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Draft MOPH Notification, B.E, entitled "Beverages in Sealed Container (No. 2)" (1 page(s), in Thai)
Reference: G/TBT/N/THA/527

Date of arrival: 2018 November 30     -     Final date for comments: 2019 January 29


The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is proposing to revise the MOPH Notification concerning "Beverages in Sealed Container" as follows: 1. An annex of the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health (No. 367) B.E. 2557 Re: Labeling of Prepackaged Foods dated 8 May B.E. 2557 (2014), shall be repealed and replaced with the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health No… (B.E. …) Re: Beverages in Sealed Container (No. 2). 2. Beverage with mixed caffeine shall be declared with the text "Do not drink more than 2 … (container unit such as can, bottle, etc.) a day because it may cause palpitation and sleepless. Children and pregnant women should not drink. The person who has underlying disease and patients should consult with physician before drinking". The text should be presented in bold-red not less than 2 mm height inside white square with borders that contrast with the background". 3. Producers or importers of beverages mixed with caffeine shall modify their product label to comply with this notification. For products bearing the label manufactured before the enforcement of this notification may continue to place in the market not more than two years after the enforcement date. 4. This notification shall come into force on the following date after its publication in the Thai Royal Gazette.


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