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Proposed Amendment to the Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016 (132 pages, available in English and French)
Reference: G/TBT/N/CAN/551

Date of arrival: 2018 April 24     -     Final date for comments: 2018 June 17


The Energy Efficiency Regulations prescribe minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) consumer and commercial energy-using products. They also prescribe labelling requirements for certain products to disclose and compare the energy use of a given product model relative to others in their category. The Regulations are amended regularly to introduce MEPS for new products and update existing MEPS. This proposed amendment to the Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016 would: 1. introduce minimum energy performance standards, labelling and reporting requirements for 6 new product categories; 2. introduce more stringent minimum energy performance for 11 currently regulated product categories; 3. make minor changes to existing standards, test procedures or reporting requirements for currently regulated product categories; and 4. provide flexibility for testing requirements and remove import reporting requirements for certain product subcategories.


Quality Requirements
Lowering or Removal of Trade Barriers
Protection of Environment

Fields of Activity

Central heating systems
Domestic electrical appliances in general
Kitchen equipment
Miscellaneous domestic and commercial equipment
Ventilation and air-conditioning
Commercial refrigerating appliances
Ventilators. Fans. Air-conditioners
Heat pumps
Transformers. Reactors
Rectifiers. Convertors. Stabilized power supply
Lamps in general

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