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i. Energy Conservation Act (in English); ii. Energy Conservation (Registrable Goods) Order (in English); iii. Energy Conservation (Energy Labelling and Minimum Performance Standards) Regulations (in English) These 3 documents are available online at  HYPERLINK ""
Reference: G/TBT/N/SGP/23

Date of arrival: 2015 February 04     -     Final date for comments: 2015 April 05


The existing Energy Conservation (Registrable Goods) Order and Energy Conservation (Energy Labelling and Minimum Performance Standards) Regulations will be amended to extend the scope of registrable goods to include non-directional lamps1 for general lighting purposes. 1 Presently only non-directional lamps are covered. Directional lamps or lamps having at least 80% light output within a cone angle of 120°, remain out of the scope of registrable goods. From 1 July 2015, all registrable lamps as listed in Section 4 above, to be supplied or for sale in Singapore must: Be registered; Be labelled with an Energy Label. Energy labels will provide consumers information and an easy reference to the energy efficiency of such lamps; Meet prescribed minimum energy efficiency standards if they are to be supplied in Singapore. The prescribed minimum energy efficiency standards for lamps are tabulated below. Type of Lamps Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard Incandescent P max|incandescent = 0.8 x (0.88 QUOTE  ( + 0.049() CFLi P max|bare CFLi = 0.24 QUOTE  ( + 0.0103( Covered CFLi P max|covered CFLi = Pmax|bare CFLi /0.95 LED lamp with integrated ballast P max|LED = 0.24 QUOTE  ( + 0.0103( Where P is power consumption of lamps; ( is light output in lumen All registrable lamps are to be tested to the following standards, which are used to determine their energy efficiency. Registrable Goods Applicable Test Standard or Method Incandescent lamp Luminous flux measurement test shall be conducted in accordance with CIE 84 (1989); and The test conditions specified in: a) IEC 60064 (2005)for tungsten filament lamps; or b) IEC 60064 (2005) or IEC 60357 (2003) for tungsten halogen lamps CFLi IEC 60969 (2001-03) LED lamp with integrated ballast IEC 62612 (2013)


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