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Premiul european pentru jurnalism în domeniul sănătății

Sunteți jurnalist și vă interesează domeniul sănătății?

Premiul european pentru jurnalism în domeniul sănătăţii - 2010 - Câștigători


Ne face plăcere să vi-i prezentăm pe câştigătorii marelui premiu, pe ocupanţii locurilor doi şi trei şi pe finaliştii naţionali. În general, fiecare ţară este reprezentată de un jurnalist. Fac excepţie Bulgaria, Danemarca, Italia, Portugalia şi Regatul Unit, ţări care au fost reprezentate de câte o echipă.

Iată articolele finaliştilor, în limba în care au fost publicate şi în engleză.



Gianluca Ferraris and

Ilaria Molinari
Stealing hope Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) italiano (it)

Both work for the weekly magazine "Panorama".

2nd place

Czech Republic

Lucie Hášová Truhelková
Love dwells in the kidney Traducerile linkului anterior čeština (cs) English (en)
Lucie Hášová Truhelková lives in Prague. She graduated from the College of Journalism in 2005 and then received a BcA Degree from the Literary Academy in 2008. She is a co-author of a book of interviews with Second World War witnesses called "The Book of Survivors". In 2008, Truhelková published her book "Interviews about mothers and motherhood". This year, she received the Czech Psychiatric Societies Journalist Award for anarticle dealing with panic attacks.

3rd place


Line Holm Nielsen,

Morten Crone,

Kasper Krogh and

Jesper Woldenhof
The great failure Traducerile linkului anterior dansk (da) English (en)

The team all work for "Berlingske Tidende" newspaper.

Other finalists (in the alphabetical order of their countries)

Finalist Austria

Doris Priesching
Thank you, Margaret Traducerile linkului anterior Deutsch (de) English (en)
Doris Priesching was born in November 1967 in Vienna. She has a Masters Degree in Communication Sciences and Political Studies from the University of Vienna. She is the Editor of the Austrian newspaper "Der Standard". Priesching has produced a wide range of reports and analyses on media, law, economics and politics. Additionally, she is interested in scientific journalism with focus on health topics, such as cancer, research of haematology, Alzheimers, etc. Currently, she is writing her PhD Thesis on "Media and Anxiety" at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria.

Finalist Belgium

Karin Rondia
Are we moving towards scaling things down? Traducerile linkului anterior English (en)
Karin Rondia studied medicine at the University of Liège (ULB), Belgium. She began her career in 1984 at the newspaper "Libre Belgique" and also worked for various Belgian TV stations. In 2002 she produced the independent documentary "Radio-Schizo". Rondia created the biotechnology area of the "Centre de Culture Scientifique" in ULB and organized several projects in collaboration with the foundation "Roi Baudoin".Since 2006 Rondia is chief editor of the health magazine "Equilibre".

Finalists (team) Bulgaria

Iskra Tsenkova and

Vladimir Mitev
Dr. Hiller's cocktail Traducerile linkului anterior български (bg) English (en)

Isrka Tsenkova and Vladimir Mitev work for the weekly "Tema".

Finalist Cyprus

Sophia Theodosiou
Thalassaemia patients lodge a complaint against Cyprus with Europe Traducerile linkului anterior ελληνικά (el) English (en)
Sofia Theodosius was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1982. In 2000 she graduated from the Apostles Peter and Paul high school. In 2004, she obtained the University degree in Greek Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She continued her studies in France until 2007 attending graduate programs in Contemporary Literature and publishing issues. Returning to Cyprus she worked for the newspaper "Politis" as a free-lanced reporter. Currently, she works in the Department of Research and Studies Office of the House of Representatives of Cyprus and she continues to study History at the University of Cyprus.

Finalist Estonia

Silja Paavle
A rare disease has made Natalja’s life hell. “It's very painful. Sometimes I can only move by crawling on my knees." Traducerile linkului anterior eesti keel (et) English (en)
Silja Paavle holds a degree of social pedagogue and has two children. She has been working as a social worker and case manager for handicapped people. Since 1991 her articles have been published in various Estonian newspapers and journals.

Finalist Finland

Katarina Malmberg
Hope conquers fear Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) suomi (fi)
Katarina Malmberg holds a master degree of social sciences in journalism. After graduating she worked as an associate editor and editor in chief for the magazine of the Student Union of the Helsinki University. Malmberg continued working as associate editor and journalist in different Finnish magazines and newspapers. For the last ten years she has been working as a journalist for the Hyvä Terveys (Good Health) magazine, writing articles on health and medical science.

Finalist France

Célia Laherrere
Medicine without borders Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) français (fr)
Célia Laherre studied at the "Institut Supérieur Européen de Gestion" in Bordeaux and has a Bachelor Degree in Communication and Marketing. She then got her post Masters degree in International Purchasing from the Bordeaux Business School. In 2009 she worked as a trainee for the French TV channel TF1, which confirmed her taste for Communication and Media and her desire to work in this sector. Currently, Laherre is participating in the “Volontariat International en Entreprise” programme in Luxemburg.

Finalist Germany

Martina Keller
The cashier Traducerile linkului anterior Deutsch (de) English (en)
Martina Keller works as a freelance science writer for print media like "ZEIT", "Geo" or "Stern" in Hamburg. Additionally, she produces radio broadcast features for the German public radio. Her main interest is in bio medicine - transplantation, reproductive technologies or stem cell research. Another focus is evidence based medicine and pharma industry. As a member of "Netzwerk Recherche" Keller is advocating investigative journalism in Germany.

Finalist Greece

Filimon Karamitsos
Fighters set the example. Traducerile linkului anterior English (en)
Filimon Karamitsos was born in 1969. He lives and works in Ioannina, Greece. He is married and has a son. He has been working as a professional journalist for the last 15 years. Karamitsos covers political and social issues for the local newspaper “Eleftheria” and also works for the local television station “Ioannina TV”. Additionally, he has a daily radio programme and writes for the web portal “epirusonline”. Karamitsos is a member of the Journalists’ Union of Peloponnese, Epirus and Islands (ESIEPIN) and participates in the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).

Finalist Hungary

Erzsébet Fazekas
Waiting for a chance, healthy in the soul Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) magyar (hu)
Erzsébet Fazekas studied at the Postgraduate School of Journalism MÚOSZ (Association of Hungarian Journalists). He has worked for the daily Hungarian newspapers "Népszabadság" and "Hírlap" and was editor of the health magazine "Gyógyász" as well as of the health supplement "Heti Patika".

Finalist Ireland

Gary Finnegan
Medicine's new dot-com revolution Traducerile linkului anterior English (en)
Gary Finnegan has a degree in physiology from Trinity College Dublin and an MSc in science communication from Dublin City University. He works as a freelance Irish journalist with a special interest in health policy. He is a former Editor of “Irish Medical News” and has contributed to the “Evening Herald” as a columnist on health policy. Finnegan currently contributes to a range of Irish and European publications and has written a critically-acclaimed book on China.

Finalist Latvia

Ieva Alberte
You have a beautiful liver! Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) latviešu valoda (lv)
Ieva Alberte has worked six years for the daily newspaper „Diena”. In April 2010, shejoined the newly established analytical weekly magazine „Ir”. Alberte is interested in social issues and writes feature stories about people having extraordinary and incredible lives. She has received several prizes for raising tolerance in society.

Finalist Lithuania

Dalia Vencevičienė
Oncological illness – does it give more than it takes? Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) lietuvių kalba (lt)
Dalia Vencevičienė was born in April 1981 in Vilnius. She studied Journalism and has a Masters Degree in International Communication. Vencevičienė has worked as the Editor of a National TV Show and was employed as Project Manager for the Public Institution "Klasikos projektai". From 2004 to 2008 she was Adviser to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania. Currently, Vencevičienė is Author and Chief Editor of the website for the prevention of cancer and Director of the public institution Virtus LT.

Finalist Luxembourg

Andrea Julia Glos
War of words in the delivery room Traducerile linkului anterior Deutsch (de) English (en)
Andrea Glos studied literature at the Julius-Maximilian- Universität in Würzburg. The native-born German started her career as Editor for the German TV programme "Pro7" in Munich. Afterwards, she worked for ZDF in Mainz until moving to Luxembourg in 1999. Since 2003 Glos has been writing for the Luxembourg Newspaper "Revue", specializing in health since 2006. In 2004 she won the national final decision meeting of the European Journalist Prize "For Diversity – Against Discrimination". Last year Glos was decorated as the finalist for Luxembourg in the "EU Health Prize for Journalists".

Finalist Malta

Moira Mizzi
Three little angels Traducerile linkului anterior English (en)
Moira Mizzi is not a journalist by profession, but has been working as a medical doctor for the past 17 years . She also gathered experience in the field of cosmetic medicine for almost eight years. Currently, Mizzi works with the multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, where she has been holding the post of a medical affairs officer for the past four and a half years She is in her final year as a trainee Gestalt psychotherapist.

Finalist Netherlands

Matthijs Buikema
Never again Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) Nederlands (nl)
Freelance journalist Matthijs Buikema (37) writes for various Dutch magazines and journals. He is specialized in medical and mental health(care), with a special interest in patient safety. He publishes a magazine for hospital employees on this subject and has published several books about dealing with adverse events. Buikema also works as a camera journalist (camjo). He graduated in 1997 from the School of Journalism in Utrecht (the Netherlands). Prior to 2004 when he started his own media agency "Zin Tekst & Beeld", he worked for a major international magazine publisher for 8 years.

Finalist Poland

Olga Woźniak
Fixing hearts Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) polski (pl)
Olga Woźniak is a science journalist based in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at the Warsaw University and holds a degree in linguistics and psychology. From 2002 to 2010 she has worked for the weekly news magazine "Przekrój", covering topics on health, psychology and science. Currently, Woźniak works on a freelance basis for a number of magazines. Over the past few years, she has been awarded several grants and prizes.

Finalists (team) Portugal

Christiana Martins and

Isabel Lopes
Fading minds Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) português (pt)

Christiana Martins and Isabel Lopes work for the weekly "Expresso".

Finalist Romania

Simina Mistreanu
The French lessonpdf(98 KB) Traducerile linkului anterior English (en)
Oana-Simina Mistreanu was born in February 1988 in Romania. She studied at the University of Bucharest and helds a Bachelor Degree in Journalism. In 2009, Mistreanu was employed as contributing writer for the "Tabu" magazine. Currently, she works as editor for the daily business domain "" as well as associated editor for the "Decat o Revista" magazine. Mistreanu also writes for the Romanian magazine "Esquire" and is employed as project manager for a fundraising health campaign of the "Salveaza Vieti" association.

Finalist Slovakia

Alžbeta Linhardová
Eight years wait for a full life Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) slovenčina (sk)
Alžbeta Linhardová started her career as an accountant in Slovak television after graduating from the College of Economics in Košice. In 1981 she started working as a secretary for the newspaper Košický Večer and later on as a journalist covering current affairs. Since 2007she has been working as a full-time secretary for the Slovak Syndicate of Journalists and as a freelance journalist.

Finalist Slovenia

Petra Mlakar
Leading up to death Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) සිංහල (si)
Petra Mlakar was born in June 1978 in Jesenice, Slovenia. She studied journalism in Ljubljana. Since 2004, Mlakar has been working for the national newspaper "Dnevnik". Being mother of two children she decided to write a funny novel on motherhood called "Glitter" that was published in spring 2010.

Finalist Spain

Ainhoa Iriberri
Extraordinary disorders, extreme measures Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) español (es)
Ainhoa Iriberri was born in 1975 in Madrid, Spain. After studying journalism at the University of Navarra, she started working in the Health supplement of the Spanish newspaper "El Mundo". She was also employed by Reuters Health Spain and has worked as a freelancer for many journals and magazines. Currently, Iriberri is writing for the Science section of "Público", a new newspaper in Spain.

Finalist Sweden

Jeanette Bergenstav
When life gets a second chance Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) svenska (sv)
Jeanette Bergenstav has been a freelance journalist for 22 years. Throughout the years she has written about everything from crime and social issues to children, dogs and travelling, for both daily- weekly and specialist press. Bergenstav is a typical feature journalist who wants to take the time required for thorough research. When she writes about health and medicine it is the people affected, rather than the purely medical aspects that she likes to focus on.  Traducerile linkului anterior English (en) svenska (sv)

Finalists (team) United Kingdom

Deborah Cohen and

Philip Carter
WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies” Traducerile linkului anterior English (en)

Deborah Cohen and Philip Carter work for BMJ (British Medical Journal).