski (pl)

Majka Lisińska-Kozioł

Majka Lisińska Kozioł was born in Kracow where she lives and works. Currently she is a journalist for the daily newspaper "Dziennik Polski". She focuses on social and sports topics.
She is impressed with people who don't lose heart in the face of adversity. That's why she writes about the disabled, the elderly and those battling against illnesses. She also writes about athletes who are overcoming psychological and physical barriers to success. Majka Lisińska- Kozioł is a winner of many national journalist competitions. She graduated in law and did a postgraduate programme in journalism at Jagiellonian University. She is married and has a daughter.


Article: The myths surrounding cancer-fighting food Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) português (pt)

Luís Silvestre

Luís Silvestre studied biochemistry and journalism. He started his media career in the Portuguese television network TVI in 1997. He then worked for the economic magazine Valor before joining the founding team of the newsmagazine Focus, where he was science editor. Since 2004, he is editor in Sábado newsmagazine, and writes about culture, health and scientific research. In 2010, he received the Novartis Oncology Journalism Award. He is 41 years old.


Article: Living with loss Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) română (ro) slovenčina (sk)

Georgiana Ilie

Georgiana Ilie is a freelance writer for various Romanian magazines, such as Decat o Revista, and alumna of the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, the Rosalynn Carter Fellowship for Mental Health Journalism and the Fellowship for Excellence in Journalism.

Slovak Republic

Article: Factor VIII Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) slovenčina (sk)

Jana Kollarova

Jana Kollarova lives in Bratislava. She studied Library and Information Science at the Comenius University and holds a PhDr. degree. In 2001 she continued her studies attending graduate program of Journalism at the Academy Istropolitana Nova. She began her journalism career at the daily newspaper Sme. She is currently deputy editor of monthly „Zdravie“. Furthermore, she is the administrator of Bator Tabor Foundation Slovakia, which helps children with cancer.


Article: The heart transplant system. The heart that stopped and came back to life Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) español (es)

Sónia Moreno Barrio

Sonia Moreno started working for this newspaper after studying journalism at University Complutense of Madrid.

Clara Simón Vázquez

Clara Simón studied journalism at University of Navarra. She works in the medical newspaper ‘Diario Médico’ for 20 years.


Article: Bacteria challenge prostate patients Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) svenska (sv) Davvisámegiella (se)

Anna Larsson

Anna Larsson has been working as a medical reporter for more then 20 years for Swedish Radio – a nationwide public service company, with broadcasting as well as web-journalism. She has studied medicine and journalism and is very interested in how medical issues influence society.




Article: Stamping out the pain of giving up Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) Nederlands (nl)

Priscilla Lynch

Priscilla Lynch is a freelance journalist and editor specialising in health, life sciences and consumer affairs who is regularly published in national Irish newspapers including the Irish Times and the Irish Examiner as well as many specialist publications. She is a former editor of Ireland's leading medical newspaper Irish Medical News and is a regular contributor to Irish national radio on health affairs. She holds a Masters in Journalism from Dublin City University.


Article: Cigarettes – 600 dangerous additives Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) italiano (it)

Marianna Castelluccio

Marianna Castelluccio is a 31 year old freelance journalist. She focuses on news, medicine, health and environment. In June 2011 she was awarded at the International Competition "Journalists of the Mediterranean" for an article about stalking, published by the weekly Viversani&Belli.

The Netherlands

Article: 20 successful years opposing smoking bans Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) Nederlands (nl)

Joop Bouma

Joop Bouma (1954) is an investigative journalist, working for Trouw, a national daily newspaper in the Netherlands. He is the author of The Smokescreen: The Power of the Dutch Tobacco Industry (2001), which examines influence-peddling in the government and media by cigarette companies, as well as behind-the-scenes deals surrounding the tobacco industry in the Netherlands, the largest cigarette exporter in the European Union. In the book, the culmination of years of reporting, Bouma revealed that a former Dutch prime minister and finance minister were regular visitors to a Philip Morris lobbying group in New York.


Article: Lung cancer kills one Romanian every 16 minutes. Testimony of a young smoker killed by the disease Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) română (ro)

Paula Herlo

Paula Herlo is a Senior Correspondent for PRO TV News. She began her career back in 1998 as a reporter and anchor woman for PRO TV Arad. In 2009, Paula launched a new campaign to convince the authorities to set up a National Stem Cell Donors Registry. As a result of the stories and the information delivered by ProTV News, the Health Ministry decided on 1st of September 2009 to set up the National Registry. For this project, The European School of Oncology granted Paula the award for the best Cancer reporter campaigner. Paula received numerous awards from several NGOs, as well as from the Romanian Press Club.

Amalia Enache, journalist

Amalia Enache holds a Bachelors degree in Journalism and has 14 years of television experience, of which 11 years were at ProTv News Departament, as a reporter, correspondent and news presenter. Since 2003, Amalia Enache is a news presenter at PM Pro Tv News and senior correspondent, broadcasting from the Presidency, Government, Parliament and the Romanian National Bank. She has produced TV programs about Romanians living in Spain, Portugal, France and Kenya.


Article: Mummy, Mickey Mouse is smoking! Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) slovenščina (sl)

Nataša Markovič

Nataša Markovič currently works as a journalist for the National Slovenian TV in two different editorial boards. During her studies she oriented on European themes, politics and Human rights. As a journalist she covers various topics including health, legal issues and politics. She has been working with different newspapers, including Slovenske Novice, where she writes articles on health. Nataša is an author of two award-winning articles. She won a student competition "Young Management" and won second prize in "Le Monde Diplomatique" competition.

Barbara Pance

Barbara Pance is the editor of national newspaper Slovenske novice, where she started her career as a journalist. For several years she was a journalist and editor in commercial radio and TV and she prepared some news articles on different topics such as politics, health, environment and economy. From journalist at the biggest commercial TV station, she became editor after three years.


Article: The long shadows of the anti-smoking therapies Izvēlieties saites tulkojumu English (en) español (es)

Aser García Rada

Aser García Rada is a physician and freelance journalist. He collaborates with the British Medical Journal and the daily newspapers Público and La Razón. He is a member of the Spanish National Association of Health Journalists (ANIS) and of the World Health Youth Environment and Health Communication Network (WHY)