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Regulations concerning towing arrangement and transit of mobile offshore units.

Notification Number: 2015/9011/N (Norway)
Date received: 30/06/2015
End of Standstill: 01/10/2015

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Message 901

Communication from the Commission - TRIS/(2015) 01977
Procedure for the provision of information EC - EFTA

Notificación - Oznámení - Notifikation - Notifizierung - Teavitamine - Γνωστοποίηση - Notification - Notification - Notifica - Pieteikums - Pranešimas - Bejelentés - Notifika - Kennisgeving - Zawiadomienie - Notificacão - Hlásenie-Obvestilo - Ilmoitus - Anmälan - Нотификация : 2015/9011/N - Notificare.

No abre el plazo - Nezahajuje odklady - Fristerne indledes ikke - Kein Fristbeginn - Viivituste perioodi ei avata - Καμμία έναρξη προθεσμίας - Does not open the delays - N'ouvre pas de délais - Non fa decorrere la mora - Neietekmē atlikšanu - Atidėjimai nepradedami - Nem nyitja meg a késéseket - Ma’ jiftaħx il-perijodi ta’ dawmien - Geen termijnbegin - Nie otwiera opóźnień - Nao inicia o prazo - Neotvorí oneskorenia - Ne uvaja zamud - Määräaika ei ala tästä - Inleder ingen frist - Не се предвижда период на прекъсване - Nu deschide perioadele de stagnare - Nu deschide perioadele de stagnare.

(MSG: 201501977.EN)

1. Structured Information Line
MSG 901 IND 2015 9011 N EN 30-06-2015 N NOTIF

2. Member State

3. Department Responsible
Department for Trade Policy
P.O.BOX 8090 DEP
NO-0032 OSLO

3. Originating Department
Norwegian Maritime Authority
P.O. Box 2222
NO-5509 Haugesund

4. Notification Number
2015/9011/N - T20T

5. Title
Regulations concerning towing arrangement and transit of mobile offshore units.

6. Products Concerned
Construction, mobile offshore units.

7. Notification Under Another Act

8. Main Content
The regulations shall apply to new and existing Norwegian flagged mobile offshore units, with transitional arrangements for the latter for certificates issued or contracts agreed before 1 January 2015.

The regulations repeal Regulation 17 December 1986 No. 2319 concerning field moves and towing of mobile offshore units and towing system and mooring of supply ships at such units, enhancing flexability but also adding some additional requirements requiring notification through this procedure.

The DTR have previously been notified (2014/9003/N), but due to comments recieved during the national notification procedure, the DTR was not adopted. An updated version has been drafted, and this version is hereby notified according to the provisions of the Directive.

9. Brief Statement of Grounds
The existing regulations on towing of mobile offshore units are in need of changes to make the regulations more accessible and more up to date. One important objective with the new regulations is to ensure better harmony with relevant class standards. The initiative to update the regulations came partly from the industry.

The DTR in question is a necessary regulation, modernizing and amending important safety regulations for vessels in operations not covered by International Conventions or Community Legislation. In accordance with Article 11 of the EEA Agreement, the NMA considers that the DTR is proportionate ensuring the desired level of protection with the least restrictive means.

10. Reference Documents - Basic Texts
No Basic Text exists

11. Invocation of the Emergency Procedure

12. Grounds for the Emergency

13. Confidentiality

14. Fiscal measures

15. Impact assessment
The new regulations are largely based on existing requirements. Allthough additional construction requirements is likely to result in some added costs, such costs are not considered substantial. The NMA has not identified any additional administrative burdens due to the proposed DTR, neither for the industry nor the administration.

16. TBT and SPS aspects
TBT aspect

No - The draft has no significant impact on international trade

SPS aspect

No - The draft is not a sanitary or phytosanitary measure

European Commission

Contact point Directive 98/34
Fax: +32 229 98043

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