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 Draft Commission Delegated Regulation amending Delegated Regulations (EU) No 1059/2010, (EU) No 1060/2010, (EU) No 1061/2010, (EU) No 1062/2010, (EU) No 626/2011, (EU) No 392/2012, (EU) No 874/2012, (EU) No 665/2013, (EU) No 811/2013, (EU) No 812/2013, (EU) No 65/2014, (EU) No 1254/2014, (EU) 2015/1094, (EU) 2015/1186 and (EU) 2015/1187 with regard to the use of tolerances in verification procedures (5 pages + Annex 31 pages, in English).
Reference: G/TBT/N/EU/348

Date of arrival: 2016 February 05     -     Final date for comments: 2016 April 05


 Verification tolerances in product-specific delegated acts under the Energy Labelling Directive (2010/30/EU) are provided for the use of national market surveillance authorities verifying compliance, to account for the inevitable differences in the measurement equipment across Europe. However, some manufacturers apply the tolerances to the values they measure, in order to declare higher energy efficiency classes, or to declare better performance. To tackle the problem and clarify the intended use of verification tolerances, a draft horizontal measure amending the existing energy labelling delegated acts is proposed.


Energy Efficiency
Protection of Environment

Fields of Activity

Domestic electrical appliances in general
Miscellaneous domestic and commercial equipment

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